Chapter 2406 - Kong Primogenitor

Chapter 2406 - Kong Primogenitor

“Elder Yuehua, this place will be in your hands then. Make sure to dispatch people to inform us if something unusual happens,” Kong Shunlian said to Kong Yuehua. He was planning to go and provide assistance to Kong Moyu in guarding the Grief Calamity Mountain Range’s entrance.

“With me here, you can rest assured. After all, I have studied how to observe this spirit formation since I was a child. If something abnormal is to happen, I should be able to detect it.”

“However…” As Kong Yuehua spoke, the gaze with which she looked to Kong Shunlian started to change somewhat. She said, “Compared to this place, that Grief Calamity Mountain Range’s entrance is the most dangerous place. Thus, you must be extra careful.”

“This matter concerns our clan’s inheritance. Even if I am to stake my old life on the line, I will still not allow that intruder to walk out from our Kong Heavenly Clan,” After Kong Shunlian finished saying those words, his body shifted, and he disappeared.

“Elder Yuehua, what should we do now?” The others present turned to ask Kong Yuehua.

As matters stood, they all realized how serious the situation at hand was. Even though they were all individuals holding high status, power and authority, they were still unable to conceal the panic in their hearts.

“If it’s a fortune, then it wouldn’t be a calamity. If it is a calamity, then it will be unavoidable.”

“This matter is currently undetermined. As such, do not make this matter public, so as to prevent needless panic.”

“However, all the forces of our Kong Heavenly Clan are not allowed to leave for the time being. Make preparations to confront an enemy.”

“Furthermore, send out word to Lord Clan Chief, and have him return as quickly as he is able,” Kong Yuehua said.

“Yes,” The Kong Heavenly Clan’s elders accepted the orders.

At that moment, Chu Feng had already entered another space.

This space existed as a vast palace. The palace was very large, but also abnormally dark.

Chu Feng was walking in a vast corridor. Other than the forever-burning torches inlaid into the walls, there was not a single trace of light.

Even when using his Heaven’s Eyes and other techniques to observe his surroundings, Chu Feng was able to only see for a very limited distance.

As Chu Feng recalled the frightening slaughtering formations outside, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest while in that vast palace.

Chu Feng had practically brought forth two hundred percent of his focus. With every step forward, he would always cautiously observe his surroundings, fearing that he might have triggered some sort of frightening slaughtering formation.

The reason for that was because there was no longer any route in the map in his mind after he reached this place. He could really only rely on himself for the following journey.

Fortunately, Chu Feng did not encounter any traps or mechanisms on the way.

“There’s actually no traps or mechanisms. It would appear… that the slaughtering formations outside are the actual test. As long as one manages to enter this place, they will most likely no longer encounter any more traps and mechanisms,” Chu Feng comforted himself. Although he said it like that, Chu Feng did not let his guard down because of it.

“It might also be that this has been done deliberately so that you will loosen your guard. While there are no slaughtering formations so far, there might be some later on. It’s best to be careful. You’re already here, you absolutely cannot fall head over heels at the final pass,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I will do as Milady Queen instructs. I hope… that this person who set up all these spirit formations here is not that treacherous,” Chu Feng smiled wryly.

With the powerful slaughtering formations Chu Feng had seen earlier, and the fact that even his Heaven’s Eyes were restricted, Chu Feng was able to determine that the person who had set up the spirit formations here was extremely powerful. At the very least, that person would be a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist who possessed profoundly exquisite world spirit techniques.

Else, it would be impossible for Chu Feng to feel this powerless.

In such a cautious state, the speed at which Chu Feng proceeded forward was very slow.

In this situation, Chu Feng felt that he was feeling very impatient. However, he still did not dare to be careless, and could only continue to move onward like that.

After an entire day and night passed, light finally appeared before Chu Feng.

As he was approaching that light, Chu Feng discovered that it was a very vast palace hall. Martial Skills were spread all over the palace hall. There were not only Mortal Taboo Martial Skills, Earthen Taboo Martial Skills and Heaven Taboo Martial Skills, there were also Emperor Taboo Martial Skills and even Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills.

Apart from these, there were also a large amount of cultivation resources here. Most importantly, the walls of the palace hall were filled with complicated veined patterns. Those were… the profoundness of the way of martial cultivation.

In the center of that vast hall stood a golden-bright and dazzling sword.

That sword was two feet wide and three meters long. It was taller than an average person.

A golden dragon was carved onto the sword. The sword’s appearance was very similar to Nangong Longjian’s giant sword.

However, all aspects of this sword surpassed Nangong Longjian’s giant sword by many times. Not only was that sword extremely sharp, it also emitted an extraordinarily domineering aura. As it stood there, it looked like a ruler looking down upon the world, emitting an unparalleled aura.

It was an Ancestral Armament, an actual Ancestral Armament. Furthermore, it was very high quality, not inferior to Chu Feng’s Stormwind Edge.

From that, it could be seen that it was an extremely high quality Ancestral Armament.

“Treasure deposit! This is most definitely a treasure deposit! Chu Feng, this trip has been well worthwhile, this danger was not braved in vain. Hahaha…”

Her Lady Queen started to hop around in excitement. She was laughing very brilliantly.

The reason for that was because that place not only contained martial skills, there was also an Ancestral Armament and cultivation resources. In fact, it even contained profoundness pertaining to the way of martial cultivation. It could truly be said that this place possessed everything. They had managed to obtain an abundant harvest this time around.


Right at that moment, a ray of light suddenly appeared beside that Ancestral Armament.

That ray of light began to transform. Soon, it took the shape of an old man that stood beside the Ancestral Armament.

This was a white-haired old man, with a face filled with wrinkles. He was not tall, and his appearance was very ordinary. However, he emitted an overwhelmingly extraordinary heroic aura. From a glance, one could tell that that old man was no ordinary individual.

“This outfit of his…”

Upon seeing that old man, Chu Feng’s heart tightened.

The reason for that was because the old man’s outfit, as well as the title plate on his waist both illustrated his identity -- he was someone from the Kong Heavenly Clan.

Fortunately, the old man was merely an image, and did not contain actual power. Chu Feng felt that he was no ordinary soul remnant, nor did he appear to be an awareness. Rather, he should have been formed with a spirit formation. Thus, Chu Feng was not excessively worried.

Merely, why would an image of someone from the Kong Heavenly Clan appear here? Could it be that this treasure deposit belonged to the Kong Heavenly Clan?

Or could it be that the treasures here possessed some sort of connection with the Kong Heavenly Clan?

Chu Feng began to ponder nonstop in his heart. As for his gaze, it was fixed onto the old man the entire time.

Chu Feng felt that the old man would be able to provide him with an answer.

Suddenly, that old man clasped his fist at Chu Feng and said, “This old man is Kong Yingyi. I have waited for your arrival for a very long time.”

As Chu Feng anticipated, the old man spoke. He had also revealed his identity. Sure enough, he was someone from the Kong Heavenly Clan.

“Merely, this old man’s physical body has already been dead for a very long time. As for this image of mine here, it is merely created by a spirit formation. I simply do not possess any awareness. Thus, I am unable to determine whether or not you are a descendant of my Kong Heavenly Clan.”

“If you are a descendant of my Kong Heavenly Clan, this old man will definitely feel extremely gratified. However, if you are not a person of my Kong Heavenly Clan, haha…”

Suddenly, the old man started laughing. It was a very complicated smile. More or less, there was regret in his smile. However, he soon eased his state of mind and added, “This old man has traveled through the world all his life, and acquired countless treasures. However, the majority of the treasures this old man acquired were all thanks to the various seniors of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“Thus, what I have obtained does not belong to the Kong Heavenly Clan. Even if you are not a descendant of my Kong Heavenly Clan, you will still be able to take away everything here.”

After the old man said those words, he suddenly pointed to the Ancestral Armament beside him. He said, “This sword is called the Flame Dragon Greatsword. It is from the Ancient Era, and is one of the several most famous Ancestral Armaments in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. This old man relied on this sword to move about unhindered in the world, cut down countless powerful enemies and push the Kong Heavenly Clan to the status of a tier one power during the latter half of my life.”

“Woah! He’s the one that pushed the Kong Heavenly Clan to the status of a tier one power? It would appear that this old man was quite amazing,” Hearing what the old man said, Her Lady Queen grew interested, As for Chu Feng, he too came to realize how amazing that old man was.

Evidently… he was not merely a senior of the Kong Heavenly Clan. Rather, he was a founder-level existence.

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