Chapter 2355 - Battle Between True Immortals

Chapter 2355 - Battle Between True Immortals



Right at that moment, that Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector burst into strange laughter. He was laughing so hard that his body started to sway back and forth. He was truly excited.

“And here I thought what the East Palace Protector said was true. But it turns out that he has still lied to me,” The West Palace Protector said.

His words came as a confusion to the crowd. None of them understood what he meant by those words.

“Chu Feng, that thing of yours was created through a spirit formation. Furthermore, it is only a rank one True Immortal. Did you really think that it would be a match for me?” The West Palace Protector declared.

“Rank one True Immortal. In that case, it would mean that Chu Feng’s protector possesses the same level of strength as the West Palace Protector?” At that moment, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

Upon knowing the truth, the crowd started to worry.

Everyone knew that something created with a spirit formation, regardless of how powerful it might be, remained to only a spirit formation.

When fighting against others with identical strength, they would generally be inferior to martial cultivators.

This was even more true as this Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector was a demonic beast that had cultivated for over twenty thousand years. Not only did he possess enormous strength, he also possessed a special bloodline. Although he might be no match for rank two True Immortals, very few people among rank one True Immortals would be a match for him.

“Indeed. I think that you will not be a match for it,” Chu Feng said to the West Palace Protector. His tone was filled with contempt.

“Truly an ignorant youngster. Since you boast so shamelessly and are so slow-witted, this Protector shall let you realize what an actual True Immortal is using my strength,” The West Palace Protector declared. Then, he waved his sleeves and brought forth strong wind.

Two bursts of wind, like two wind dragons, flew out from his sleeves and toward the crowd.

The wind dragons were so ferocious that they appeared to be able to destroy everything. The many peak Martial Ancestors were like a bunch of loose leaves before it; they did not possess the slightest bit of power to resist it.

If an attack that powerful were to be placed in the Holy Land of Martialism or the Nine Provinces Continent, it would truly be a calamity.

If those two wind dragons were to continue to gallop, they would be able to massacre all lives in the Holy Land of Martialism.

This was the strength of True Immortals.


Right at that moment, the crystal giant let out a low roar. Then, it shot forth its fist and caused heaven and earth to sway. At the same time, layer upon layer of gaseous substances that flickered with golden light appeared out of thin air.

It was Immortal-level martial power. Although the Immortal-level martial power was not pure, its strength completely surpassed that of Ancestral-level martial power. It was extremely mighty.

The Immortal-level martial power turned into a bright golden wall. The wall stood horizontally before the crowd.

The two wind dragons surged forth violently and collided with the wall.


Following a loud explosion, heaven and earth started to shake violently. Even though the West Palace Protector’s two wind dragons were blocked by the crystal giant’s martial power wall, the crowd still felt the resulting energy ripples.

Even though the energy ripples were unable to injure the crowd, they made them unable to stand firmly. At that moment, they deeply realized how small they were.

“You’ve got some skills. However, it remains that it is only a spirit formation. I will be able to easily destroy it without even personally attacking it.”

The West Palace Protector seemed to not want to waste time. He flipped his wrist, and then a dark black blade appeared in his hand.

Once the blade appeared, the West Palace Protector’s aura instantly grew many times stronger.

Ancestral Armament. That was an actual Ancestral Armament. Being held by the West Palace Protector, the might of that Ancestral Armament was completely revealed.

“Go. Tear that fake True Immortal into pieces,” Suddenly, the West Palace Protector tossed out his Ancestral Armament.


Once that Ancestral Armament was tossed forth, it immediately turned into a blade shadow. As that black shadow appeared, surging black clouds began to emerge in large numbers, and lightning could be seen flickering within those clouds.

Those clouds were no ordinary clouds. They were extremely toxic, and they were able to poison all living things.

That lightning was no ordinary lightning. Contained within that lightning was Immortal power. That lightning was capable of striking down everything.

However, what was most frightening remained the black shadow within the black clouds.

That black shadow was rapidly transforming. It was growing larger and larger. In merely the blink of an eye, it grew from a size of three meters to an enormous size of three hundred meters.

It was a ferocious beast. It possessed a wolf-like head, a tiger-like body, leopard-like legs and hawk-like talons.

Its eyes were blue in color. Many layers of lightning flashed in those eyes. Its fangs were red in color, and glistened with a dense blood-red shine.

That ferocious beast was the transformation of an Ancestral Armament. Logically, regardless of how powerful it might be, it would be impossible for it to be a match for a True Immortal.

However, being used by the West Palace Protector, it had managed to obtain power that surpassed what it had originally possessed. It was so powerful that likely not even ordinary rank one True Immortals would be a match for it.


That ferocious beast was exceptionally ruthless and incomparably fierce. With a wave of its talons, it managed to destroy the crystal giant’s martial power wall.

Immediately afterward, it pounced at the crystal giant.

Although the crystal giant was enormous, its body was much smaller than that ferocious beast.

The arrival of that ferocious beast appeared like an enormous wave crashing onto a stream, a mountain falling onto the plain. When looking at them, the disparity between them was truly enormous.


At that moment, the crystal giant let out another low roar. Then, its body started to shine with purple light, and began to grow larger.

In merely the blink of an eye, the crystal giant turned into a hundred meter-tall giant.

Its eight palms all clenched into fists. Like eight small mountains, they smashed toward that ferocious beast like meteors.

As for that Ancestral Armament ferocious beast, it remained vigorous and imposing. It waved its claws, tearing the space before it apart as it continued to charge to attack the crystal giant head-on.

“Bang, bang, bang~~~”

In the blink of an eye, the crystal giant and the ferocious beast collided with one another.

Even though Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants were originally indestructible, it started to shake nonstop from the battle, and countless crushed rocks could be seen tumbling down.

The battle of two huge monsters was truly frightening.

If it wasn’t for the fact that that crystal giant was subconsciously protecting Chu Feng and the others, a lift of that ferocious beast’s leg or a single burst of its oppressive might would have been enough to let Chu Feng and the others meet miserable deaths.

“Chu Feng, this is bad,” Zhao Hong started to frown as she sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

After battling for some time, it was clear that the crystal giant was not as powerful as that Ancestral Armament ferocious beast. If this were to continue, the crystal giant would likely be defeated.

“Don’t panic. I still have a last resort that I can use.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he moved his hand toward his Cosmos Sack. The reason for that was because ever since the West Palace Protector started fighting against the Crystal Giant, an item in Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack had started to become unstable again.

Naturally, that item was Chu Feng’s Demon Armament, the Evil God Sword.

Although Chu Feng was unable to ascertain exactly what sort of usage and capability the Evil God Sword possessed, after the past several occasions, Chu Feng had become increasingly certain that the Evil God Sword should possess the power to contend against True Immortals.

Merely, due to the enormous backlash that the Evil God Sword would cause, Chu Feng was unwilling to use it unless he had no other choice.

“Quite interesting. However, I will have you all experience what true despair is next,” The West Palace Protector laughed coldly. Then, Immortal-level martial power visible to the naked eye was emitted from his body.

Like a flood that had broken through the dam, his Immortal-level martial power began to violently rush out of his body. Then, all of the martial power that rushed out was assimilated into the Ancestral Armament ferocious beast.

As a large amount of Immortal-level martial power entered its body, the Ancestral Armament ferocious beast grew more and more powerful. Its speed grew faster and faster, and its attacks grew increasingly fierce.

In this sort of situation, the crystal giant was evidently no match.

Suddenly, that Ancestral Armament ferocious beast’s two enormous claws grabbed two of the crystal giant’s arms. The ferocious beast opened its enormous mouth and bit into half of the crystal giant’s upper arm.


Purple light sprayed forth like blood. With merely that one attack, the crystal giant lost two of its arms.

The crystal giant started to move back repeatedly in a manner similar to a human being injured. It was unable to stand firm. Even its aura grew extremely weak.


At that moment, not to mention the others, even Chu Feng revealed despair in his eyes.

The crystal giant was already much inferior to before. However, the Ancestral Armament ferocious beast was growing stronger and stronger.

A clear-cut distinction was formed in the confrontation between the two. Everyone present knew that the crystal giant would not be able to contend against the Ancestral Armament ferocious beast. Likely, no one would be able to save them.

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