Chapter 2354 - Attack From The Infant Soul Sect

Chapter 2354 - Attack From The Infant Soul Sect

“Little friend Chu Feng, why aren’t you saying anything? Could it be that you all haven’t obtained any treasure?” An expert from the Kong Heavenly Clan asked with a suspicious gaze.

At the same time, the gazes of the crowd also began to change. They were no longer as good-natured as before.

Evidently, they were all unwilling to accept that Chu Feng did not obtain any treasures, and returned empty handed.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Right at that moment, a burst of sneers following dense chilliness emerged from the entrance of the remnants.

Following that, a burst of enormous oppressive might swept toward the crowd.

“This aura!!!”

Upon sensing the aura that swept toward them, the expressions of the crowd all changed enormously. They, including the many peak Martial Ancestor-level experts, all revealed fear.

The reason for that was because not only did that aura contain a dense amount of killing intent, it also contained power that the crowd were unable to resist.

As such, the crowd involuntarily became scared.

“True Immortal? It’s a True Immortal?”

“There’s a True Immortal present?”

The crowd started to panic. They knew very well that when facing True Immortal-level experts, even if it was only a single True Immortal, none of them here would be a match for that person.

Although there was only a fine distinction between Martial Ancestors and True Immortals, that distinction was enormous.

If Martial Ancestors were the peak of the strength of a person’s physical body, then True Immortals were existences that had surpassed one’s physical body. They were individuals that had reached a new realm in martial cultivation. They were actual immortals, beings no longer considered mortals.

Soon, the crowd from the Infant Soul Sect rushed in agressively. They sealed off the path of retreat and trapped everyone here.

“Infant Soul Sect?!”

Upon seeing the people from the Infant Soul Sect, many of the experts present revealed surprised expressions and blurted out the Infant Soul Sect’s name.

Evidently… the experts present, compared to other powers, knew of the mysterious Infant Soul Sect.

“What a coincidence. Immortal Sword School, Buddha’s Heavenly Temple, Zhou Heavenly Clan and Kong Heavenly Clan, you four old adversaries are all here today.”

“Even Grandmaster Prophet is here. Grandmaster Prophet, it seems like you haven’t secluded yourself from worldly matters, but rather, you were just unwilling to work for us,” That West Palace Protector said with a sneer as he stared at Grandmaster Prophet.

“West Palace Protector, we do not have any True Immortals among us here today. Are you planning to bully the weak?” An expert from the Kong Heavenly Clan asked.

“Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants is a very important place. For you all to not dispatch True Immortals over shows your own foolishness.”

“Are you implying that just because you all were fools, that our Infant Soul Sect must be fools with you?” After that West Palace Protector said those words, his oppressive might began to continue to move toward the crowd. Facing that oppressive might, the crowd began to move back repeatedly. Even the peak Martial Ancestor-level experts were unable to stand firm.

At that moment, not to mention the others, even the renowned Grandmaster Prophet started to frown.

However, the expressions of Chu Feng, Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang remained unchanged.

“Chu Feng, so you really are not scared of me. It seems that you truly possessed the backing of a True Immortal.”

“Since that is the case, let’s not bother wasting time anymore. Go ahead and call your True Immortal backer out here. I shall measure myself against that person,” The West Palace Protector said to Chu Feng with a strange tone.

“What? Chu Feng possesses the backing of a True Immortal-level expert?” Hearing those words, the expressions of the crowd present all changed.

Many people present revealed expressions of lingering fear. The reason for that was because those individuals were all people that possessed ulterior motives. They were all people that had possessed high hopes for Grandmaster Kai Hong’s treasures, and were not planning to let Chu Feng leave safely.

However, after the Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector made his declaration, they realized that they had underestimated Chu Feng.

At that moment, they were rejoicing at the fact that they had only asked Chu Feng about the treasures, and had not yet attacked him for them. Else, they might have ended up being the ones that suffered.

As for those people who did not have ill intentions toward Chu Feng, they were feeling overjoyed. If Chu Feng truly possessed the backing of a True Immortal, then they would be able to escape a calamity because of Chu Feng.

“Everyone, you all are simply overestimating that Chu Feng. If that Chu Feng truly possessed the backing of a True Immortal-level expert, how could he have allowed me to snatch away that Gate Opening Key and kill his friend?” The World Spiritist Saintess mocked.

“That’s right. Logically, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to have the protection of a True Immortal,” After hearing what the World Spiritist Saintess said, the crowd all came to a sudden realization.

After all, Chu Feng had cared about Xiaoshi so deeply. If he truly possessed the protection of a True Immortal, how could that True Immortal watch and allow the World Spiritist Saintess to kill Xiaoshi?

Upon thinking that it was very possible that Chu Feng did not possess the backing of a True Immortal, the joy that the crowd felt instantly turned to despair.

“What if there is a True Immortal protecting me, and what if there isn’t a True Immortal protecting me?” Compared to others, Chu Feng was abnormally calm.

His question was not only meant for the Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector, it was also meant for all of the people present.

“If you possess the protection of a True Immortal, you might still be able to live. If you don’t possess the protection of a True Immortal, you will undoubtedly die today,” The West Palace Protector said.

“Oh~” Chu Feng smiled lightly. However, his expression did not change much. It was as if he simply did not place that Infant Soul Sect’s True Immortal in his eyes at all.

“Humph,” Seeing that Chu Feng actually showed such a disdainful attitude, the West Palace Protector immediately revealed a furious expression. He said, “Don’t you act stupid. Today, this Protector will make sure whether or not you have a True Immortal protecting you.”


Once those words were said, that West Palace Protector raised his hand. With a motion of his palm, the earth started to quake violently. Everyone started to sway left and right, unable to stand firm.

It was as if this West Palace Protector not only controlled everyone’s lives, but was also able to control everyone’s actions. It was like a divine being controlling the destiny of mortals. Even peak Martial Ancestors were unable to escape such a calamity.

This… was the disparity between True Immortals and Martial Ancestors.

Those that had yet to pass that gate would still be mortals.

Those who passed that gate were Immortals!

The experts present all understood that principle. Thus, practically everyone present revealed expressions of despair. In fact, some among them even closed their eyes to prepare for death.

“Die!!!” Right at that moment, the West Palace Protector smashed his palm downwards. A power capable of massacring the crowd arrived following his palm.

“I’m afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you,” Right at that moment of imminent peril, a purple light suddenly shone on Chu Feng’s wrist.

That light was extremely dazzling. As it shone, even those that had closed their eyes were dazzled by the light and started to feel a sting in their eyes.

That said, apart from Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong, there was another individual among the crowd that was able to clearly see through that purple light.

It was the West Palace Protector. He was clearly able to see that there was a crystal giant within the vast purple light.

That giant possessed four heads and eight arms. Its body was enormous, and it looked extremely imposing.

That giant had managed to defeat his oppressive might merely by opening its mouth and letting out a mouthful of air.

“You actually really possess the protection of a True Immortal?” The West Palace Protector stepped back several steps and then spoke in shock.

“True Immortal?!” Hearing those words, the crowd from the Infant Soul Sect all revealed frightened expressions.

After all, the East Palace Protector had clearly stated to them that Chu Feng possessed the backing of a True Immortal, and that True Immortal was at least a rank two True Immortal.

Thus, upon verifying that Chu Feng really possessed the backing of a True Immortal, all of the people from the Infant Soul Sect, including that West Palace Protector, started to panic.

They were not only panicky, they also started to regret. They truly regretted their decision to not trust the East Palace Protector’s warnings and insist on coming to create trouble for Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because their coming was simply akin to bringing about their own destruction.

“True Immortal, it’s really a True Immortal!”

At that moment, the experts present all managed to sense the aura of the crystal giant.

Merely, compared to the people from the Infant Soul Sect, they were overjoyed.

The reason for that was because they knew that they would be saved today.

Merely, they never expected that the one to save them would be Chu Feng.

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