Chapter 2353 - Insistent On Throwing Away One’s Life

Chapter 2353 - Insistent On Throwing Away One’s Life

“The crystal giants and the cloaks are most definitely related to Grandmaster Kai Hong’s spirit formation. Now that Grandmaster Kai Hong’s spirit formation has disappeared, they have also begun to gradually disappear. I’m afraid that they will likely not last for much longer,” Chu Feng said.

“What do we do then?” Zhao Hong asked. Although she had had a very calm appearance before, she had started to slightly panic now.

“Have you all forgotten that we have grasped a spirit formation to promote the crystal giants?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Now that you mention it, I’d nearly forgotten,” Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang were both delighted upon hearing what Chu Feng said.

“It is a bit difficult for me to set it up myself. Let’s do it together,” As Chu Feng spoke, he let out his two crystal giants.

In response, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong also let out their crystal giants.

After letting out the crystal giants, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong began to jointly set up their spirit formation. They were currently dissolving the four crystal giants.

This grand formation of theirs was very powerful. Not only was it capable of fusing the power of the crystal giants, it was also able to absorb all of the remaining spirit power in this palace hall.

With their joint efforts, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong combined the four crystal giants into one crystal giant.

Merely, not only was this crystal giant three times the size of the previous crystal giants, it also possessed four heads and eight arms.

It had a very majestic and domineering appearance. It was as if it were a divine being. Merely by looking at it, one would feel a sense of reverence.

Most importantly, this four-headed eight-armed crystal giant was no longer only a peak Martial Ancestor.

At this moment, it emitted the same sort of aura as that Infant Soul Sect’s Protector.

This meant that the crystal giant’s cultivation had reached the True Immortal Realm.

“H-holy! They a-actually b-became a True Immortal. A-awesome!” Wang Qiang exclaimed in astonishment. Evidently, this result had surpassed his expectations.

“It is impossible for the four crystal giants to become as powerful as they are now by themselves. It would appear that there is a lot of remaining spirit power in Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants. That is why the four crystal giants turned into a True Immortal after fusing,” Chu Feng said.

“This True Immortal-level crystal giant will last for a period of time. It should be enough to allow us to leave this place. Merely, I wonder, who this crystal giant will listen to?” Zhao Hong said.

The reason she said that was because two of the four crystal giants used to fuse into this crystal giant belonged to Chu Feng. The remaining two belonged to Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong respectively.

As for the crystal giant originating from the fusion, it was currently a masterless item. If a single person managed to create it through fusion, it would naturally listen to that person’s commands.

However, the crystal giant here was fused through a joint effort from Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong. Thus, it would most definitely listen to commands from the three of them. It was very likely that it would chose a master from within the three of them.


Right at that moment, that crystal giant suddenly turned into a ray of light that shot into Chu Feng’s wrist.

“Sure enough, it’s you again,” Seeing that scene, Zhao Hong curled her lips. She had already anticipated that it would be Chu Feng again. However, she still felt uncomfortable when it actually happened.

The reason why she felt Chu Feng would be chosen was because, after all, two of the four original crystal giants had chosen Chu Feng. This indirectly signified that Chu Feng possessed greater charm to the crystal giants than her and Wang Qiang.

Thus, Zhao Hong, who felt herself to be very talented, was unwilling to admit to the fact that her attainments in world spirit techniques would be inferior to Chu Feng’s.

“Let’s go, it’s time to leave this place. Else, if our cloaks disappear completely, even if we possess the protection of this True Immortal-level crystal giant, we will not be able to get past that sea of flames,” Chu Feng said.

Then, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong turned to bow to Grandmaster Kai Hong again. After that, they left this place, entered the sea of flames and returned the same way they came.

When the three of them walked out of the sea of flames, they discovered that everything was as they had anticipated. All of the people that were present before they entered the remnant were all still there; not a single person had left.

However, compared to knowing that the people were all there, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were all feeling an enormous amount of lingering fear for another reason. The reason for that was because their cloaks completely disappeared right after they walked out of the sea of flames.

If they were only several steps slower, they would likely have ended up dying in that sea of flames.

“They’re out, they’re out.”

“Little friends, did you all manage to obtain any harvest?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, did you manage to see Grandmaster Kai Hong? Did you manage to obtain Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance? Exactly how many treasures did Grandmaster Kai Hong leave behind?”

The crowd that was waiting were simply not concerned with the safety of Chu Feng, Wang QIang and Zhao Hong. They immediately rushed toward them and began to question them excitedly.

Seeing this reaction, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were certain that their guesses were correct.

While these people all appeared to have good-natured attitudes, they might become hostile at a moment’s notice later. For the sake of treasures, they were willing to do anything.

However, even though they knew that these good-natured looking people would soon become their enemies, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were not afraid. After all, they currently possessed a True Immortal level crystal giant.


However, Chu Feng had no idea that there were two groups of people hidden in the remnants. They were currently spying on Chu Feng and the many experts present. All that had happened leading to the sea of flames had been seen by those two groups of people.

These two groups of people were all emitting overwhelming killing intent. Furthermore, the majority of them were wearing black gowns. They were all people from the Infant Soul Sect. Among them were not only many peak Martial Ancestor-level experts, there were also two True Immortal-level experts.

These two True Immortal level experts each led a group of experts, forming two camps that stood on opposite sides.

Among the two True Immortals, one was the Lord Protector that Chu Feng had met. Old Demon Rakshasa and Hun Lian were standing behind him.

As for the other True Immortal, he was a burly man. This burly man had very dark stone-like skin. As for his eyes, they were moss-green in color. Those eyes emitted a peculiar sort of cold light. He had an extremely frightening appearance.

Even though he was dressed like a human, one could tell that he was not. Rather, he looked more like a powerful monstrous beast who took humanoid form. That said, he remained an actual True Immortal-level expert.

“East Palace Protector, when did you become so cowardly to be actually scared by a brat?” That monstrous beast True Immortal said with a mocking expression.

As for the East Palace Protector that he mentioned, it was none other than that Lord Protector Chu Feng had encountered.

“West Palace Protector, I have already warned you. Although that Chu Feng is a member of the younger generation, he possesses at least a rank two True Immortal protecting him. Both you and I are rank one True Immortals. Thus, it is impossible for us to be a match for that individual.”

“Right now, Chu Feng has entered Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants. Most likely, he has obtained the inheritance. However, he just so happens to be someone that we cannot touch. That is why I suggest that we drop this operation,” The East Palace Protector said.

“Haha, someone that we cannot touch? He is but a mere brat, why can’t we touch him? Don’t you forget about the reason why Lord Sect Master dispatched us here.”

“The bullshit inheritance from Kai Hong is simply of no importance. What’s important is that treasure that Kai Hong obtained in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, that piece of rock with the Divine Dragon’s blood.”

“I do not care what you plan to do. However, since I’ve come, I will definitely seize that stone with the Divine Dragon’s blood,” After the West Palace Protector said those words, he led the people behind him and began to fly toward the direction of Chu Feng and the others.

“Lord Protector, let’s act too. We cannot allow their West Palace to snatch it from us,” A peak Martial Ancestor expert said to the East Palace Protector.

“We know that we are no match for them. Yet, you still want to throw your life away?” The East Palace Protector said coldly.

“This subordinate is foolish,” That peak Martial Ancestor stepped back. He did not dare to say anymore.

“Then, Lord Protector, what should we do?” Old Demon Rakshasa asked the East Palace Protector.

“I have already given my warning. Since he is so insistent on throwing his life away, there is nothing I can do,” The East Palace Protector said.

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