Chapter 2356 - Infant Soul Sect Retreat In Defeat

Chapter 2356 - Infant Soul Sect Retreat In Defeat

“Go on and despair. I enjoy seeing your expressions of despair the most,” The West Palace Protector said to Chu Feng and the others complacently.

“You bastard!” Some people were unable to contain themselves and started to curse the West Palace Protector.

The crowd knew very well that they were undoubtedly going to die. Yet, the West Palace Protector refused to kill them right away. The sensation of having their lives in the hands of someone else where that person could do whatever they wished was truly unpleasant.

Torture. What the West Palace Protector was doing was akin to a mental torture to the crowd.


Right at that moment, the crystal giant that was already injured actually started to emit dazzling golden light.

Following that, an extremely powerful aura started to emit from the crystal giant. The aura was so powerful that it forced the Ancestral Armament ferocious beast back repeatedly. In the end, that Ancestral Armament ferocious beast was beaten back so hard that it returned to its original weapon form.

“This… this… how could this be?”

Seeing this scene, not only were the others, even that West Palace Protector was struck dumb. Fear filling his eyes.

The reason for that was because he felt a deep threatening sensation from the crystal giant. At that moment, the crystal giant possessed enough power to kill him.


Right at that moment, a loud explosion was heard. Following that explosion, the crystal giant shattered into pieces and turned into crystal fragments and a purple gaseous substance that drifted about in midair.

“Hahahaha!!!” At that moment, the previously terrified West Palace Protector burst into loud laughter.

“With how imposing it was earlier, I had thought that it was going to unleash some sort of enormous attack. Turns out, it was actually destroying itself,” The West Palace Protector mocked.

At that moment, the many experts present all started to sigh. Originally, they had all thought that the crystal giant would counter-attack. After all, the aura it had emitted was so very strong. However, the situation at hand had once again placed them into extreme despair.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at that moment, the shattered fragments that the crystal giant had turned into began to, like raindrops, fly toward that West Palace Protector as well as the other Infant Soul Sect’s experts.

“Puu, puu, puu, puu~~~”

Everything truly happened too fast. Before the crowd could react, the fragments that crystal giant had turned into pierced through the bodies of the West Palace Protector and the many Infant Soul Sect experts.

Dead. In merely an instant, the Infant Soul Sect’s experts led by the West Palace Protector were all killed. All of them had been killed by those fragments.

“Self-denotation attack. That is truly a self-denotation attack!”

“Truly never would I have imagined that crystal giant would be stronger after it was destroyed. It actually managed to kill the Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector!” At the moment, the experts present were unable to contain their emotions and started to shout.

None of them had ever expected that the crystal giant would really manage to kill the Infant Soul Sect’s West Palace Protector and many experts. Although it had sacrificed itself in the process, it had managed to save the crowd’s lives.

“Damn it!!!” Right at the moment when the crowd was wild with joy, a voice caused the crowd to fall back into a state of despair.

That voice was actually the West Palace Protector’s voice.

Although the body of the West Palace Protector had been destroyed, it was evident that he hadn’t died!!!

“How could this be? How could he be alive?” At that moment, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang had the same sort of expression of disbelief on their faces as the crowd.

The reason for that was because the West Palace Protector’s physical body had been completely destroyed. His dantian had most definitely been blown to pieces at that moment. As such, it shouldn’t be possible for him to survive.

“True Immortal-level experts have already surpassed the limits of one’s physical body. They cannot be judged with the standards of normal people,” Zhao Hong said.

Once Zhao Hong said those words, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and even the many experts present revealed a change in expression.

With merely that one sentence, the crowd became certain that this young woman was no ordinary character.

However, at that moment, what the crowd was most concerned about was not Zhao Hong’s origins. Rather, it was the situation at hand.

The West Palace Protector did not die. To them, this was an enormous threat.

“I do not know who you are. However, our Infant Soul Sect will definitely not leave this matter of what happened here today as-is!!!”

The West Palace Protector’s voice sounded again. Following that, a burst of wind swept past. That burst of wind carried away the West Palace Protector’s Ancestral Armament, as well as all of the possessions from the Infant Soul Sect’s fallen experts.

“He left?” The crowd were all stunned. The West Palace Protector clearly didn’t die. Thus, why did he leave?

“Why did he leave? Judging from his voice, he shouldn’t be seriously injured. We shouldn’t be a match for him,” Even though the crowd rejoiced at the fact that the West Palace Protector had escaped, they were also unable to understand why he did that.

“It is best to not stay here for long. Let’s leave first,” Grandmaster Prophet said.

“What Grandmaster says is very true. Since that West Palace Protector appeared, there might be more experts from the Infant Soul Sect in this Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. Just because that West Palace Protector left doesn’t necessarily mean that he escaped. It might be possible that he has gone to call for reinforcements. It is best that we leave this place first,” The others agreed.

Then, with Grandmaster Prophet leading the crowd, Chu Feng and the others exited Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants.

The crowd only stopped when they arrived at a place they felt to be safe.

“Seniors, since this place is safe now, we shall take our leave,” Chu Feng clasped his fist at Grandmaster Prophet and the others. Then, he planned to leave.

“Little friend Chu Feng, wait a moment,” However, right at that moment, a peak Marital Ancestor-level expert from the Kong Heavenly Clan stood forth and stopped Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

“Senior, what matter might you have?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I’ll speak frankly. The three of you have entered Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants. Most likely, you all have obtained Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.”

“Earlier, Grandmaster Prophet declared that you are the fated individual of that remnant. Thus, we have no objection to you obtaining Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.”

“However, as for Grandmaster Kai Hong’s treasures, we request that little friend Chu Feng hand over a portion to share with us.”

“After all, for the sake of that remnant, we have also paid dearly. Little friend Chu Feng, for you to be able to smoothly obtain the treasures, we have also contributed.”

“I believe that little friend Chu Feng also does not wish for us to return empty-handed, no?” That Kong Heavenly Clan’s peak Martial Ancestor expert said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

Zhao Hong was furious. She opened her mouth and cursed, “Utterly shameless.”

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng grabbed Zhao Hong’s wrist and signaled a gaze at her to calm her down.

Then, Chu Feng revealed a light smile on his face. He did not look only at that Kong Heavenly Clan’s expert. Instead, he swept his gaze to all of the crowd present and said, “Firstly, none of you have helped us in any aspect in entering Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants.”

“Even that grand defensive formation was something that the three of us jointly undid. If it wasn’t for the three of us, I presume that seniors would not even be able to open that entrance gate. You all would not even be able to see that sea of flames that you all were unable to pass through.”

“I truly do not understand what this senior meant when he said contribution,” said Chu Feng as he looked at that Kong Heavenly Clan’s expert.

“I… this… eh…”

That Kong Heavenly Clan’s expert seemed to want to justify himself. However… he was unable to provide a justification. At that moment, his wrinkle-filled face turned deep red.

“Oh, I remember now. When we were trying to undo the grand defensive formation, I had asked senior world spiritists to help.”

“Merely, it seemed that you all declined to help,” Chu Feng turned his gaze to the four Snake Mark Immortal-cloak world spiritists.

At that moment, those world spiritists lowered their heads. They did not dare to look Chu Feng in the face. After all, what Chu Feng said was the truth.

Earlier, Chu Feng had indeed requested their assistance to undo the grand defensive formation. However, they had refused to believe in Chu Feng.

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