Chapter 2350 - Greatly Expanding One’s Horizons

Chapter 2350 - Greatly Expanding One’s Horizons

“The remaining weapons are up for the two of you to choose. Go on,” Chu Feng said to Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong while smiling.

“I-I’ll choose f-first,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he entered that spirit formation.

As Chu Feng had anticipated, Wang Qiang did not choose that best quality weapon, the Phoenix Feather Sword. Instead, he chose the Vegetable Cutting Edge.

Following closely behind, Zhao Hong also entered the spirit formation. She had managed to have her wish fulfilled, and obtained the weapon that she was most fond of, that Phoenix Feather Sword with a quality superior to Chu Feng’s Stormwind Edge.

When she walked out of the spirit formation, Zhao Hong had a rare sweet smile on her face. It could be seen that she was very delighted to be able to obtain the weapon that she was most fond of.

“F-fucking hell. S-so those a-are the s-so called treasures? It t-turns out, we’ll still have to find them ourselves. Furthermore, we d-don’t e-even know what e-exactly the t-treasures are,” Wang Qiang cursed as he complained.

“It’s the same for me. I’d assume that it’s the same for you too, Chu Feng?” Zhao Hong asked Chu Feng,

“Mine is located in the Kong Heavenly Clan. What about you all?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mine i-is a-at a location c-called the D-Drought Demon’s Damned Pond,” Wang Qiang said.

“The place that I need to go is called the Phoenix Flame City. That seems to be a forbidden area in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Zhao Hong said.

“Sure enough, they’re all different locations,” Chu Feng said. However, he was able to imagine that the locations Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong needed to go to seemed to be even more dangerous than his Kong Heavenly Clan. After all, merely by hearing the names of those two locations, Chu Feng knew that the places that they needed to go to were very dangerous.

“B-but, w-what about the inheritance? It’s c-clearly stated that there’s an inheritance h-here. Where’d it go?”

“Could it be t-that we’ll have t-to find the inheritance o-ourselves too?”

“F-fucking hell! T-this is t-truly too m-much of a f-fraud!” Wang Qiang started to swear.

“That’s true. What happened to the inheritances?” Her Lady Queen’s displeased voice echoed. After all, with all their trouble, the only benefit they were able to gain were the three weapons.

Such a situation might be alright for Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong. After all, the two of them had obtained top quality Ancestral Armaments. However, what Chu Feng had obtained could not even be considered to be a weapon. As such, Her Lady Queen was feeling extremely displeased.

In fact, at that moment, Chu Feng also wanted to know exactly where the inheritance was.

Actually, compared to the so-called treasures, Chu Feng was more interested in Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance. That inheritance was what Chu Feng wanted to obtain the most.

The reason for that was because ever since Chu Feng had arrived in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, experienced Golden Crane True Immortal’s abilities, fought against Daoist Gold Star and then befriended Zhao Hong, Chu Feng had felt more and more certain that the many spirit formations that he had learned from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram were less than capable when placed in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

The reason for that was because the world spiritists here were truly powerful…

If he were to continue to rely on the spirit formations from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram, it would likely be very difficult for Chu Feng to continue to survive in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. He must obtain more powerful spirit formations. As such, Chu Feng wanted to obtain this Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance the most.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were discussing, that old man suddenly waved his sleeves and pointed his fingers toward the sky. He began to make an outline in the air.

At that moment, the weather began to change as a strong wind formed. Soon, on the space where that old man was making an outline...

A magnificent and bright diagram was completed.

“That is?” Upon seeing that spirit formation diagram, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s eyes all shone.

That spirit formation diagram was no ordinary diagram. It was currently reflecting some images.

A young figure appeared in the spirit formation diagram. It was a little boy. The boy grew up very quickly. Soon, he became a youngster. The youngster soon grew up into a young man. The images in the diagram were changing nonstop.

As Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were all able to tell that the figure in the constantly changing scenes in the diagram was most likely Grandmaster Kai Hong. Although the speed of the changing scenes was extremely fast, they were able to tell that the spirit formation diagram had roughly recorded the entire life of Grandmaster Kai Hong.

The transformation of that diagram grew faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, Grandmaster Kai Hong had grown from a child into an old man.

The current Grandmaster Kai Hong shown in the spirit formation diagram was already someone that was rarely matched in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, he was still growing stronger.

As Chu Feng had anticipated, Grandmaster Kai Hong became the number one expert in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, Grandmaster Kai Hong was somewhat distinctive from other experts.

For ordinary people, their strength was determined by their martial cultivation. While Grandmaster Kai Hong’s martial cultivation was very powerful, and he had reached the True Immortal realm that very few people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm managed to reach, Grandmaster Kai Hong would never use martial skills when fighting against others. In fact, he would not even use his Ancestral Armaments. The only thing that he would use were his world spirit techniques.

Grandmaster Kai Hong was someone who relied on his world spirit techniques to become the number one expert in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. It was no wonder he was viewed as a legend by the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s later generations.

Through the spirit formation diagram before them, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were able to tell that even though Grandmaster Kai Hong had become the number one expert in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm and was enjoying unsurpassed honor, he was no longer satisfied with staying in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. The reason for that was because his strength had surpassed everyone else in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Not only did his cultivation reach the Heavenly Immortal Realm, even his world spirit techniques had surpassed those of Immortal-cloaked world spiritists and entered a completely new realm, grasping even more powerful world spirit power.

Through the spirit formation diagram, Chu Feng came to know the name of the realm that Grandmaster Kai Hong’s world spirit techniques had reached.

That was the Exalted-cloak World Spiritist, the utmost experts among world spiritists, for Exalted-cloak World Spiritists had grasped Exalted-level spirit power.

To Chu Feng’s greatest surprise, that spirit formation diagram not only introduced the realm of world spiritists above Immortal-cloak, it also introduced the realm of world spiritists above Exalted-cloak.

Saint-cloak. Above Exalted-cloak World Spiritists were Saint-cloak World Spiritists. Those who were capable of becoming Saint-cloak World Spiritists were all sages. They were all extraordinary individuals akin to gods.

However, Saint-cloak was not the end for World Spiritists. Above Saint-cloak was a legendary realm, the true legend -- God-cloak.

God-cloak World Spiritists grasped legendary God-level spirit power. They possessed strength akin to gods. An ordinary spirit formation from them was capable of destroying an entire world. A slaughtering formation from them would be able to destroy multiple worlds at once, bringing about massive destruction and death to a Starfield.

Powerful, they were truly powerful. If a God-cloak World Spiritist were to have the intent to kill, the small and weak beings below them would not even know how they had died. That was the power of God-cloak World Spiritists.

If Saint-cloak World Spiritists were akin to gods, then God-cloak World Spiritists were actual gods. The power God-cloak World Spiritists had grasped allowed them to be able to dictate the lives of all living things.

“Amazing. This is truly a great broadening of my horizons. Never would I have imagined that world spiritists could become so powerful.”

“I wonder, are there martial cultivation realms as powerful as the God-cloak World Spiritist realm?” Chu Feng was filled with amazement. When he found out how powerful Saint-cloak and God-cloak World Spiritists were, he truly realized how weak and small he was.

He had also realized what the saying of ‘there’s heavens beyond the sky, and people beyond the person’ meant.

“There definitely will be,” Her Lady Queen said with certainty.

“Eggy, how do you know?” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you still remember the pair of enormous hands that appeared in the sky of the Eastern Sea Region’s Everlasting Sea of Blood?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I do. How could I have forgotten it?” Chu Feng smiled meaningfully.

Even now, he would still recall the scene from that time and feel astonishment. The reason for that was because that scene was truly too disturbing.

A pair of enormous hands had appeared out of the highest of the heavens, from beyond the starry sky, and ripped apart the sky. It was a truly frightening sight.

At that time, Chu Feng had thought that it was an illusion. However, when recalling the scene now, he felt that it was very realistic. The reason for that was because as he grew stronger, he became more and more certain that one would possess the ability to bring ruin upon the world once one’s cultivation reached a certain level.

“That pair of hands appeared like someone using pure martial power to rip apart the sky. It did not resemble any spirit formation at all. Thus… the person who did that should be a martial cultivator.”

“With the power of the individual who did that, if that individual so desired, it should be possible for that individual to destroy an entire world,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Indeed. The scene that day was absolutely real. We saw it with our very own eyes,” Chu Feng grew more excited.

Since a martial cultivator was capable of doing something like that, God-cloak World Spiritists were likely not a legend. It was very possible that, in a certain area in the vast starry sky, there would be a God-cloak World Spiritist watching over everything.

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