Chapter 2349 - Not Fight With One’s Brother

Chapter 2349 - Not Fight With One’s Brother

With questions in his heart, Chu Feng respectfully greeted the old man before him and then asked, “Senior, might you be Grandmaster Kai Hong?”


However, that old man did not answer Chu Feng’s question. Instead, he waved his sleeve and caused the area behind him to shine with light. A grand formation appeared there.

That spirit formation was very powerful defensively. However, it was transparent. Thus, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were able to see the situation inside the grand formation.

There were three items inside that spirit formation.

The first item was a sword. The sword was seven feet long and five inches wide. It was entirely red in color. However, the red was not a blood-like crimson. Rather, it was more bright red, and seemed to have been constructed from a gem.

The gem was very special. On it were feather-like veined patterns. It was very beautiful.

While the appearance of the sword made it appear to have been made from a gem, the sword was not only tough, but also extremely sharp. Even though the sword was separated by the grand spirit formation, its grand and domineering aura of a ruler could still be felt.

Ancestral Armament. Not only was that sword an Ancestral Armament, it was also an extremely high quality Ancestral Armament. In fact, the quality of that Ancestral Armament surpassed even Chu Feng’s Stormwind Edge.

When the Stormwind Edge was already a top quality Ancestral Armament, one could very well imagine how high the quality of that sword was.

That Ancestral Armament sword was placed on top of an exquisite stone platform. Several large words were carved on the stone platform: Phoenix Feather Sword!!!

As for the second weapon, it was a meter-long blade. To be exact, it looked more like a cleaver.

The reason for that was because it resembled ordinary steel, and looked just like an ordinary cleaver expanded in size.

Although the appearance of that weapon was very unremarkable, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were all able to tell that it was also an Ancestral Armament. Furthermore, it had a quality on par with the Stormwind Edge.

Wang Qiang stared at the cleaver-like weapon. With a very excited expression, he said, “My, I l-like t-this weapon.” It was as if he had just seen the weapon that he yearned for even in his dreams.

“That’s your lowly taste,” Zhao Hong said with contempt.

“Wife, w-what’s wrong? C-could it be th-that the w-weapon that I am fond of is n-not good?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Look at that name,” Zhao Hong pointed at the weapon.

That Ancestral Armament was also placed on top of a stone platform. Its name was also carved onto the stone platform: Vegetable Cutting Edge.

“T-the hell! W-what t-the hell is th-this? Who g-gave such a g-good weapon s-such an filthy n-name?” Black lines rolled down Wang Qiang’s forehead.

At that moment, Chu Feng had already cast his gaze to the third weapon, the final weapon.

The final weapon was a block of four-sided metal. There was no blade edge, nor was there a form. In fact, it did not even emit the aura of an Ancestral Armament.

It simply did not resemble a weapon. At the very most, it would be considered to be an incomplete weapon.

However, that weapon just so happened to have a name too: Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

“The Phoenix Feather Sword was created with the Phoenix Feather Stone as its core component. A total of a thousand years was spent to create it. It is this old man’s best work. Among Ancestral Armaments, it is the best among the best.”

“The Vegetable Cutting Edge was created by assembling many exquisite stones. Originally, it served as my kitchen knife when I had idle time. However, over the years, I grew fond of it. As such, I began to polish it, and gradually turned it into an Ancestral Armament. Then, I spent a hundred years to improve it and turn it into a top quality Ancestral Armament.”

“The Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler was originally a piece of stone that contained the Divine Dragon’s blood. Although the Divine Dragon’s blood was incomparably precious, the stone that contained it was, unfortunately, only an ordinary stone. Even though I had meticulously polished it for many years, I was still unable to forge it into an Ancestral Armament.”

“However, those three weapons were the most beloved weapons of my life.”

“I have hidden a secret in each of those three weapons. Upon knowing that secret, one will be able to learn about a location filled with treasures. That said, the quality of the treasures are all different.”

“The Phoenix Feather Sword contains the most optimal treasures, whereas the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler contains the worst. The three of you can choose one by one. Who shall start first?” After that old man finished saying those words, an opening appeared in the spirit formation behind him. People were able to enter the spirit formation now.

At that moment, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong all came to know that even though the old man before them was so vivid and lifelike and emitted such an imposing aura, he was likely not a living person. Rather, he was not even a strand of remaining awareness. Rather, he was only a spirit formation left behind by Grandmaster Kai Hong.

Likely, this spirit formation had special settings that made it say different things based on the amount of people that had arrived here.

However, there was a coincidence. That was, the weapons left behind by Grandmaster Kai Hong, the so-called treasures, just so happened to number three.

“Who will choose first?” Seeing that Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong did not respond, the old man urged again.

“I’ll choose first,” Chu Feng said.

“S-sure, you’ll c-choose first,” Wang Qiang agreed frankly.

However, compared to Wang Qiang, Zhao Hong revealed a trace of a strange expression in her eyes.

Likely, she was somewhat dissatisfied. After all, those three weapons were good and bad. The person who got to choose their weapon first would be privileged to choose from among the three first.

Even though she was feeling somewhat dissatisfied, Zhao Hong did not say anything. As such, Chu Feng walked into the spirit formation.

“Hey! Have you gone foolish? Take that Phoenix Feather Sword!” Her Lady Queen’s voice suddenly sounded.

The reason for that was because she was surprised to discover that Chu Feng did not walk toward the best quality Phoenix Feather Sword after entering the spirit formation. Rather, he was walking toward the worst quality Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler that could not even be considered to be an Ancestral Armament.

As Her Lady Queen knew Chu Feng very well, she already knew what he was thinking.

However, this was a very rare opportunity. Her Lady Queen did not want Chu Feng to miss such an opportunity.

Thus, Her Lady Queen continued, “Chu Feng, what do you shoulder? You should know the best. Compared to Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, you need that Phoenix Feather Sword even more. While it is fine for you to hand the weapon to them, you must obtain the treasures.”

“Eggy, how could I not understand what you’re telling me? However, Wang Qiang is my brother, and Zhao Hong could be considered to be my friend too.”

“Regardless of how much I, Chu Feng, need the treasures, regardless of how much I need cultivation resources, regardless of how impatient I am to increase my cultivation, I cannot scramble against my brother or bicker with my friend.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he disregarded Her Lady Queen and walked toward the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler and lifted it in his hand.


Once the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler entered his hand, information immediately entered his mind.

At that moment, Chu Feng started to feel both grief and happiness.

The reason for that was because what he had obtained was not a treasure. Rather, it was a map.

The reason why he was delighted was because he was able to guess that that map was the location of the treasure.

The reason why Chu Feng was feeling grief was because the location the map indicated was not only the area where the Kong Heavenly Clan was located, it was also within the Kong Heavenly Clan’s territory.

What sort of place was the Kong Heavenly Clan? It was one of the strongest powers in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

In other words, if Chu Feng wanted to obtain that treasure, he would have to brave enormous dangers.

‘Sure enough, there’s nothing good with easily obtained things,’ Chu Feng laughed mockingly in his heart. Then, he placed the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler into his Cosmos Sack and walked out of the spirit formation.

“B-brother, I t-truly never expected t-that your t-taste would b-be inferior to mine. Haha,” Wang Qiang said with a laugh.

Compared to Wang Qiang, Zhao Hong did not say anything. Merely, the gaze with which she looked at Chu Feng was filled with surprise.

After all, she was no fool. Thus, she knew that it was not that there was an issue with Chu Feng’s taste. Rather, he had deliberately chosen the worst one, and left the good weapons for her and Wang Qiang.

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