Chapter 2351 - Obtaining The Inheritance

 Chapter 2351 - Obtaining The Inheritance

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen said, “Chu Feng, quickly, continue watching it.”

Chu Feng looked back to the constantly changing spirit formation diagram. At that moment, he discovered that Grandmaster Kai Hong had already arrived at an Upper Realm. Furthermore, he was like a fish back in water in that Upper Realm. He began to give rise to wind and water.

When Grandmaster Kai Hong trained in that Upper Realm for a total of twenty thousand years, he finally broke through the Heavenly Immortal Realm and became a Martial Immortal. Furthermore, his cultivation continued to rapidly progress nonstop. His cultivation progressed so fast that there was a sign of him reaching peak Martial Immortal and breaking through to the Exalted Realm.

However, right at the moment when Grandmaster Kai Hong was widely recognized for his accomplishments, he encountered a young man. That young man was an exceptional genius and issued a challenge toward Grandmaster Kai Hong. That young man wanted to prove to everyone that the battle power from world spirit formations would forever be inferior to martial power.

As Grandmaster Kai Hong was an individual who had been unrivalled his entire life relying only on his world spirit techniques, he would naturally want to teach that inexperienced young man a lesson for provoking him.

However, Grandmaster Kai Hong was actually defeated in that battle. Grandmaster Kai Hong, who had been cultivating for over twenty thousand years, was actually defeated by a young man who had only, at the very most, had cultivated for over a dozen or maybe even only several years.

Perhaps because that young man left behind a very deep impression toward him, Grandmaster Kai Hong left the name of that young man in this spirit formation diagram.

That young man was called Chu Hanxian.

“Chu Hanxian?!”

Upon seeing that name, the expressions of Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang both changed. The two of them remembered that name in their hearts.

The reason for that was because, based on the age of that young man when he was shown on the diagram, he would most likely still be alive now. As long as he was alive, then, with his heaven-defying strength, he must’ve grown up to become an extremely extraordinary individual. Not to mention an Upper Realm, he must’ve become a peak expert in an entire Starfield.

Compared to Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, Chu Feng’s heart was in even greater unrest.

The reason for that was because that young man’s name was his grandfather’s name.

“Could it be that that man is my grandfather?” Chu Feng’s heart was surging with emotions.

“It’s very possible. After all, judging from the timing of things, Grandmaster Kai Hong was defeated by that young man only over ten thousand years ago.”

“While ten thousand years might not be short, it cannot be considered to be long either. This is especially true for martial cultivators that have high levels of cultivation. For them, ten thousand years is not a long time at all.”

“Although the spirit formation diagram Grandmaster Kai Hong left behind did not mention which Upper Realm he arrived at, he most likely did not leave this Starfield. In other words, being in the same Starfield, it is possible for your grandfather to have arrived at the same Upper Realm that Grandmaster Kai Hong was in.”

“Most importantly, although there are a lot of people in this world that share the same name and surname, how many were capable of becoming Martial Immortal level experts in their youth?”

“Someone like that young man is truly an astonishing individual. As such, he does fit the image of your grandfather,” Her Lady Queen analyzed.

Actually, neither Chu Feng nor Her Lady Queen knew Chu Feng’s grandfather’s age. However, they both felt that only his grandfather was most fitting of an exceptional genius that appeared ten thousand years ago with the name of Chu Hanxian.

“My father declared that my grandfather possessed the strength to make our Chu Heavenly Clan become the ruler of our Starfield. It was only after he entered another Starfield that all contact with him was lost.”

“I feel that the person that defeated Grandmaster Kai Hong was most likely my grandfather.”

“Even if that person isn’t my grandfather, I feel that my grandfather would possess strength on par with that individual during his youth. Else, my father would not give such a high evaluation of my grandfather,” Chu Feng said in a very emotional manner.

In the past, Chu Feng only felt that his grandfather was very powerful. However, he had never really bothered to imagine exactly how powerful his grandfather was.

Yet now, after seeing Grandmaster Kai Hong’s experience, he truly realized what an actual heavenly genius, what an actual era’s demon-level genius was.

To be able to defeat a Martial Immortal-level expert in his youth, even if that person was not a Martial Immortal, he would definitely be a peak Heavenly Immortal.

Thinking about it, even though Chu Feng managed to move about unhindered in the Nine Provinces Continent in his youth, what level of cultivation did he possess?

The difference between the cultivation he possessed back then was akin to a drop of water and a vast sea when compared to a Martial Immortal. The difference between them was so great that they were simply impossible to be discussed alongside one another.

Looking at it this way, Chu Feng did not live up to his reputation as a genius at all. The reason for that was because, when compared to actual geniuses, he was truly too lacking.

“It seems that after Grandmaster Kai Hong was defeated by that Chu Hanxian, his heart received a setback. It was truly unfortunate. Grandmaster Kai Hong was actually also a very talented genius himself. It is truly unfortunate that he encountered a true demon-level genius,” Zhao Hong said with a sorrowful sigh.

The reason Zhao Hong declared that was because that spirit formation diagram was still changing. Several hundred years passed by in an instant. However, in those several hundred years, Grandmaster Kai Hong did not make any progress at all. Not only with his cultivation, he made no progress even in his expertise, his world spirit techniques.

This did not correspond with common sense. Thus, it was not only Zhao Hong who thought like that, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Her Lady Queen also thought that to be the case.

With that defeat, Grandmaster Kai Hong’s ego had been thwarted. As such, he began to have an unresolvable knot in his heart. He was unable to get out of the pit that he had fallen into. In the end, he ended up forfeiting his future prospects.

“F-frightening, t-too frightening. T-this is simply f-frightening to the extreme.”

“That y-young man, r-regardless of how ta-talented he might be, even if he were a-able to c-cultivate r-right after being born, h-he would have, a-at the very most, only c-cultivated for over a d-dozen years.”

“Y-yet, a p-person who had o-only cultivated for o-over a d-dozen years a-actually defeated a person w-who had c-cultivated for over t-twenty thousand years. T-this is s-simply too f-frightening! How c-could there b-be such a m-monster in this world? T-this w-world is s-simply too frightening. It p-possesses all sorts of existences!”

“W-with a d-demon-level ex-existence like him a-around, h-how could w-we possibly live i-in this world?” Wang Qiang said emotionally. He was feeling very sorrowful at that moment. He had realized that his talent, when compared to an actual demon-level character, was still far inferior.

“Sigh, Grandmaster Kai Hong has fallen,” Zhao Hong stared at the spirit formation diagram and sighed again.

Over a thousand years after Grandmaster Kai Hong was defeated by Chu Hanxian, he reached the limit of his lifespan. Unlike other individuals, he did not bother to enter closed-door training or find methods to extend his lifespan.

Instead, he quietly returned to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. His return was so subtle that no one knew that the person who had once shaken the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm in the past had returned. Furthermore, no one knew that the Heavenly Immortal-level expert from back then had become a Martial Immortal. No one knew that the Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist from back then had become an Exalted-cloak World Spiritist.

Just like that, Grandmaster Kai Hong quietly returned. Even though his accomplishments had already turned into legends, he was not moved in the slightest. In fact, he did not even bother to meet his old friends. Instead, he arrived at the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds and set up his remnants here to quietly wait for his death. Just like that, the curtain dropped on a generation’s legend.

However, different from what the people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm knew about, Grandmaster Kai Hong did not die thirty thousand years ago. Rather, he had died roughly ten thousand years ago.

“People who have been brought to me by fate. All that I’ve learned in my life is here. It will be shared with the three of you.”

Right at that moment, that old man suddenly spoke. As he spoke, the constantly-changing spirit formation diagram scattered. It turned into three rays of light that shot toward Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.




Once the light entered their bodies, Chu Feng and the others immediately closed their eyes. Then, their complexions started to change.

After roughly four hours passed, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong opened their eyes simultaneously. At that moment, the three of them all revealed joyous expressions.

“Thank you, Grandmaster Kai Hong.”

After that, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong looked to one another. In tacit agreement, the three of them all kneeled onto the ground and respectfully bowed to that old man.

At that moment, they were firmly certain that this old man was Grandmaster Kai Hong.

As for the reason why the three of them were so cheerful, and even kneeled and bowed to Grandmaster Kai Hong to express their thanks, it was because the three rays of light from earlier were Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance.

Grandmaster Kai Hong had split the world spirit techniques that he had learned in his entire life into three and imparted them to Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong respectively.

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