Chapter 2331 - Righteousness And Evil

Chapter 2331 - Righteousness And Evil

“I have also heard of the Infant Soul Sect before. Never would I have imagined that it actually really exists” At that moment, some of the elderly individuals began to voice that they had heard of the Infant Soul Sect.

“Truly despicable! How could a powerful sect that hideous exist in this world? They actually use the souls of infants to increase their cultivation!?”

“Your crimes are simply unforgivable!!!” After finding out about the origin of the Infant Soul Sect, those people that had not kneeled to Old Demon Rakshasa began to lash out at him without holding anything back.

After all, they have already prepared themselves for death. When not even death was scary to them anymore, there would not be anything else that could scare them. As such, they would naturally be daring enough to say whatever they wanted.

In fact, even the people that had kneeled started to waver slightly. After all, the action of using the souls of infants to increase one’s cultivation was truly capable of causing one’s hair to rise in anger.

“Hahaha. The world of martial cultivators is a world where the weak are prey to the strong. Cruel? What a bunch of nonsense! Are you all implying that you have never killed people weaker than you all?”

“If our conduct and deeds are cruel, then which one of you all are not cruel individuals yourselves?” Old Demon Rakshasa said coldly.

“That’s right. What Lord Rakshasa says is completely justified,” Kou Kang said in a flattering manner. Many others began to follow Kou Kang, and started to flatter Old Demon Rakshasa by declaring that he was in the right.

“Kou Kang, never would I have imagined that you would speak on behalf of scum, and would commit all imaginable misdeeds like him just so that you can live. You are simply unworthy of being our Three Stars Hall’s disciple!”

“I feel ashamed to be a fellow disciple of yours!” Song Biyu reprimanded with a cold voice.

“Junior sister, I do not feel that what Lord Rakshasa said to be wrong. After all, everyone here has most definitely killed people before. As for those that they could kill, those people were most definitely inferior to them. When they are inferior, it would mean that they were weak individuals.”

“The weak are prey to the strong. That is the ironclad rule of the world of martial cultivators. Yet, there are people like Chu Feng who insist on distinguishing righteousness and evil. It is people like that that are shameless!” Kou Kang spoke loudly.

Hearing what Kou Kang said, many people began to waver. It was as Kou Kang had said, practically everyone present had killed before. Furthermore, all those that they were capable of killing were individuals weaker than themselves. That verified the principle of the weak being prey to the strong.

“Haha, brat, your name is Kou Kang? You’re a disciple of the Three Stars Hall?” At that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa turned to question Kou Kang.

“Lord Rakshasa, this Kou Kang is indeed a disciple of the Three Stars Hall. However, this junior does not approve of the so-called doctrine of righteousness the Three Stars Hall holds to.”

“Furthermore, this junior has wholly opposed how the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley wanting to join hands to support Chu Feng,” Kou Kang spoke with an extremely respectful tone and a very amiable attitude. He simply did not resemble someone speaking with a grand evildoer. Rather, it was more like he was speaking to his senior.

“Then, tell me, why did you decide to oppose it?” Old Demon Rakshasa asked.

“That’s because I feel that to pay with one’s life for killing another, to return a debt if one owes another, is heaven’s law and earth’s principle.”

“Since Chu Feng killed someone from the Ying Heavenly Clan, it is only reasonable for the Ying Heavenly Clan to want to obtain revenge by killing him.”

“However, the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley insist on saying that Ying Liangchen deserved to die, that Chu Feng was only carrying out justice. That is something this junior does not approve of. I feel that their arguments are nothing more than sophistry,” Kou Kang continued.

“Very good. I highly appreciate your argument. If I were to tell you that our Infant Soul Sect would welcome you, are you willing to cast away your status as a disciple of the Three Stars Hall to join our Infant Soul Sect?” Old Demon Rakshasa asked.

“Lord Rakshasa, truth be told, this junior was unable to accept the manner of conduct of the Three Stars Hall to begin with. If Lord Rakshasa is truly willing to offer shelter to this junior, this junior is more than willing,” Kou Kang was wild with joy.

He knew very well that he no longer possessed the means to continue staying in the Three Stars Hall. For Old Demon Rakshasa to be willing to offer him shelter, it would naturally be the best course of action for him.

“Very well. From this point onward, you are a disciple of our Infant Soul Sect,” Old Demon Rakshasa said.

“For the sake of your survival, you actually wagged your tail to a demonic sect and begged for pity. It is truly a pity for the Three Stars Hall to have raised a disciple like him,” At that moment, that extremely aged old man shook his head and sighed.

“Pity? It is the honor of the Three Stars Hall to be able to raise a disciple like me!”

“I dare ask everyone, is what I said incorrect? What is righteousness? What is evil? What is right and what is wrong?”

“What you all view to be right is what your opponents view to be wrong.”

“What your opponents view to be wrong is what you all view to be right.”

“Exactly who is right and who is wrong, who could possibly distinguish that?”

“Only the powerful experts possess the authority to decide right and wrong. Those that are weak simply do not possess the qualifications to decide at all!” Kou Kang spoke with righteousness.

“That’s right. Right and wrong is something that is truly difficult to determine. However, the weak being prey to the strong is indeed the ironclad rule of the world of martial cultivation.”

“That’s right. I feel that what Kou Kang says is very reasonable. After all, there is no such thing as right and wrong in the world of martial cultivators. The person with the greater strength and harder fist is the person that is right.”

More and more people began to voice their agreement with what Kou Kang said.

“Hahaha…” Right at that moment, Chu Feng burst into cold laughter.

“Chu Feng, what are you laughing about? Are you trying to imply that what I said is incorrect?” Kou Kang asked with a cold voice.

“Kou Kang, everyone possesses the same sort of awareness in their heart. For certain things, we all know very well what is right and what is wrong.”

“If you insist on spouting sophistry here and twisting the truth, I do not have the time to bother debating you.”

“The reason for that is because I know that it is impossible to wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep.”

“However, if you all truly believe that newborn infants being killed and then used as cultivation resource by others is how things are supposed to be, that they have died deservingly, then I could only say that people like you all are no different from those that kill newborn infants and openly slaughter innocents. For people like you all, allowing you to continue to live will only be a waste,” Chu Feng spoke coldly. His tone contained a faint trace of his anger.

“My, what arrogant words you speak. The people that are going to die right now are you all!” Kou Kang mocked.

However, Chu Feng ignored Kou Kang. Instead, he turned his gaze to the crowd kneeling on the floor.

With a loud voice, he said, “I will ask you all this once. Is there anyone else like Kou Kang among you, is there anyone else that feels newborn infants being killed and refined like cultivation resources deserve their deaths?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, not to mention the people that had not kneeled, even those that had kneeled started to hesitate.

After all, everyone knew that newborn infants would not have provoked anyone. Regardless of why they were killed, they would be innocent. No matter how enormous of a hatred there might be, one shouldn’t implicate the children, much less when there wasn’t any hatred or grievance.

However, even though everyone knew that it was wrong for the Infant Soul Sect to kill and refine the souls of newborn infants, for the sake of their survival, many people still declared that those newborn infants deserved their deaths.

“Very well.” Upon hearing the responses from those people, Chu Feng’s gaze grew even more ice-cold. However, he did not unleash any killing intent. Instead, he said, “I will not kill you all. However, what you all have done today is something that everyone here has seen.”

“Regardless of whether you all might be individuals that sold your dignity to survive, or those who truly felt that newborn infants deserve to die, you all will be met with disdain by others in the future.”

“What a joke! You act as if you would truly be able to kill us if you wished it. Chu Feng, don’t you deceive others to deceive yourself. Right now, it is not us who will die. Rather, it is you!” Kou Kang declared.

“Is that so? Are you certain?” Chu Feng smiled coldly. Then, a boundless power suddenly appeared and filled the entire region.

After that power appeared, the expressions of everyone present changed enormously.

That power was so strong that it actually managed to forcibly suppress Old Demon Rakshasa’s Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. This made everyone realize that the might of that power was stronger than Old Demon Rakshasa’s Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

Most surprisingly, that power was actually controlled by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had truly grasped a power that surpassed Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills!

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