Chapter 2330 - Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness

Chapter 2330 - Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness

“In that case, the legend is true, and Half Step True Immortal was killed by Old Demon Rakshasa?” Upon hearing what that old man said, the people present were even more astonished. However, they were still somewhat skeptical.

Thus, the crowd all turned their gazes to Old Demon Rakshasa. The reason for that was because the answer to their question was something only Old Demon Rakshasa could give. After all, Old Demon Rakshasa was one of the main characters in that matter.

When they turned to look at Old Demon Rakshasa, the crowd were surprised to discover that he did not have the intention to immediately attack them. Instead, he appeared as if he was deliberately allowing that old man to finish telling his story.

“That is indeed what happened.”

“That Half Step True Immortal was too conceited. He thought that just because we were both peak Martial Ancestors that he would absolutely defeat me.”

“Unfortunately for him, I had already successfully learned the Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. Thus, Half Step True Immortal was already no match for me a hundred years before that.”

Sure enough, faced with the gazes from the crowd that were longing for an answer, Old Demon Rakshasa revealed a complacent smile on his face.

As he spoke, he flashed his palm over his Cosmos Sack. Then, a silver sword appeared in his hand.

Once that silver sword appeared, another burst of enormous power was emitted. It was actually another Ancestral Armament.

“Heavens! Isn’t that… Half Step True Immortal’s Ancestral Armament, the Demon Subduing Silver Serpent Sword?”

“Old Demon Rakshasa actually really managed to kill Half Step True Immortal! Lord Half Step True Immortal is dead!!!”

If it was only the declaration from the Old Demon Rakshasa, then many people would feel disbelief. However, when they saw the Old Demon Rakshasa revealing the Half Step True Immortal’s Ancestral Armament, practically everyone believed that he had killed Half Step True Immortal.

After all, that was Half Step True Immortal’s Ancestral Armament, his treasure that he would always carry with him. Unless he was dead, it would be impossible for that Ancestral Armament to leave him, much less be in Old Demon Rakshasa’s hands.

When thinking that Half Step True Immortal had died, many people revealed expressions of sorrow. After all, Half Step True Immortal was one of the few people in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm willing to uphold justice for the people.

At the same time that the crowd were feeling sorrow, they were once again overwhelmed with unease and fear. If even the renowned Half Step True Immortal was defeated by the Old Demon Rakshasa, it would likely be difficult for Chu Feng to defeat Old Demon Rakshasa today too.

After all, Half Step True Immortal was deemed to be the number one expert underneath the True Immortal realm in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

When even he was no match for Old Demon Rakshasa, it was likely no one below the True Immortal realm would be a match for Old Demon Rakshasa.

“Haha…” Sensing the unease and fear in the eyes of the crowd, Old Demon Rakshasa laughed coldly.

Suddenly, Old Demon Rakshasa said indifferently, “I’ve changed my mind. Right now, as long as you all are willing to kneel before me, acknowledge your mistakes and then shout loudly that Half Step True Immortal deserved his death, I will spare your lives.”

“Really?” Once the Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, someone immediately questioned.

At the same time, the eyes of many people bloomed with light. It was as if they found a ray of light to survive in certain doom.

“Of course. I am always one to keep my word,” Old Demon Rakshasa said with a strange smile.




Once Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, there were immediately people that kneeled onto the ground. Furthermore, their number began to grow more and more.

In response, Chu Feng hurriedly said, “Everyone, do not kneel to such a despicable person. I, Chu Feng, am able to guarantee that you all will not die.”

“What? You can guarantee that we will not die? You are but a mere rank five Half Martial Ancestor, what makes you think that you will be able to guarantee our lives?! If it wasn’t for the fact that you possessed that spirit formation, then not only would you not be able to match Lord Rakshasha, even Hun Lian would be able to kill you many times over!” Someone said.

“Everyone, please trust me,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, shut your mouth! The reason why we are trapped in such danger today is all because of you! We merely wish to survive right now, yet you still want to bring harm upon us? Are you even capable of being considered human?!”

A voice filled with complaint was heard. Turning toward the source, it was actually Kou Kang.

At that moment, Kou Kang was already kneeling on the ground. Not only was he determined to beg for forgiveness, he even began to publicly denounce Chu Feng.

“That’s right, it is all because of you that we ended up in this state!”

After being incited by Kou Kang, more and more people actually began to denounce Chu Feng. At the same time, more and more people began to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

“Half Step True Immortal decided to meddle in another’s business of his own accord. His death was well-deserved.”

“As for that Chu Feng, he dares to go against Lord Rakshasa. His crimes cannot be forgiven.”

“However, we are innocent people. Lord Rakshasa, please distinguish right from wrong and spare our lives. We will definitely spread the news of Half Step True Immortal dying to you to the rest of the world.”

At that moment, over half of the people present had already kneeled on the ground. For the sake of survival, they began to speak words against their convictions.

Faced with this sort of situation, Old Demon Rakshasa started to grin from ear to ear. He looked to the people that had yet to kneel and said, “Are you all truly not afraid of death?”

“We know very well who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Half Step True Immortal was our respected senior. As for Chu Feng, he too fought for righteousness today. We will not say words against our convictions for the sake of survival,” Xu Yiyi spoke loudly.

Following that, the others that had not kneeled also voiced their positions.

Merely, at that moment, the great majority of the people that had not kneeled were people from the older generation. Those from the younger generation like Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu were very few in number.

“Very well. Since you all insist on dying, I will help you all accomplish your aim today.”

As Old Demon Rakshasa spoke, the crimson gaseous substance in their surroundings grew even more concentrated. Following that, wave upon wave of heart-tearing and lung-splitting terrifying screams could be heard.

Those were no ordinary screams. Rather, they were the screams of infants. Their voices were so miserable that everyone felt heartbroken upon hearing them.

Furthermore, those screams were sounding from the bloody fog. It was as if there were countless infants wailing miserably in the bloody fog.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke, “Old Demon Rakshasa, I have a question for you.”

“Go ahead and ask,” Old Demon Rakshasa said.

“Are you part of the Infant Soul Sect? Did you manage to grasp this Ancestral Martial Skill using the souls of infants?” Chu Feng asked loudly.

“I truly never would’ve expected that you would know about the Infant Soul Sect,” Old Demon Rakshasa revealed a surprised expression upon hearing Chu Feng’s question.

However, his surprise flashed past very quickly. Soon, a complacent smile appeared on his face. He said to Chu Feng, “You are correct. This old man is one of the Infant Soul Sect’s management elders. As for this Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill of mine, it is also something that I managed to successfully grasp through refining the souls of infants.”

“However, Chu Feng, even if you knew about all this, what exactly could you do about it?” After Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, his smile became even denser.

“Infant Soul Sect? What is that?” At this moment, Xu Yiyi and the others revealed a confused expression. The reason for that was because they had never heard of the Infant Soul Sect.

“The Infant Soul Sect is a hidden demonic sect in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Reportedly, the people of the Infant Soul Sect will kill newborn infants to train their demonic techniques.”

“Ancestral Taboo Martial Skills are extremely difficult for ordinary Martial Ancestors to learn. The reason why that Old Demon Rakshasa was able to learn an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill is because the one he learned was not an ordinary Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill. Rather, it is a demonic technique.”

“Likely, for the sake of successfully learning that demonic technique, he has murdered countless newborn infants.”

“Those infants are truly pitiful. They had just been born into this world, but before they could even have a chance to open their eyes and properly enjoy this flourishing world, they were miserably killed by him and turned into sacrificial victims for others to increase their strength,” Chu Feng explained to the crowd.

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