Chapter 2329 - Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill

Chapter 2329 - Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill

“How could that guy Chu Feng be so abnormally powerful?”

At that moment when everyone was filled with excitement and cheering for Chu Feng’s greatness, Kou Kang had an expression of displeasure.

He braved the risk of possible death to stay here not because he wanted to witness a miracle. Rather, he wanted to witness Chu Feng meet a violent death. Only then could he alleviate the hatred in his heart.

However, what was with this situation right now? It was one thing for Chu Feng to be able to defeat Hun Lian. After all, he had grasped an extremely powerful spirit formation.

However, at that moment, Chu Feng was capable of fighting against even the renowned Old Demon Rakshasa. This was something that Kou Kang felt truly unable to accept.

Exactly what sort of spirit formation was capable of contending against Old Demon Rakshasa?

One must know that Old Demon Rakshasa was one of the peak experts in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. He was a truly grand character.

Not to mention a mere person from the younger generation, even existences like the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster would be inferior by an entire level when placed before Old Demon Rakshasa.

Logically, Old Demon Rakshasa should be an existence that people from the younger generation were unable to reach. To them, he should be someone akin to god.

However, it was precisely an existence like him who was currently locked in a hard battle with Chu Feng. As such, Kou Kang was truly incapable of accepting it.

After all, the more powerful Chu Feng was, the weaker he would be by comparison. When the gap between them was this enormous, it would only make Kou Kang feel even more petty and low, making him feel as if he were a clown.


Right at that moment, the Ancestral Armament Old Demon Rakshasa held in his hand started to tremble slightly. Then, a burst of boundless oppressive might was emitted from it. Once that oppressive might was emitted, heaven and earth started to tremble violently.

An enormous commotion was happening at that moment. Even though the people present were all martial cultivators, and many among them were experts, practically everyone apart from Chu Feng was swaying left and right, unable to stand firm. Furthermore, they had lost their ability to fly in the sky.

At that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa’s battle power increased enormously. It was clear how mighty an Ancestral Armament was.


When sensing the might of an Ancestral Armament for themselves, many of the people present were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. Furthermore, for people like Xu Yiyi, they revealed worried expressions, and began to sweat cold bullets for Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because a sudden thought came to their minds. While Old Demon Rakshasa had used his Ancestral Armament to increase his battle power, Chu Feng most likely did not possess an Ancestral Armament. After all, Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. With that level of cultivation, it would be impossible for him to subdue an actual Ancestral Armament.

Judging it like that, it would likely be very difficult for Chu Feng to defeat Old Demon Rakshasa. After all, the might of an Ancestral Armament was not something that an Incomplete Ancestral Armament could match up to. The gap between them was no small matter.

Thus, at that time, the crowd all began to feel that they were celebrating too early, and had underestimated Old Demon Rakshasa’s true strength.

‘Hehe, Chu Feng, you’re going to panic now, no?’

When everyone else was worried for Chu Feng, Kou Kang was so overjoyed that flowers blossomed in his heart.

The reason for that was because he also felt the might of that Ancestral Armament. It was indeed extremely frightening. Thus, he felt that Chu Feng, who did not possess an Ancestral Armament, would likely not be a match for Old Demon Rakshasa.

Thus, as Kou Kan was taking joy in Chu Feng’s calamity, he turned his gaze to Chu Feng’s face. He wanted to personally see Chu Feng’s ugly expression.

“This guy,” However, upon looking at Chu Feng’s face, Kou Kang’s heart that had just bloomed with joy was immediately frozen.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of panic on his face. On the contrary, there was a slight smile on his face. It was a calm smile.

“Did you really think that you would be able to defeat me just because you’ve unleashed your Ancestral Armament?” Chu Feng looked at Old Demon Rakshasa and spoke dully.

Although the appearance of the Ancestral Armament brought forth surging might and greatly increased Old Demon Rakshasa’s battle power, Chu Feng was still as confident as ever, as he had grasped the grand slaughtering formation.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng had gained control over the grand slaughtering formation, he was most certain of how frightening the power he held was. Thus, he knew that Old Demon Rakshasa would not be able to defeat him even after unleashing his Ancestral Armament.

“I have a feeling that the grand formation you have grasped is extremely powerful. Likely, even after using my Purgatory Demon Axe, I will still not be able to kill you.”

“However, Chu Feng, I dare to guarantee that what I will use later is enough to consign you to eternal damnation.”

Once Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, his eyes turned crimson in color. Following that, a burst of boundless oppressive might instantly enveloped this region.

When that oppressive might appeared, not to mention the others, even Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. A life threatening sensation that he had never felt before appeared in his heart.

“This sort of sensation, it’s a martial skill. But… this is most definitely not an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill. Could it be that he is unleashing an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill?”

At that moment, Chu Feng was frowning deeply. He had already realized that the technique Old Demon Rakshasa was going to unleash would most definitely be something surpassing Emperor Taboo Martial Skills.

As for what would surpass Emperor Taboo Martial Skills, it would naturally be an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill.

… a martial skill that not even Martial Ancestors would be able to control!!!

“This, this sort of sensation? Could it be?!!!”

When even Chu Feng started to panic, the surrounding crowd were panicking even more. In fact, many people revealed dejected expressions.

They had all realized that the Old Demon Rakshasa’s next attack would be extremely frightening.

“This here is this old man’s strongest killing technique, Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill…. Ancestral Taboo: Soul Killing Formation!” Old Demon Rakshasa said.

“Ancestral Taboo: Soul Killing Formation? Sure enough, it’s the Ancestral Taboo: Soul Killing Formation. It would appear that the legend is true, the legend is true!!!”

At that moment, from among the bystanders, an extremely aged old man cried out in alarm. An indescribable sensation of fear filled his face. It was as if he was seeing death itself.

“Senior, could it be that this spirit formation is an Ancestral Taboo Martial Skill?” Many people began to question that old man. After all, this matter was extremely important. Furthermore, as that old man was a person with a certain amount of status, the crowd were quite trusting of his words.

“You all, do you know about Half Step True Immortal of the Northsouth Immortal Sea?” The old man asked.

“Of course. Half Step True Immortal was an extremely renowned individual. Reportedly, he was only half a step away from becoming a True Immortal. Back then, he was one of the most renowned experts in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” The crowd replied.

“Then, do you all know how the Half Step True Immortal died?” The old man asked.

“Died? How could he have died? Didn’t the Half Step True Immortal enter closed door training?” Many people asked.

At the moment when the crowd was puzzled, a youngster suddenly said, “I’ve heard from our ancestor that the Half Step True Immortal seemed to have been killed by Old Demon Rakshasa.”

“That’s right, there was indeed such a rumor,” The old man said.

“What? Old Demon Rakshasa killed Half Step True Immortal? How could that be?”

“That’s right. Wasn’t the Half Step True Immortal the one who had been chasing after Old Demon Rakshasa to kill him the entire time? Didn’t Old Demon Rakshasa run all over the place to escape from him? How could he be killed by Old Demon Rakshasa?” Someone felt that to be unbelievable.

Although Half Step True Immortal did not belong to any power, he was a person renowned for righteousness, someone who would consider the people of the world. That was the reason why Half Step True Immortal was that renowned and respected by the people.

Back then, due to the fact that Old Demon Rakshasa had done an enormous amount of evil, Half Step True Immortal made a firm resolution to eliminate Old Demon Rakshasa. He announced the fact that he would chase after Old Demon Rakshasa until he was killed.

As for Old Demon Rakshasa, although he was powerful, Half Step True Immortal was even more powerful. Although both of them were peak Martial Ancestors, Old Demon Rakshasa was miserably hunted by Half Step True Immortal.

In fact, during the period of time when Old Demon Rakshasa disappeared, there were people who felt that he had been killed by Half Step True Immortal.

Even though Half Step True Immortal had disappeared, there were not a lot of people that felt that he had died. Instead, they felt that he had entered closed door training. After all, that was the way Half Step True Immortal did things.

Yet now, it was declared that Half Step True Immortal was killed by Old Demon Rakshasa. This caused the crowd to feel enormous disbelief. They were unable to accept it.

“There is a rumor stating that Half Step True Immortal had finally managed to catch Old Demon Rakshasa after chasing after him for all that time. However, Half Step True Immortal, who had held absolute superiority over Old Demon Rakshasa the whole time, was instead killed by Old Demon Rakshasa.”

“As for the reason why Old Demon Rakshasa was able to kill Half Step True Immortal, it was because he had managed to learn the Ancestral Martial Skill that was very difficult for Martial Ancestors to grasp,” The old man said.

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