Chapter 2332 - The Arrival Of A True Immortal

Chapter 2332 - The Arrival Of A True Immortal

Although the power of the grand formation was invisible, it was surging in the shadows and giving off an extremely domineering air.

Being oppressed by the power of the grand formation, the screams and wailing from the crimson fog began to weaken. Subsequently, the might of the crimson fog also began to weaken.

If the Old Demon Rakshasa was the person who had ruled over the region earlier...

Then, his title as ruler had shifted hands now.

At that moment, Chu Feng… was the ruler of this place.


Sensing how powerful Chu Feng was right now, Kou Kang’s complexion turned ashen as he began to shiver. The reason for that was because he had never ever anticipated that Chu Feng would really possess the strength to contend against Old Demon Rakshasa.

But, he had already made things reach such a degree, and even betrayed the Three Stars Hall. If Chu Feng were to win, it would end miserably for him.

“Lord Rakshasa, quickly, you must kill that child, kill that child,” In panic, Kou Kang began to plead for help from Old Demon Rakshasa.

The reason for that was because the only person that was capable of handling Chu Feng was the Old Demon Rakshasa. Thus, Old Demon Rakshasa could be said to be the only hope that Kou Kang possessed.

“Boy, no wonder you were that confident. It turns out this spirit formation you’ve grasped is actually this powerful.”

“However, it remains that this is power you obtained by relying on a spirit formation. It is nothing more than external power.”

“Whereas this old man’s abilities are things that I have honestly obtained through training. You wish to use external power to defeat the result of my many years of bitter training? You are simply dreaming.”



Once Old Demon Rakshasa said those words, the two Ancestral Armaments he held in his hands gave off ear-piercing snarls. Then, the might of his Ancestral Armaments and the Old Demon Rakshasa’s aura began to rise.

That Ancestral Armament of his that was originally being suppressed by Chu Feng once again let out a frightening power. It actually began to be able to contend against Chu Feng’s grand formation.

Then, many crimson souls appeared from the crimson fog. Those souls grew more and more numerous. In merely a short moment, their number reached several tens of thousands. Like an army composed of evil spirits, they stared at Chu Feng.

“How would we know who is stronger and who is weaker without trying it out?”

Chu Feng remained completely confident. As he spoke, he clasped his palms together. Then, he pointed at Old Demon Rakshasa.


At that moment, heaven and earth started to shake. It was because of a visible silver ray. It was that grand formation’s power.

The power of the grand formation took visible form and condensed into an enormous sword.

The sword was floating across the sky. It looked extremely majestic. It was as if it was capable of penetrating through everything, and possessed the desire to kill evil monsters.

“Damn it!”

Upon seeing that enormous sword floating in the air, Old Demon Rakshasa’s expression immediately changed. The many thousands of souls that were eager to attack did not rush to attack Chu Feng. Instead, they became defensive, and began to gather before Old Demon Rakshasa.


At this moment, the enormous floating sword formed by the power of the grand formation turned into a ray of light and began to pierce toward Old Demon Rakshasa.


Following a loud explosion, wave upon wave of violent energy ripples began to sweep out in all directions.

Facing the energy ripples, not to mention the experts from the younger generation, even those from the older generation started to frown.

“How powerful must that be for it to give rise to energy ripples this frightening?”

“Presumably, this must be the strongest power beneath the True Immortal realm?” At that moment, the crowd was filled with endless astonishment.

Witnessing all of this with their own eyes, they knew very well how frightening that power was.

Fortunately, Chu Feng had intentionally controlled it, restricting the energy ripples from spreading. Otherwise… the energy ripples would be sufficient to devour a radius of several thousands of miles, killing everyone present.

The crowd also realized that it was Chu Feng that was protecting them. Thus, they involuntarily turned to look at the sky and toward the surging energy ripples. Traces of worry appeared in their eyes.

Many of the people present hoped that Chu Feng would be able to survive.

However, there were also people that wanted the person who won in this battle to be Old Demon Rakshasa. One such individual would be Kou Kang.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Right at that moment, from within the surging energy ripples came coughing and panting sounds.

Upon hearing that voice, Kou Kang’s nerves immediately tensed up.

He had managed to tell that it was Old Demon Rakshasa’s voice. At that moment, Old Demon Rakshasa’s voice was actually very weak. It made him feel that Old Demon Rakshasa was currently at a disadvantage.

“Impossible! This is impossible! How could Old Demon Rakshasa lose to Chu Feng?!”

“I must be overthinking it. That’s right, I must be overthinking it.”

However, even though Kou Kang felt that the situation was bad in his heart, Kou Kang continued to comfort himself. He felt that even if Old Demon Rakshasa were injured, it remained that he was still alive.

However, there was no sound from Chu Feng. Perhaps Chu Feng had died. If that was the case, it would mean that Old Demon Rakshasa had won.

“W-wife, a-are you a-able to see Chu Feng?” Wang Qiang asked Zhao Hong in a very worried manner.

Once Wang Qiang said those words, Xu Yiyi, Zhao Biyu and many of the others present turned their gazes to Zhao Hong.

If Kou Kang was worried about Old Demon Rakshasa, then Wang Qiang and the others were worried that Chu Feng would be defeated.

“No,” Zhao Hong shook her head. The energy ripples were too powerful; they had surpassed the range of her perceptive ability. Even though she possessed special methods, she was also unable to see anything at that moment.

With no other option, Wang Qiang turned to the sky and shouted, “B-b-brother, a-are you still there?! If y-you’re fine, say something!”


Once Wang Qiang said those words, a burst of wind immediately appeared. The wind forcibly dispersed the raging energy ripples.

When the energy ripples dissipated, the crowd was overjoyed.

At that moment, not only was Chu Feng standing in the sky, he was also completely uninjured.

As for Old Demon Rakshasa, he was badly mutilated. His aura was extremely weak. Standing in the sky, he appeared to be on the verge of collapse.


Seeing this scene, Kou Kang and the others immediately fell on their butts in shock.

The outcome of the battle had been decided. Not only was a calamity going to befall Old Demon Rakshasa and Hun Lian, they would also definitely suffer from this.

“Master,” At that moment, Hun Lian, who had been hiding behind Old Demon Rakshasa the entire time, immediately ran out and supported him.

Being protected by Old Demon Rakshasa, Hun Lian did not receive any major injuries. However, he was also trembling in fear.

“Don’t panic,” Seemingly sensing Hun Lian’s terror, Old Demon Rakshasa waved his hand to indicate to Hun Lian not to panic.

“Chu Feng, as matters stand, I must admit that you possess some abilities.”

“Although you have borrowed the power of that grand formation, it would be impossible for you to control it if it wasn’t for your outstanding talent.”

“You are indeed a rare genius. It is the first time that this old man has met a genius like you in my lifetime.”

“However, the more it is like this, the more I cannot allow you to live,” Old Demon Rakshasa said with his weak voice.

“T-t-truly s-shameless. M-merely t-the you right now, y-you think that y-you can s-still kill my brother?” Wang Qiang said in a very mocking manner.

Suddenly, Old Demon Rakshasa half kneeled in midair and spoke in a very respectful manner. “Lord Protector, this subordinate is useless. I am unable to defeat this child. I have disgraced our Infant Soul Sect.”

“However, that child absolutely cannot be left alive. I will have to trouble Milord to personally take care of him.”

“Rakshasa, you’ve gone through a lot of trouble. You have allowed me to determine this brat’s strength.”

Right at that moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded from beside Old Demon Rakshasa. Following that, a figure appeared beside Old Demon Rakshasa.

“Oh no!”

Upon seeing this person, Zhao Hong, Wang Qiang and the others all started to frown. They shouted ‘Oh no!’ in their hearts.

The reason for that was because a boundless aura had appeared alongside that individual. It was an aura that surpassed the Martial Ancestor realm.

That person was a True Immortal-level expert.

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