Chapter 2324 - The Outcome Of The Battle

Chapter 2324 - The Outcome Of The Battle

This man wore a white gown and held a folding fan. His appearance was like that of a scholar. As for his appearance, it was even more feminine. Compared to Hun Lian, he looked even more like a woman.

In fact, with the way he looked, if he were to wear female clothing and decorate his hair, he would simply be a beautiful woman.

From this, it could be imagined how delicate and pretty his appearance was. It was truly rarely seen.

In fact, this man could be said to be the prettiest man that Chu Feng had ever met.

Furthermore, his pretty appearance gave off a comfortable feeling, whereas Hun Lian gave off a very uncomfortable sensation.

However, what Chu Feng was more concerned with was his cultivation.

He possessed the same level of cultivation as Hun Lian; he was also a rank three Martial Ancestor, and also possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

The two men could be said to be equally matched. That said, Chu Feng was delighted to discover that this Young Master Li Ming possessed a completely different sort of aura to that Hun Lian.

Although his body was also covered with killing intent, he did not emit any heinous air.

This indirectly displayed that this Young Master Li Ming was someone who never willfully slaughtered the innocent, someone who did not seem to be a bad individual.

Of course, it might also be possible that he was a master of disguise, or possessed a treasure on him that could conceal his heinous air. As such, for certain things, Chu Feng could not be absolutely certain.

However, at the very least, Chu Feng’s first impression of Young Master Li Ming was pretty decent.

“Wow! So handsome!”

At that moment, many of the women present started to scream wildly.

If the appearance of Hun Lian had stunned them, then the appearance of Young Master Li Ming had completely mesmerized them.

“F-fuck! W-what’s w-with the taste these Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s w-women have? I-instead of being m-mesmerized by a manly man like m-me, they a-are a-actually into that sort of f-feminine man?” Wang Qiang said in displeasure.

“What?! You have this lady here! Yet you still dare to think about other women?!” Zhao Hong stared at Wang Qiang in a threatening manner.

“N-no, of course n-not. Y-you are the only one i-in my heart,” Wang Qiang said with a beaming smile.

“That’s more like it,” Zhao Hong said.

“Hun Lian, as per your request, I have let news of this match spread. The bystanders are already here. Are we able to fight now?” Young Master Li Ming said.

“Of course,” Hun Lian smiled coldly. Then, he abruptly attacked.


Hun Lian’s powerful oppressive might immediately shot forth toward Young Master Li Ming. Furthermore, his oppressive might began to spread in all directions.

Everything happened too quickly. Furthermore, as that oppressive might was so strong, many people were engulfed by it.


Screams began to sound in succession. Those that were engulfed by the oppressive might were either killed or seriously injured. It was a tragic sight.

“That Hun Lian is actually that vicious? He is simply too excessive!” Seeing that scene, Xu Yiyi, Song Biyu and the others immediately revealed scowls.

Even though their cultivations were not very strong, they knew that if experts wanted to exercise restraint when fighting, regardless of how powerful their oppressive might might be, then they would not cause these sorts of casualties.

The situation at hand was deliberately caused by Hun Lian. He had not bothered to restrain his oppressive might, for he simply did not care about the life and death of the bystanders.


Young Master Li Ming snorted coldly. His body shifted, and then an equally powerful aura was emitted as he collided with Hun Lian.

Sure enough, it was as the crowd had anticipated, Young Master Li Ming’s strength was not at all inferior to Hun Lian’s.

His attacks were equally world-shakingly powerful. However, although his oppressive might was extremely powerful, it did not bring harm to the bystanders.

Compared to Hun Lian, this Young Master Li Ming had deliberately exercised restraint with his oppressive might so as to not bring harm to the bystanders.

This served as a greater proof of how savage and cruel Hun Lian was.

This, at this moment, it was no longer only Chu Feng and the others who had a bad impression of Hun Lian, many of the bystanders also began to have bad impressions of Hun Lian.

However, even though the crowd were feeling displeased, there was nothing they could do. Even those who had their friends or fellow disciples killed by Hun Lian before them could only restrain themselves.

After all, as Hun Lian and Young Master Li Ming fought one another, their strength became more and more distinctively revealed to the crowd.

Their enormous strength had already surpassed the boundary for people of the younger generation.

In fact, even many of the older generation present were unable to match up against the two of them.

Faced with such a powerful Hun Lian, they truly did not dare to say anything. If they were to enrage him, they would definitely be killed.


The battle grew more and more intense. At this moment, the bystanders had no choice but to draw back from the battlefield, because they were scared of being implicated by the battle and dying.

However, the crowd were unwilling to distance themselves too much from the battle; they did not wish to miss the confrontation between two peak geniuses.

That said, they were only able to spectate for the excitement. After all, Hun Lian and Young Master Li Ming were simply too strong. The confrontation between the two of them lifted wave upon wave of energy ripples that made it so that the crowd were simply unable to see the details of the battle.

The only thing that they could see were the ferocious energy ripples wreaking havoc through their surroundings.

However, Chu Feng was an exception.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng had grasped control over the slaughtering formation in this area, he was able to increase his cultivation at will all the way to rank nine Martial Ancestor.

Even though Chu Feng’s Heavenly Bloodline would be sealed off after increasing his cultivation, causing him to lose his heaven-defying battle power, Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings in the process, the strength of Chu Feng’s perception would subsequently increase.

Thus, Chu Feng was able to clearly see the confrontation between Hun Lian and Young Master Li Ming.

After observing the battle for some time, Chu Feng said, “They’re quite powerful.”

“C-Chu Feng, y-you are able to s-see their battle, right? T-then, do y-you know which one of them is stronger?” Wang Qiang asked Chu Feng.

“Both of them are very strong. Right now, they are equally matched. However, I feel that Hun Lian had nearly exhausted all of his strength, whereas Young Master Li Ming is still holding back slightly.”

“Thus, I feel that Young Master Li Ming will have a higher chance of victory,” Chu Feng said.

“T-that’s good then,” Wang Qiang seemed to also want Young Master Li Ming to win.


The rumbles grew more and more ear-piercing. The battle between the two men grew more and more intense. The abilities the two of them were using to fight one another also became more and more powerful.

However, the development of the battle was as Chu Feng had predicted. The equilibrium of the battle started to shift, and Young Master Li Ming began to gain the upper hand in the battle.

Hun Lian had been injured. He who was proud and arrogant became furious. He began to unleash counterattacks with all his might. However, regardless of what he did, it seemed that the battle was already under Young Master Li Ming’s control. No matter how hard he tried to beat Li Ming back, he was unable to, and would only be humiliated by Young Master Li Ming time and time again.

“That Young Master Li Ming is quite interesting,” A light smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

After hearing Chu Feng saying those words, Wang Qiang immediately asked curiously, “W-what, what? T-tell me what’s h-happening. I can’t see.”

Originally, Chu Feng planned to explain. However, suddenly, he smiled even stronger. “There’s no need for me to tell you, you’ll soon see it for yourself.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right after chu Feng said those words, a burst of wind appeared in Hun Lian and Young Master Li Ming’s battlefield.

That wind instantly blew away the frightening energy ripples wreaking havoc through the battlefield.


At this moment, the crowd were all stunned. They were stupefied by the scene before them.

At this moment, Young Master Li MIng was already gone. Only Hun Lian was still standing in the sky.

At this moment, Hun Lian was holding his Incomplete Ancestral Armament with a furious expression. He was fiercely running his eyes all around, seemingly trying to find Young Master Li Ming.

However, if that were all there was, the crowd would naturally not be so astonished.

The reason why the crowd was astonished was because Hun Lian was not only covered with cuts flowing with blood, even his clothes were tattered. At a glance, he appeared to be in an extremely sorry state. In fact, his appearance was similar to that of a beggar.

His sorry state made the crowd realize that the outcome of the confrontation between the strongest geniuses seemed to have been decided.

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