Chapter 2325 - Chu Feng Acting

Chapter 2325 - Chu Feng Acting

“Hun Lian, the outcome of the battle has been decided.”

“I will spare you this once today. However, if you dare to provoke me again, I will take your dog life.”

Right at that moment, Young Master Li Ming’s voice was suddenly heard. However, his figure was nowhere to be seen.

Furthermore, his voice also grew further and further away as he spoke. It seemed as if he was leaving.

“Li Ming, get back here! The outcome of the battle hasn’t been decided yet! I want to continue the battle!” Hun Lian shouted.

Hun Lian’s voice was so resounding that it caused space itself to tremble nonstop. Many people hurriedly covered their ears. Some of the people with low levels of cultivation were unable to withstand Hun Lian’s voice, and ended up vomiting blood and dying.

However, even though Hun Lian shouted like this, there was no response from Young Master Li Ming. It seemed that he had truly left.

However, even with that being the case, Hun Lian still continued to shout.

Evidently, he was unwilling to accept that he had been defeated by Young Master Li Ming like this.

“You should just shut up. Look at yourself, why are you still shouting?” At that moment, Zhao Hong was unable to continue watching anymore, and shouted at Hun Lian with contempt.

“T-that’s right. Y-you’re t-truly shameless,” Wang Qiang added with an expression of displeasure on his face.

Although the two of them had not gained control of the slaughtering formation, and held strength inferior to Hun Lian, they possessed the crystal giants to protect them.

As the crystal giants possessed the strength of peak Martial Ancestors, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were not afraid of Hun Lian. As such, they would naturally dare to say anything they wanted.

“What did you two say?!”

However, how could the conceited and arrogant Hun Lian possibly tolerate others speaking ill of him? He immediately turned a gaze radiating with killing intent toward Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong.

His gaze was filled with threatening intent.

However, faced with Hun Lian’s threatening gaze, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s expressions remained unchanged.

Seeing how unphased the two of them were, many of the bystanders began to have a whole new level of respect toward Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong. Furthermore, due to the fact that the two of them were not wearing their conical bamboo hats, the crowd began to remember their appearances.

As for why, it was naturally because the two of them spoke what the great majority of the people present did not dare to say. As such, the crowd felt that the two of them were grand characters too.

“W-what, y-you d-don’t understand what we said?”

“V-very well, this g-great sir s-shall re-repeat what I said for you.”

“I said, you are t-trash,” Wang Qiang said those words vigorously and one word at a time.

“You’re courting death!!!” Hun Lian snorted coldly. Then, he shot forth a punch. His boundless Ancestral-level martial power turned into two bursts of wind. Like two giant ferocious beasts, the wind came crashing toward Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong from above.

The attack of his single punch was extremely strong. If it struck them, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong would definitely die. Even Chu Feng, Xu Yiyi and many of the bystanders would be implicated by the punch.

At that moment, the ruthlessness of that Hun Lian was once again completely revealed to the crowd.

All he cared about was himself, and he did not concern himself with the lives and deaths of others at all.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, even though Hun Lian had already shot forth his punch, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong did not unleash their crystal giants, and did not seem to plan on doing so.

With their strength, it was simply impossible for them to block Hun Lian’s attack. After all, Hun Lian was a powerful existence that could match ordinary rank six Martial Ancestors.

‘These two, they’re forcing me to act.’

Chu Feng felt helpless. He had already managed to tell that the reason why Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang did not unleash their crystal giants after provoking Hun Lian was because they wanted him to take care of that Hun Lian.

“Oh no!”

Even though Chu Feng understood Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang’s intention, the others did not. Seeing that Hun Lian had shot forth his punch, but Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong did not do anything to block his attack, they all felt that the two of them would meet certain doom.


However, right at the moment when everyone felt that Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong would be killed by Hun Lian, Chu Feng suddenly waved his sleeve and brought forth a burst of wind that shot upward.


The strong wind was stronger than even the two bursts of wind shot forth by Hun Lian’s punch. It dispersed Hun Lian’s attack easily.


At that moment, Hun Lian’s gaze changed immediately. A dense amount of shock appeared in his vicious and proud eyes.

“That aura earlier was so strong. Could it be… Chu Feng, he… he’s a rank six Martial Ancestor?”

The very next moment, the crowd present burst into an uproar. Everyone began to fix their gazes onto Chu Feng. Astonishment filling their eyes.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s aura had indeed increased to that of a rank six Martial Ancestor now.

As for that, it was naturally not Chu Feng’s actual cultivation. Chu Feng’s actual cultivation was that of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor.

As for his cultivation of rank six Martial Ancestor, it was something that Chu Feng had obtained through the Slaughtering Formation’s effect of increasing one’s cultivation.

By relying on the Slaughtering Formation’s power, Chu Feng was actually able to increase his cultivation even higher. However, Chu Feng had seen Hun Lian’s abilities earlier. As such, he wanted to confront this Hun Lian at an equal strength. After all, a battle like this would be very beneficial to Chu Feng.

“You actually possess the cultivation of a rank six Half Martial Ancestor? Who are you?” Hun Lian said while looking at Chu Feng.

“A-are you a fool or what? Y-you actually d-don’t even recognize my brother C-Chu Feng?” Wang Qiang said with displeasure.

“Chu Feng? You are that Chu Feng who became an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist on Mount Cloud Crane?!” Hun Lian asked in shock. Evidently, he had not yet seen Chu Feng’s portrait. Thus, he was uncertain of Chu Feng’s identity.

“That’s right. It w-was done by my brother,” Wang Qiang nodded immediately. Unconcealed pride covered his face.

“I originally thought that you only possessed attainments in terms of world spirit techniques. Never would I have imagined that your cultivation is actually so powerful. It would appear that stutterer and that girl are your friends? Are you planning to stick up for your friends here?” Hun Lian asked coldly.

Although Chu Feng’s current cultivation was that of a rank six Martial Ancestor, Hun Lian was still looking at Chu Feng with a gaze of slight contempt. It was as if he felt that he would be able to easily take care of Chu Feng.

“No, it’s not only to stick up for them. Rather, it’s because I feel that someone like you, someone who willfully slaughters the innocent, should not be left alive,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

Although his smile appeared good-natured, killing intent was hidden within it.

Chu Feng suspect Hun Lian to be a member of the Infant Soul Sect. As for the people from the Infant Soul Sect, Chu Feng did not plan to spare them to begin with.

At that moment, even though Chu Feng could not be absolutely certain that Hun Lian was a member of the Infant Soul Sect, it remained that Hun Lian’s methods were simply too ruthless and cruel.

Chu Feng felt that Hun Lian was a scourge. Rather than disregarding him, it would be better to eliminate him and help to destroy evil for the people of the world.

Thus, even without Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong’s provocation, Chu Feng had not planned to let Hun Lian get away.

“You actually want to kill me? Hahaha. Interesting. You are even more arrogant than that Young Master Li Ming.”

“However, you should know that this is a world of martial cultivators. In this world, one must use one’s strength to speak,” Hun Lian had managed to see through Chu Feng’s killing intent. As he spoke, he held his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and charged to kill Chu Feng.

“Naturally, we will have to speak with our strength,” Chu Feng smiled indifferently. Then, he soared into the sky. With a flip of his palm, the Magma Emperor Sword appeared in his hand. Then, he collided with Hun Lian.


At that moment, explosions surged in the sky as martial power burst forth. The scene of the frightening battle between Hun Lian and Young Master Li Ming appeared once again.

Merely, this time around, even though the might of the battle was on par with the battle before, the might of the energy ripples were weaker than before.

It was not that the battle between Chu Feng and Hun Lian was inferior to the battle between Li Ming and Hun Lian.

Rather, Chu Feng was afraid of bringing harm to the bystanders, and had used his power to suppress the energy ripples formed from their battle.

Furthermore, it just so happened that some of the perceptive experts from the older generation managed to see through what Chu Feng was doing.

As such, they were unable to contain themselves from exclaiming in admiration, “A child like that Chu Feng is truly rare. He is a blessing to our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

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