Chapter 2323 - Arrival Of Geniuses

Chapter 2323 - Arrival Of Geniuses

“Chu Feng, you actually dared to show your face?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder immediately started to gnash his teeth in anger. Intense killing intent emerged in his eyes.

His current appearance was that of someone who wanted to skin Chu Feng alive, remove his bones, eat his flesh and drink his blood. He truly felt enormous hatred for Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng did not even bother to look at that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder. Instead, he gently raised his arm.


A loud explosion was heard, and that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder’s body shattered. He had been instantly obliterated by Chu Feng.

“Run away!” Seeing that scene, the others from the Ying Heavenly Clan all turned pale. They immediately turned around and started fleeing.

“Chu Feng, don’t l-let them escape,” At this time, Wang Qiang also ran out from the concealment formation.

“It’s fine. It would suit my intention if they were able to call for reinforcements,” Chu Feng said indifferently. He did not bother with the fleeing Ying Heavenly Clansmen.

“N-now that y-you mention it, that’s true. Y-you’re t-truly smart,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang scratched his head and then laughed foolishly.

Currently, they had the crystal giants. Furthermore, Chu Feng had gained control of that grand formation. As such, he was extremely powerful.

Not to mention the elders from the Ying Heavenly Clan, even if the Ying Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief himself were to come, he would not necessarily be a match for them either.

Regardless of the amount of people from the Ying Heavenly Clan that might come, they would all be killed. There was simply no need for them to be afraid.

Thus, if those Ying Heavenly Clansmen that managed to escape were to call for reinforcements and bring back experts from the Ying Heavenly Clan, they would only be coming to throw their lives away.

Chu Feng walked over to Xu Yiyi, Song Biyu and the others. He asked in a concerned manner, “Are you all alright?”

“Chu Feng, your cultivation!!!” Xu Yiyi’s eyes were opened extremely wide. Evidently, she was unable to accept Chu Feng’s current overwhelming strength.

“This is a special method of mine. It is not my actual cultivation,” Chu Feng told Xu Yiyi honestly.

“So it’s actually not your actual cultivation. However, what sort of method could allow you to increase your cultivation to this level?”

“Well, regardless, only extraordinary individuals would be able to obtain that sort of heaven-defying battle power.”

“That Chu Feng is truly amazing.”

After finding out that Chu Feng’s cultivation was not his actual cultivation, the surrounding crowd began to discuss the matter spiritedly. However, no one belittled Chu Feng.

After all, the scene of Chu Feng killing that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder with merely a wave of his arm was something that they all saw.

Although Chu Feng killed that elder so effortlessly, his killing appeared to be extremely overbearing and domineering for these people here.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard that you’ve killed Di Jiuzhou. Is that matter true?” Song Biyu asked curiously.

“There is indeed such a thing,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Amazing. You must know that Di Jiuzhou is the strongest disciple among our tier two powers,” Upon verifying this matter, Song Biyu was extremely delighted. An admiring gaze once again appeared in her eyes.

At the same time, the surrounding crowd also began to look to Chu Feng with more admiration and reverence in their gazes. Regardless of whether Chu Feng’s current cultivation was his own or not, the fact remained that it was no small matter that Chu Feng was both able to kill Di Jiuzhou and dared to kill Di Jiuzhou.

“Brother Kou Kang, are you certain you managed to tie in your sparring match with Chu Feng?”

At that moment, some people moved toward Kou Kang and began to ridicule him.

“Not to mention their cultivations, merely in terms of courage, he is already enormously far away from Chu Feng. He is simply unworthy of being compared with Chu Feng,” More and more people began to ridicule Kou Kang.

It was not that the crowd were composed of snobs. Rather, seeing was truly the best way of believing.

When they were all faced with that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder, Kou Kang revealed cowardice. He was so interested in saving himself that he even sold out his fellow disciples.

However, what Chu Feng displayed was unrestrained dominance. He was firm and decisive. With merely a wave of his sleeve, he killed that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder.

The disparity between the two was truly too enormous. They simply could not be discussed together.

“You all…”

At that moment, Kou kang’s complexion turned pale. It was extremely ugly, as if he had been fed feces.

Even if he possessed an extremely thick skin, he would still feel somewhat unable to withstand the ridicule and supercilious looks from this many people. Thus, he turned around and planned to leave.


However, right when Kou Kang was planning to leave, the distant sky suddenly turned extremely dark. Black clouds were rolling about, and violent wind burst past.

An extremely powerful surge of aura was sweeping toward them, leaving behind waves of trembling everywhere it passed.

Finally, that surge of aura arrived. Finally, the crowd were able to see what the origin of that aura was.

It was a young man. He had a head of black hair, and wore a black gown. On his back was a cloak three meters long fluttering in the wind. As for that cloak, it too was black.

However, that man’s face was extremely pale, strangely pale. It was as pale as paper itself.

Fortunately, that man possessed a delicate and pretty face. However, it was precisely because it was too delicate and pretty that he appeared to resemble a female. As such, he gave off an uncomfortable sensation.

“Rank three Martial Ancestor.”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze shone. He had managed to sense that man’s cultivation. Not only was he a rank three Martial Ancestor, he also possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

In other words, that man’s true battle power was on par with ordinary rank six Martial Ancestors.

However, he was clearly still only a member of the younger generation.

It was definitely possible to count the members of the younger generation that were this powerful with one’s fingers; they were extremely rare.

“It would appear that that man should be Hun Lian,” Chu Feng said.

“W-w-why’s that? W-why would he b-be Hun Lian, and n-not that Y-young Master Li Ming?” Wang Qiang asked curiously.

“This man is covered with killing intent. Furthermore, he emits a nefarious air all around. Furthermore, I am able to sense a heinous air from him.”

“Although I do not know what Young Master Li Ming is like, I am certain that he should definitely not be like this.”

Chu Feng was certain of this man’s identity. The reason why he was so certain was because of the heinous air that man emitted.

Heinous, the heinous air from the taking of lives.

That heinous air was created from countless lives dying miserably by his hands.

That heinous air had affected that man. It would make him become even more cruel and vicious, make him become someone who would obtain his goals by fair means or foul.

However, to Chu Feng, what he hated the most was the fact that that man had taken so many lives.

If he were truly someone from the Infant Soul Sect, it would mean that all the lives he had taken were newborns.

With how intense the heinous air he gave off was, he had killed countless newborns, so unimaginably many.

After observing him for a while, Zhao Hong voiced her impression, “His killing intent and his nefarious air are all understandable. However, that heinous air seems to be something that could only be formed through taking countless lives. It seems that that guy has done a great amount of evil things, and is not a good man.” She too had a bad impression of that man.

“W-wife, haven’t y-you also killed a lot of p-people?” Wang Qiang said to Zhao Hong.

“Shut up. All those that I’ve killed were people that deserved to die,” Zhao Hong said coldly.

Although Wang Qiang was unwilling to accept her reasoning, he said no more. While he possessed the protection of the crystal giant now, as he had been tormented by Zhao Hong for a long time, he felt fear towards her from the bottom of his heart.

“Li Ming, since you’re here, why are you not showing yourself?” The black-clothed man revealed a nefarious smile as he cast his gaze toward the north.

“He is calling for Li Ming. It seems that he is Hun Lian,” Once he said those words, everyone became certain of his identity.

He was Hun Lian.

“When you haven’t arrived, why would I be in a rush to show myself?” Right at that moment, a voice slowly sounded from the direction the black clothed man was looking toward.

Following that, a ray of light flashed by. The ray of light approached the crowd and then stopped. At that moment, everyone managed to clearly see that man’s appearance.

Upon seeing that man, the eyes of many people present started to shine.

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