Chapter 2322 - Craven And Cowardly

Chapter 2322 - Craven And Cowardly

Even though she was feeling scared, Xu Yiyi still gathered up her courage to ask, “What are you all planning to do?”

“What are we planning to do? Your Sunset Cloud Valley and Three Stars Hall are willing to declare war against our Ying Heavenly Clan for a single Chu Feng. Right now, we are enemies. Yet, you’re actually asking me what we plan to do?” That Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder sneered. His tone was filled with mockery.

“You are an elder, yet you’re planning to bully us, people of the younger generation. Do you not feel that it is beneath your status?” Xu Yiyi asked.

“Little girl, the battlefield is a merciless place. Has your master not taught you that?” As the Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder said those words, the coldness in his eyes grew more and more intense. Killing intent actually emerged in his eyes.

“Senior, while the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall have declared war against your Ying Heavenly Clan, we have not,” A disciple who had been surrounded by individuals from the Ying Heavenly Clan walked forth and bowed with his hands held in front.

Following that person, all of the people present that were not disciples from the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley hurriedly declared, “Senior, this matter is unrelated to us. Please release us.”

“Indeed, it is unrelated to you all. Go ahead and leave,” The Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder waved his hand, and the disciples from other powers hurriedly left.

“Although it is unrelated to them, it is related to you all,” After that, that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder turned his gaze containing killing intent at Xu Yiyi and the others.

At this moment, the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall’s disciples all felt a chill in their hearts. Merely from the gaze of that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder, they were able to tell that he truly had the intention to kill them.

It would appear that a great catastrophe was truly imminent for them.

“Elder, you’ve also heard it earlier. That Chu Feng and I do not get along. While it is true that our Three Stars Hall has said that we will protect Chu Feng, that is only the desire of our headmaster. I am not in favor of that decision at all.”

“Today, if you all are to kill me because of Chu Feng, my death… would be too wrongful,” Suddenly, Kou Kang stood out and spoke with an innocent expression on his face.

“Kou Kang, you…” Xu Yiyi was immediately furious upon hearing what Kou Kang said. Even Song Biyu’s expression changed. They never expected Kou Kang to be such a spineless coward and actually beg their enemy for forgiveness.

“Fellow martial brothers and sisters from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall, do you not agree with what I said?”

“We have no association with that Chu Feng to begin with. Why must we throw our lives away for that Chu Feng?” Kou Kang ignored Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu’s gazes of contempt and turned to speak to the other disciples.

“That’s right. What senior brother Kou Kang said is extremely correct. We should not die for that Chu Feng.”

“Senior, we possess no relationship with that Chu Feng. Please spare us.”

Once Kou Kang said those words, regardless of whether it was the Three Stars Hall or the Sunset Cloud Valley, a portion of their disciples immediately started to declare that they had no relation with Chu Feng.

“You all… you bunch of spineless cowards…” Faced with the begging of those disciples, Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu started to tremble with anger.

What those disciples were doing was not only begging for forgiveness, they were also disgracing their powers. Their actions were no different from desertion.

“It is not that we are spineless. Rather, we merely do not wish to die in vain because of an unrelated individual,” Kou Kang refuted. Then, he continued to speak to the Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder, “Senior, please see this matter clearly, and do not kill us, the innocent.”

“Haha. Good. Our Ying Heavenly Clan are not a bunch of unreasonable people either.”

“Since you all have said it like this, I will spare you all. You all can go too,” The Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder waved his hand again.

Although Kou Kang and the others’ actions were unavoidable since they wanted to survive, they were still met with hisses of contempt from many of the bystanders.

After all, no matter how one looked at it, their actions were simply craven and cowardly. They possessed no moral backbone at all.

However, Kou Kang and the others completely ignored the way the others viewed them. They acted as if they had managed to escape from the tiger’s den, and quickly fled that place.

However, Kou Kang suddenly stopped when he was about to walk out from under the Ying Heavenly Clan’s besiegement. He turned around and sent a voice transmission to Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu, “There is no reason for you all to throw your lives away because of Chu Feng. Come, leave with us.”

“Scram!” Xu Yiyi shouted coldly. Disgust filled the gaze with which she looked at Kou Kang.

In fact, even Kou Kang’s fellow disciple Song Biyu looked at him with a gaze filled with contempt.

“The two of you are truly pigheaded. Your deaths are well-deserved,” Ruthlessness appeared in Kou Kang’s gaze. Then, he waved his sleeve and swaggered off.

However, he did not actually leave. Instead, he entered the crowd. He was actually planning to personally see Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu getting killed.

“What is this? You all are truly willing to die for that Chu Feng?” That Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder asked Xu Yiyi and the others.

After what happened earlier, he seemed to be more willing to see these disciples renouncing their relationship with Chu Feng.

After all, it would indirectly indicate that Chu Feng did not possess the support of the crowd.

“We are willing to live and die together with our schools. If you wish to kill us, then go on and do it! Why bother with all these superfluous words!” Xu Yiyi shouted.

“We will live and die together with our schools. Go on and kill us!!!” Following that, Song Biyu and the others disciples also shouted.

Their voices were like thunder and shook the heavens. They were prepared to die.

“Very well, since you all have decided, I will grant you all your wish,” That Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder once again revealed killing intent in his eyes. As he spoke, he raised his hand.


In an instant, surging winds covered the region as the sky darkened. His rank three Martial Ancestor-level oppressive might swept forth. It was as if doomsday were descending.

At that moment, Xu Yiyi and the others closed their eyes. They were prepared to accept death.

The reason for that was because it was simply impossible for them to survive before that oppressive might.

“I’m afraid that you will not be able to kill them today.”

Right at the moment when everyone felt that Xu Yiyi and the others would undoubtedly be killed, a voice sounded.

That voice came explosively like a thunderstrike, shocking the hearts of everyone.

Most shockingly, after that voice was heard, the crowd was surprised to discover the raised arm of that Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder had actually frozen in midair. At the same time, his boundless oppressive might vanished completely.

To be exact, his oppressive might was forced back by an oppressive might even more powerful than his own.

Rank four Martial Ancestor. It was a rank four Martial Ancestor’s oppressive might that saved Xu Yiyi and the others.

‘Could it be that reinforcements from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall have arrived?’

That was what the crowd thought at this instant.

“It’s him?”

However, upon looking toward the direction of the voice, the crowd were tongue-tied and stunned. Disbelief filled their eyes.

A figure was slowly walking toward them from not far away. However, that person was not an elder or senior from the Sunset Cloud Valley or the Three Stars Hall.

Instead, he was a young man, someone much younger than majority of the younger generation present.

As for this man, he was none other than Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng? Isn’t that Chu Feng?”

“Heavens! How did he become this powerful? He’s actually a rank four Martial Ancestor!”

“No wonder, no wonder he was able to kill Ying Liangchen and Di Jiuzhou; Chu Feng was actually as powerful as he was rumored to be!”

“To possess a cultivation of rank four Martial Ancestor at such a young age, he is definitely an exceptional genius, most definitely! An exceptional genius has really appeared in our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm!”

At that moment, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar. All they were saying were praises for Chu Feng.

It was not that they were trying to flatter him. Rather, at that moment, they were truly stunned by how powerful Chu Feng was.

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