Chapter 2321 - Ill Intended Arrivals

Chapter 2321 - Ill Intended Arrivals

“Hehe, w-wife, w-with y-you saying that, I-I also w-wish to see,” Seeing the strange smile and the special gaze on Zhao Hong’s face, Wang Qiang’s lips also lifted into a mischievous smile.

The way Wang Qiang saw it, regardless of how powerful that Young Master Li Ming and that Hun Lian might be, the two of them were most definitely only Martial Ancestors, and not True Immortals.

However, the three of them currently had peak Martial Ancestor level battle power. Furthermore, Chu Feng had grasped that slaughtering technique.

Not only was Chu Feng able to control the slaughtering formation to kill countless enemies, his cultivation would also increase all the way to peak Martial Ancestor if he wished for it as long as he was within the range of the slaughtering formation.

Thus, what Wang Qiang had in mind was that since that Young Master Li Ming and Hun Lian were so ignorant as to choose this place as the place for their match, the three of them should use this opportunity to bestow some suffering upon those two so-called super geniuses.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, several tens of figures suddenly flew over and descended outside of the concealment formation. They were very close to where Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were.

“It’s them?”

Upon seeing those people, Chu Feng’s expression changed. The people who had arrived were disciples from many different powers. Among them, a portion were disciples from the Sunset Cloud Valley, and another portion were disciples from the Three Stars Hall. As for the other powers, Chu Feng was not familiar with them. However, they should all be disciples of tier two powers.

Among the group, Chu Feng saw Kou Kang.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Immediately after that, another group of people flew over and descended not far away.

There were once again disciples from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall among this group of people. From this group, Chu Feng saw familiar faces again.

The Sunset Cloud Valley’s Xu Yiyi and the Three Stars Hall’s Song Biyu were among them.

“Brother Kou Kang, look over there. Isn’t that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s junior sister Xu Yiyi?”

“What’s wrong? Are the two of you having a falling out? Why is she not with you, and instead standing so far away?” A disciple from another power said to Kou Kang jokingly.

“I’ve heard that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s junior sister Xu Yiyi possesses quite a relationship with that Chu Feng. Apparently, she had accompanied Chu Feng when he first revealed his talent on Mount Cloud Crane.”

“I fear that junior sister Xu Yiyi no longer has brother Kou Kang in her heart. Instead, her heart is now filled with that Chu Feng,” Another man said. Merely, his tone was filled with mockery. It could be seen that his relationship with Kou Kang was not good at all. Else, he would not seize this opportunity to make cutting remarks at Kou Kang.

“Mentioning that Chu Feng, I’ve heard that Chu Feng has also arrived at this Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet this newly emerged genius,” Someone said.

“That’s right. That Chu Feng has indeed come.”

“Furthermore, I’ve heard that Chu Feng seems to have killed the number one disciple from the Highlord’s Mansion, Di Jiuzhou, outside the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds,” Another disciple added.

“Chu Feng killed Di Jiuzhou? For real?” Hearing those words, many of the people present revealed astonished expressions. After all, Di Jiuzhou was no ordinary character. Rather, he was the number one genius among the tier two powers’ disciples. No one was capable of moving his status.

Many of the people present here had been defeated by Di Jiuzhou, suffered in his hands many times. Thus, to them, Di Jiuzhou was an existence that possessed special significance.

“Impossible. I know very well how strong Di Jiuzhou is, and also how strong Chu Feng is. It is absolutely impossible for Chu Feng to be able to match Di Jiuzhou,” Kou Kang said.

“Brother Kou Kang, how could you speak with this much certainty? You couldn’t possibly have fought against that Chu Feng before, right?” Someone asked curiously.

“Truth be told, I have fought against that Chu Feng before,” Kou Kang said proudly.

“Then, what is the result?” The crowd asked together.

“A tie,” Kou Kang said.

“Brother Kou Kang, you actually managed to tie with that Chu Feng?”

Hearing those words, the shocked expressions of the crowd grew even more intense. They also began to have a whole new level of respect toward Kou Kang. This was especially true for the female disciples, who began to reveal admiring gazes as they looked to Kou Kang.

“The rumors of that Chu Feng’s various accomplishments are simply exaggerated. He is simply not that amazing.”

“Back then, in the Sunset Cloud Valley, I sparred with that Chu Feng before my master, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and senior Su Jingrui.”

“In the end, we ended in a tie.”

“Thus, it is impossible for him to be able to defeat Di Jiuzhou,” Kou Kang said those words with absolute certainty. The reason for that was because he had fought against Di Jiuzhou before, and has been defeated by him.

“In that case, it should be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Di Jiuzhou.”

“That’s right.”

“It would seem that Chu Feng is simply not as powerful as rumors had him be. Sure enough, the rumors cannot be trusted.”

After hearing what Kou Kang said, many people began to feel that Chu Feng’s killing of Di Jiuzhou was a false rumor.

Right at this moment, a sharp voice sounded. “Kou Kang, how shameless must you be?”

It was Xu Yiyi. She had heard the conversation Kou Kang and the others had. Originally, she had not bothered with Kou Kang. However, after hearing Kou Kang mention Chu Feng, she was unable to contain herself.

Xu Yiyi and Song Biyu walked over together. Before all the people present, Xu Yiyi said to Kou Kang, “Kou Kang, while it is true that the match ended in a tie that day, both the heaven and earth, both you and I, know why that is the case.”

“Junior sister Xu, since the result was a tie, could it be that there is some hidden secret?” That disciple who possessed a bad relationship with Kou Kang said while harboring malicious intentions.

“A tie is a tie, what else could it possibly amount to? Xu Yiyi, even if you like Chu Feng, you shouldn’t speak for him in such a manner.”

“You were also present that day. The match between him and I ended in a tie. That is the undeniable truth!” Kou Kang yelled in dissatisfaction.

As matters stood, he no longer possessed any consideration for Xu Yiyi. As such, his tone was no longer polite.

“While that is the truth, it is also the truth that Chu Feng was going easy on you,” Xu Yiyi said loudly.

“So he was going easy on him?”

“Sure enough, didn’t I say how could Kou Kang possibly be able to tie with Chu Feng?” After hearing what Xu Yiyi said, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Many mocking laughs began to be heard nonstop. Many people began to roll their eyes at Kou Kang. They felt what he said earlier to only be boasting.

“He was going easy on me? Pah! It’s more like I was going easy on him!”

Kou Kang felt humiliated. Thus, he pointed at Xu Yiyi and shouted, “Xu Yiyi, go and call that Chu Feng here. I will personally fight him again before everyone here. I’ll let everyone know whether or not that Chu Feng is really as powerful as he is rumored to be!”

“You… you clearly know that I am unable to reach Chu Feng. That is why you dare to declare such a thing,” Xu Yiyi said.

“You being unable to reach him is your issue,” Kou Kang folded his hands over his chest and said in a disapproving manner.

“You!!!” Xu Yiyi was so furious that she started to shiver in anger.

“Chu Feng, go out and teach that guy a lesson,” Inside the spirit formation, Zhao Hong was unable to watch it anymore.

“That’s what I plan to do,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to walk toward the outside. He would not allow Kou Kang to bully Xu Yiyi like this.

“Mn?” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng stopped and turned his gaze to a nearby place.

A group of people were approaching from that direction.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

They were people from the Ying Heavenly Clan. Not only were the younger generation present, there were also elders among them. They appeared aggressively, and instantly approached the crowd. When they descended onto the ground, they had surrounded Xu Yiyi and the others.

At this moment, not to mention the others, even Xu Yiyi started to panic.

It would be one thing if it was only the Ying Heavenly Clan’s younger generation as they, after all, possessed strength about the same as their own. However, these elders from the Ying Heavenly Clan possessed powerful martial cultivations.

The strongest among these elders was a rank three Martial Ancestor. With that cultivation, he was completely capable of killing all of them instantly with a mere thought.

If it was before, they might not be afraid. However, right now, the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall had already become hostile against the Ying Heavenly Clan due to Chu Feng.

For them to encounter one another at this sort of time, it could be said to be extremely bad for Xu Yiyi and the others.

“The Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley had jointly declared to the world that you all would fight against our Ying Heavenly Clan for Chu Feng.”

“However, looking at things now, you all don’t seem to be united,” That Ying Heavenly Clan’s elder with the cultivation of rank three Martial Ancestor said.

His strange manner of speaking made it clear that he had come with ill intentions.

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