Chapter 2312 - The Reveal Of The Answer

Chapter 2312 - The Reveal Of The Answer

“That stutterer is actually that powerful?”

Panic. It was not only the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion that started to panic; many of the bystanders also began to panic. This was especially true for the ones who had been speaking ill of Chu Feng in the tavern earlier. They hurriedly escaped from the tavern and hid themselves among the crowd, watching the battle from a distance.

They were afraid, afraid that Wang Qiang would return to take care of them should he defeat Di Jiuzhou.

Finally, after a long time, the rumbling started to quiet down, and the energy ripples began to wane. The dusky sky also gradually returned to its original appearance.

Although the battle had stopped, the crowd grew even more nervous. The reason for that was because they did not know exactly who had won and who had lost in this intense battle.


Finally, a figure flew back to the tavern.

Upon seeing this person, the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion immediately started cheering. They were all beaming with happiness and filled with emotions.

The reason they reacted in such a manner was because the person who had returned was none other than their Highlord’s Mansion’s number one disciple, Di Jiuzhou.

At this moment, Di Jiuzhou’s body was emitting blue gaseous flames. Even his eyes had turned bright blue like sapphires.

As for his cultivation, it was no longer that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, but had instead increased to rank eight Half Martial Ancestor.

It was Divine Power; Di Jiuzhou was a Divine body. Furthermore, his battle power was very strong. As such, he was able to increase his cultivation by a level with his Divine Power.

However, this also indirectly displayed how powerful Wang Qiang was. If Wang Qiang wasn’t powerful, he would not have forced Di Jiuzhou to unleash his Divine Power to increase his cultivation.

However, even with that being the case, the disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion were still extremely glad. The reason for that was because Di Jiuzhou had not returned alone; he held a person in his hand.

That person was Wang Qiang.

At this moment, Wang Qiang was covered in blood. His aura was extremely weak. Like a dying pig, he was thrown to the ground by Di Jiuzhou.

“Your conical bamboo hat is a treasure. However, that is the only treasure you have on you.”

Di Jiuzhou put Wang Qiang’s conical bamboo hat into his Cosmos Sack. Although he said that was the only treasure that Wang Qiang had, he still put Wang Qiang’s Cosmos Sack into his own Cosmos Sack.

“Speak! What sort of relationship do you have with that Chu Feng? Why are you speaking up for him?” Di Jiuzhou said to Wang Qiang.

“Y-you don’t say! C-Chu Feng is m-my brother!” Wang Qiang said unyieldingly.

“That makes things simple then. Tell me where Chu Feng is,” Di Jiuzhou grabbed Wang Qiang and lifted him up.

“I don’t know,” Wang Qiang said unyieldingly.

“You don’t know?” As Di Jiuzhou spoke, he gave Wang Qiang a ruthless slap to the face.

That slap was so powerful that it not only knocked Wang Qiang to the ground, but also caused him to spray out a mouthful of blood. Furthermore, half of his face has been distorted by the slap.

“Don’t beat up my big brother!” Right at this moment, Xiaoshi rushed out. His arms were spread wide open as he stood before Wang Qiang.

“Yoh, so you have more accomplices,” Upon seeing Xiaoshi, Di Jiuzhou smiled coldly. He did not have any intentions of acting leniently.

“W-why did you c-come here? T-this is unrelated to you! Q-quickly, get aw-away,” Wang Qiang pushed Xiaoshi aside.

However, at this time, Di Jiuzhou extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. Immediately, a burst of attractive force spread out, and Xiaoshi was sucked into his grasp.

“You wish to clear your relationship with him? Did you take me for a fool?” Di Jiuzhou sneered as he looked to Wang Qiang.

“A-aim w-what you want t-toward me. Do not h-harm the innocent,” Wang Qiang said.

“Yoh, I truly couldn’t tell that you were actually a man of steel. Very well. I’ll agree to your request. As long as you kneel down before me and kowtow to admit your mistake, I will release him,” Di Jiuzhou said.

“Tsk, a-and here I was wondering what y-you would a-ask of me. S-so it’s only t-that. P-piece of cake,” Wang Qiang smiled and stood up with great difficulty. Then, before the crowd, with a ‘putt,’ he kneeled before Di Jiuzhou.

After that, Wang Qiang kowtowed his head to the ground resoundingly ten times in succession. Then, he said, “Great hero, I-I-I h-have eyes, but f-failed to see Mount Tai. I w-was wrong. P-Please, spare t-that little guy.”

Everything happened too quickly. Even though Wang Qiang had a calm expression, the crowd present were at a complete loss for words, and began to feel uncomfortable all around.

From Wang Qiang’s behavior earlier, he had truly resembled a tough and unyielding man of steel. Thus, how could he kneel just like this?

Could it be that he was truly that kindhearted, truly kneeled for the sake of saving that little child?

However, that shouldn’t be the case. While others might not know about it, the people in the tavern all knew that the little boy was unrelated to Wang Qiang, that they had met one another in the tavern.

Could it be that the unyielding character this guy had displayed earlier was a complete pretense? Could it be that he was actually a weak-minded individual, and that this was who he actually was?

“So you’re nothing more than a coward,” Di Jiuzhou laughed mockingly. However, he kept his promise and released Xiaoshi.

However, Di Jiuzhou did not plan to spare Wang Qiang. He walked over to Wang Qiang and grabbed his head. He said, “Since you are a coward, I’ll give you another chance. Loudly declare that Chu Feng is trash and I’ll spare you.”

“Hahaha…” Hearing those words, Wang Qiang opened his mouth and burst into loud laughter. However, who would’ve thought that Wang Qiang’s expression would suddenly change? Then, a ‘pah’ was heard as a mouthful of spit sprayed out from Wang Qiang’s mouth.

The distance between the two men was truly too close. As such, that Di Jiuzhou simply did not have the time to dodge. Thus, that spit landed directly on Di Jiuzhou’s face.

“Chu Feng is y-your granddaddy!!!”

“N-not even a hundred of you c-could compare to my one brother!”

After Wang Qiang sprayed out his spit, he stood up angrily, held his fist and smashed it toward Di Jiuzhou.

“You are truly courting death!” Di Jiuzhou had managed to react. He felt the spit on his face and became furious. His killing intent began to soar.

His body shifted as he dodged Wang Qiang’s fist. Then, he shot forth a punch, knocking Wang Qiang flying.

“F-fucking hell! T-today, your g-granddaddy will d-definitely eliminate you!”

Wang Qiang stood up with great difficulty. However, he had already lost the strength to continue fighting. However, even with that being the case, he did not plan to give up, and wanted to continue to fight against Di Jiuzhou.

“Since you want to die, I shall help you accomplish your aim,” Di Jiuzhou also moved toward Wang Qiang while fuming with rage. He raised his hand and slapped the extremely weak Wang Qiang, knocking him to the ground. Then, he began to ruthlessly kick Wang Qiang.

However, this time around, even though Wang Qiang was beaten completely bloody and mutilated beyond recognition, he only clenched his teeth and did not beg for forgiveness in the slightest.


Chu Feng had no idea what Wang Qiang was going through right now. At this moment, he had already arrived at the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds.

On their way there, Her Lady Queen asked, “Chu Feng, do you really think what that boy said to be true?”

“I have observed that boy carefully. I did not find anything special regarding him. As such, I am unable to be certain whether or not he is lying.”

“However, I still feel what he said to be the truth. If a reason must be given, then I guess you could call it intuition,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay then. It won’t hurt to try,” Her Lady Queen said.

Although the location that Chu Feng was proceeding toward was located in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds, it was at the edge of the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. Thus, he reached his destination not long after entering.

Furthermore, Chu Feng soon discovered that tree.

While it was true that that tree could not be considered to be a special sort of variety of tree in this region, and would not attract attention from others, that tree was actually the only tree like the one drawn by the little boy in this place.

This caused Chu Feng to feel a great sense of confidence in the boy’s words.

“It seems that boy really didn’t deceive you,” Seeing that tree, Her Lady Queen became much more confident.

“We will soon know whether what he said is true or false,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

He was waiting, waiting for the appointed time with the demonic woman.

At that time, the answer would be revealed.

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