Chapter 2311 - Wang Qiang Displaying His Might

Chapter 2311 - Wang Qiang Displaying His Might

After Chu Feng left, the disciple from the Highlord’s Mansion that beated Chu Feng earlier mocked, “Truly trash. If it weren’t for master’s order, I would definitely have beaten him till he was unable to care for himself. How could I possibly allow him to escape like that?”

“Just let it go. There’s no need to bother with trash like him. Beating him would only dirty our hands,” The man by the name of Di Jiuzhou said with contempt.

“What senior brother Di says is very true,” Once Di Jiuzhou said those words, the disciples with him all nodded their heads in succession and smiled like a bunch of lackeys. Fortunately, they did not have tails; if they did, their tails would definitely be wagging like dogs.

Their ability in ass-kissing had most definitely reached the level of mastery. They were capable of kissing all sorts of ass at any given time.

Even though the personality of these disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion could be determined from their words and actions, the people in the tavern did not feel disgust toward them because of that. Instead, they felt those disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion to be extremely powerful. Some of the crowd even felt greater admiration for them.

Involuntarily, there were also people that started to feel contempt towards Chu Feng due to his meekness.

Not only that, many among them even started to quietly discuss among themselves, and openly speak words to humiliate Chu Feng.

After all, they had all been very scared of Chu Feng when he had revealed his cultivation of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. They all thought that Chu Feng was very strong, and marked Chu Feng to be an expert in their hearts.

Chu Feng’s actions earlier had brought dissatisfaction to them. Involuntarily, they determined that Chu Feng was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Actually, this behavior from the crowd was reasonable. After all, the world of martial cultivators was a world where might was right. Only powerful experts were able to gain the crowd’s respect.

As for their moral character, they were things that not many people cared about.

“Those people are truly excessive. Big brother had already made way for them. Yet they still denounced big brother like that,” Compared to the others in the tavern, Xiaoshi cried out against injustice for Chu Feng.

“L-l-little guy, d-do you b-believe t-that n-none of them are a m-match for my brother?”

“If it wasn’t f-for the fact that my brother had a t-task at hand, a-and did not w-want to b-bicker with them, t-these people w-would all be lying and r-rolling on the ground now,” Wang Qiang said to Xiaoshi.

“I do, I do,” Xiaoshi nodded innocently. He revealed a firmly believing smile.

At this moment, the crowd from the Highlord’s Mansion had already taken their seats. Eager to reveal their greatness, they also did not enter a private room, and instead sat in the lounge.

“Senior brother Di, recently, that Chu Feng is truly getting famous.”

“He first defeated the Four World Spiritist Emperors on Mount Cloud Crane, and became an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Then, not long after that, he killed Ying Liangchen and became a wanted criminal with a great bounty that the Ying Heavenly Clan was determined to kill.”

“And now, the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall, those two relatively strong tier two powers, have actually joined hands to support that Chu Feng, and have even waged war against the Ying Heavenly Clan for him.”

“There have been rumors that Chu Feng will become the strongest genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm apart from Young Master Li Ming,” A disciple from the Highlord’s Mansion said.

“He is but trash. If he were to encounter our senior brother Di, he would definitely be beaten so badly by senior brother Di that he’d piss his pants in terror,” A female disciple said with contempt.

After that female disciple said those words, Di Jiuzhou laughed complacently. He said, “That’s to be expected.”

“Right, right, right. Regardless of how powerful that Chu Feng might be, if he is to encounter our senior brother Di, he will be nothing more than trash,” In response, the other disciples also began to kiss Di Jiuzhou’s ass.

Right at this moment, Wang Qiang walked over. With a beaming smile on his face, he turned to ask the woman who had insulted Chu Feng, “B-beauty, p-please e-excuse my interruption.”

“I have a q-question t-that I wish to ask you. I h-hope that it will not inconvenience you t-to answer.”

“What sort of question?” Although that woman was displeased by Wang Qiang’s arrival, she did not decline his request.

“D-do you k-know Chu Feng?” Wang Qiang asked.

“How could I know a guy like that?” The woman shook her head. She reacted as if Chu Feng was scum, that knowing him would decrease her own social status.

“T-then, h-have you met Chu Feng?” Wang Qiang continued to ask. He was smiling the entire time.

“No,” The woman shook her head once again.

“Then, w-what about you all?” Wang QIang looked to the other disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion.

“No,” Those Highlord’s Mansion disciples all shook their heads.

“M-Motherfucker! S-since you all d-do not know C-Chu Feng, and h-have not met him, who t-the hell t-told you all that Chu Feng w-was trash?!”

Suddenly, Wang Qiang shouted loudly. At the same time, he flipped over the table.

Everything came too suddenly. This caused those people to be unable to dodge, and the food and drink splattered all over their bodies and clothes. This was the worst for that woman. Her relatively beautiful face was covered with vegetable soup. Pieces of vegetable leaf were also hanging on her head. Her appearance was truly sorry.

“Are you courting death?!” The woman shouted angrily. As she spoke, she took out her Incomplete Ancestral Armament with the intention of attacking Wang Qiang.


However, Wang Qiang waved his sleeve, and a resounding slap landed on her face. The power of his slap was so strong that the woman was knocked flying away.

Before the others could react, Wang Qiang once again moved his hand. “Paa, paa, paa, paa,” resounding slaps sounded in succession. Other than Di Jiuzhou, the rest of the Highlord’s Mansion’s disciples present all received a resounding slap from Wang Qiang, and were knocked to the ground.

Finally, those people managed to react. However, at this moment, Wang Qiang had turned into a ray of light and flown out of the tavern.

“A-all of y-you, remember this c-carefully. T-this slap was g-given to you by y-your Grandda-daddy Qiang!”

Although Wang Qiang had left, his voice resounded like thunder. The tone of his voice was filled with mockery.

After his voice was heard, those disciples of the Highlord’s Mansion were so furious that their faces turned green. However, not a single person dared to chase after Wang Qiang. Instead, they all turned their gazes to Di Jiuzhou.

The reason for that was because they realized that they were no match for Wang Qiang. At this moment, if they wanted revenge, their only hope would be their senior brother Di.

“Rest assured, he will definitely not be able to escape,” Di Jiuzhou smiled coldly. Then, he soared into the sky. A burst of strong wind arrived, and Di Jiuzhou disappeared.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The very next moment, explosions began to be heard from the direction where Wang Qiang had fled. Surging energy ripples were formed following the explosions. The sky had also changed in color.

Even though the location where the battle was happening was a certain distance away from here, the earth here was also trembling violently.

“That ignorant fool. He actually dared to attack us. Now he knows what sort of opponent he has provoked.”

“Humph, with senior brother Di here, he will definitely be beaten till he pisses his pants in terror.”

“A mere rank six Half Martial Ancestor dared to act all mighty before us? Before senior brother Di, he is nothing more than trash. His only fate is to be beaten up.”

Those Highlord’s Mansion disciples that were beaten by Wang Qiang were all filled with confidence toward their senior brother Di. One by one, they started to mock Wang Qiang.

Merely, to their surprise, this battle did not end in the time frame they had expected it to end. Instead, the battle grew longer and longer. Furthermore, the intensity of the havoc wreaking the battlefield grew stronger and stronger.

“That stutterer couldn’t possibly be really capable of fighting against senior brother Di, right?”

At this moment, the confidence on the faces of the Highlord’s Mansion disciples was all gone, and was replaced with deep panic.

They were afraid, truly afraid. They were scared that Di Jiuzhou would be defeated by Wang Qiang.

If even Di Jiuzhou was defeated, none of them would be able to defeat Wang Qiang.

If that were to happen, their Highlord’s Mansion would suffer an enormous humiliation today.

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