Chapter 2310 - Highlord’s Mansion

Chapter 2310 - Highlord’s Mansion

“What sort of method?” Chu Feng asked.

“Those two spirit formations are both hidden below a large tree. That tree looks like this,” As the little boy spoke, he took out another picture scroll.

That picture scroll once again appeared to have been drawn by that little boy. However, compared to the map, the picture scroll was much more detailed. At the very least, one could tell what the drawing was; a tree. It was a tree that did not appear to be special at first glance, and still did not appear to be special even upon closer inspection.

“If it’s a t-tree l-like this, t-they’re everywhere,” Wang Qiang said with curled lips.

“It is true that trees like these are everywhere. However, at the two locations with hidden cloaks, there is only one such tree,” The boy said.

“Then, how are we to break through the formations below the trees?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s quite simple. You merely need to engrave a symbol on the tree with spirit power,” As the boy spoke, he took out a scroll. After opening the scroll, the expressions of Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong all changed.

The reason for that was because, when compared to the map or the picture scroll, the contents of the scroll were much more trustworthy.

As the three of them were Immortal-cloak World Spiritists, they were able to tell with a single glance that the symbol on the scroll was a sort of spirit formation symbol.

Although it was a small-scale spirit formation, and a very simple one on top of that, it was still an actual spirit formation.

“W-we’ll be a-able to open t-the spirit formations t-that not even Martial A-ancestors could break t-through just by e-engraving such a s-spirit formation s-symbol?” Wang Qiang smiled disdainfully.

Although Wang Qiang was also very astonished by the fact that the boy had taken out such a spirit formation symbol, it remained that that spirit formation symbol was something that any Royal-cloak World Spiritist could easily draw. It was not a profound spirit formation. As such, Wang Qiang did not think that a spirit formation symbol like that would be able to open a spirit formation that not even Martial Ancestors could break through.

“No, if only that spirit formation symbol is engraved, it will indeed not be of any use. Thus, what I am going to tell you all will be the crucial aspect to breaking the spirit formation.”

“These two symbols, must be engraved at the same time. Furthermore, they must be completed at the same time,” The little boy said in a very serious manner.

“You’re saying that the two spirit formation symbols must be started and completed at the same time?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. They must be done simultaneously. Else, they will be ineffective,” The little boy said.

“In that case, it would mean that there will need to be two people working simultaneously,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, y-you c-c-couldn’t possibly really believe t-this little fellow’s words, right?” Wang Qiang looked to Chu Feng in astonishment.

“Zhao Hong, what do you think of this?” Chu Feng looked to Zhao Hong.

“There’s no harm in trying it out. How about this, you go to this place since it’s closer,” Zhao Hong pointed to the location on the map that was closer to the tavern.

“Then, how long would it take for you to reach that place?” Chu Feng pointed to the other location on the map and asked Zhao Hong.

The place Chu Feng was planning to proceed to was very close to the tavern. He would be able to reach it very quickly.

However, the other location on the map was very far away from here. Even for Zhao Hong, it would take a while for her to reach it.

“Four hours. I will definitely be able to reach there in four hours. Thus, it would be fine for us to set up the spirit formation simultaneously four hours later,” Zhao Hong said.

“We must finish setting up the formations at the same time. When you arrive, let’s use this speed to draw the spirit formation symbol,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to draw the spirit formation symbol. Soon, he finished drawing it.

“That’s no issue,” Zhao Hong remembered the time Chu Feng took.

“Then, when are we leaving?” Chu Feng asked.

“This matter should not be delayed; let’s set off right away. After that, regardless of the result, we shall return here to meet up with one another.”

“Husband, you should stay here to look after this little fellow. If he is a scammer, I will not spare him,” After Zhao Hong finished saying those words, she flew out of the tavern.

“Then I’ll take my leave too,” After Zhao Hong left, Chu Feng also stood up and prepared to leave.

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to leave, Wang Qiang grabbed Chu Feng’s shoulder. He said, “Br-brother, y-you’re really going?”

“What’s wrong?” CHu Feng was confused.

“That d-demonic woman has l-left. We s-should be escaping now. T-this is a g-great opportunity,” Wang Qiang said.

“This moment wouldn’t make a difference. Since we have already come, I also wish to experience Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnant. Perhaps we might really be able to gain from it,” Chu Feng said.

“E-even if that is the case, d-do you r-really believe in w-what this little f-fellow has said?”

“W-why d-don’t you a-ask him w-where he obtained t-these things?” Wang Qiang said.

“I am truly not deceiving anyone,” The little boy said resolutely.

“I believe that you have not deceived me,” Chu Feng smiled amiably at the boy. Then, he asked, “Then, can you tell me what your name is?”

“I am called Xiaoshi,” The little boy said. [1. Xiaoshi means Little Master/Teacher.]

“Xiaoshi?” Chu Feng had a pensive expression. He seemed to be thinking about something. However, what he had in his mind soon swept past his mind. With a smile on his face, he rubbed Xiaoshi’s little head and said, “Xiaoshi, accompany your big brother Wang Qiang and stay here properly. I will soon return.”

“Mn,” Xiaoshi nodded his head hard. He appeared to be very clever and adorable.

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to walk toward the tavern’s exit. However, right after he reached the gate of the tavern, he was blocked by a group of people.

It was a group of people that were coming into the tavern to rest. There were about a dozen or so people. They all appeared to be members of the younger generation. However, their cultivations were all pretty strong. This was especially true for the one leading the group, a handsome man with delicate features. His cultivation was actually that of a rank seven Half Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, judging from their outfits, they should be from the same power.

For there to be so many powerful people of the younger generation, they most likely possessed quite a grand origin. Thus, Chu Feng subconsciously took a glance at the title plates on their waists.

From the title plates, Chu Feng obtained his answer: the Highlord’s Mansion.

“Highlord’s Mansion?”

“Look! They’re disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion!”

“Heavens! Isn’t that person leading the group t-the number one disciple of the Highlord’s Mansion?”

Right at this moment, the tavern that was originally tranquil immediately burst into an uproar. Many of the females present let out screams of excitement.

Hearing the conversation from the crowd, Chu Feng came to know the origin of these people.

Highlord’s Mansion. It was the third strongest power among the second tier powers. Its strength surpassed that of the Sunset Cloud Valley and Three Stars Hall.

As for that man with the cultivation of rank seven Half Martial Ancestor, his name was Di Jiuzhou.

Reportedly, Di Jiuzhou was the strongest member of the younger generation among the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s younger generation from the tier two powers.

Evidently, the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion all heard the discussion from the crowd in the tavern, and saw their gazes of reverence as they all revealed extremely proud expressions.

Suddenly, a man from the Highlord’s Mansion pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, “What are you looking at?! Can’t you see that you’re blocking the road?! Why aren’t you scramming still?!”

His attitude was very arrogant and aggressive. It was as if he was berating a beggar. He had completely disregarded Chu Feng.

Based on Chu Feng’s attitude, he would definitely not give in to someone that dared to speak to him in such a manner. He would definitely teach them a lesson.

However, that was then and this was now. As Chu Feng had something he had to do, he did not wish to provoke these people and bring attention to himself. Furthermore, they were disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion.

Furthermore, after knowing that the name of the man that lead the group was Di Jiuzhou, Chu Feng felt some sort of fate. After all, the Nine Continents Province was the place that Chu Feng had the most profound memories of. [Di Jiuzhou’s name Jiuzhou sounds exactly the same as the Nine Provinces(Jiuzhou).]

Thus, Chu Feng did not bother to do anything else. Instead, he smiled and moved aside, creating a path for the incoming group.


Although Chu Feng had moved aside, the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion still did not express the slightest bit of goodwill toward Chu Feng.

In fact, they started to look down on Chu Feng even more. Their gazes seemed to be mocking at Chu Feng. It was as if they had won this virtual battle, and were going to use their gazes to shame their opponent.

As for Chu Feng, he did not care about those sorts of mocking gazes at all. He acted as if he did not see them.

After those people walked into the tavern, Chu Feng walked out of the tavern. He soared into the air, and began to fly toward the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds.

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