Chapter 2309 - Heaven-startling Secret

Chapter 2309 - Heaven-startling Secret

“Thank you all. You are all good people,” The little boy was wild with joy; he began to unrestrainedly gorge himself with food.

Although his stature was small, his appetite was akin to that of an extremely hungry ghost. The entire table's worth of food was completely devoured spotlessly by that little boy in no time at all.

As Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong looked to the boy’s deeply bulging stomach, as well as his satisfied appearance, they all revealed satisfied smiles. None of them blamed that boy for eating too much. Instead, they all found the boy to be adorable.

After the boy was done eating, he wiped his mouth and said to Chu Feng, “Big brothers, big sister, you all are truly good people. I cannot eat your food for free. I will tell you all about the situation in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds.”

“All those powers have entered that place. Are they truly unable to obtain anything?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“So far, none of them have managed to obtain anything. Instead, they’ve suffered many casualties,” The little boy said.

“Then, do you know how strong the strongest experts that have entered the remnants are?” Chu Feng asked.

“Currently, the strongest would be peak Martial Ancestors,” The little boy replied very straightforwardly. He did not hesitate in the slightest.

“Apart from this, what else do you know? Go ahead and tell us,” Chu Feng said.

“I also know of a piece of news that only a few people know about. That is, the two great geniuses in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm have entered the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. If the two of them are to encounter each other, a fierce battle will definitely occur,” The little boy said.

“Two great geniuses? W-w-who a-are the two g-great geniuses?” Wang Qiang asked curiously.

“Young Master Li Ming. He is the youngest Immortal-cloak World Spiritist in the history of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“He possesses enormous talent, and is deemed to be the number one genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. Countless experts wanted to take him as their disciple. However, they were all refused by him.”

“Reportedly, even the greatly renowned Golden Crane True Immortal wanted to take him as his disciple, and was also refused,” The little boy said.

“Oh, h-h-he’s a-actually t-that amazing?” Wang Qiang said in a skeptical manner.

“I have heard of that Young Master Li Ming before. He seems to possess actual ability,” Chu Feng said to Wang Qiang.

“I-Is that so?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Qiang started to believe what the boy said.

“Then, who is the second genius?” Chu Feng asked the boy.

Chu Feng had only heard of Young Master Li Ming, and had never heard of another genius in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that was comparable to Young Master Li Ming.

“Hun Lian.”

“There don’t seem to be a lot of people that know of Hun Lian. Compared to Young Master Li Ming, this Hun Lian is even more mysterious. However, his overall strength is not inferior to Young Master Li Ming’s, he is a demon-level existence.”

“Reportedly, standing behind Hun Lian to support him is an extremely formidable power.”

“Although I also do not know the name of that power, it seems that power is a very powerful existence that is not categorized as a tier one power,” The little bow lowered his voice as he said those words. It was as if he was afraid that others would hear it.

“Little fellow, I have, after all, let you eat all these delicacies, so don’t you toy around with me,” Zhao Hong said.

“Big sister, I am not toying with you. I am telling the truth,” The little boy said earnestly.

“Forget about it. It’s better that you continue eating,” Zhao Hong was evidently distrustful.

This was not her fault. After all, in the eyes of the people of the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, the four tier one powers were already the strongest.

They believed that a power that could contend against the four tier one powers simply did not exist .

However, Chu Feng, on the other hand, had a whole new level of respect for that little boy.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that there was a power in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm that was capable of contending against the four tier one powers, and might even be stronger than the four tier one powers.

That power was the power that had been around for many years, but very few people knew of, the Infant Soul Sect.

That Hun Lian’s name was relatively strange. This caused Chu Feng to feel that he might be related to the Infant Soul Sect.

[1. Hun in Hun Lian’s name means Soul. Lian means temper/refine. So his name basically means refining soul.]

“Little guy, do you know anything else?” Chu Feng continued to ask.

“While I know a lot of things, not many of them are valuable.”

“Big brother, I can tell that you all are good people. Thus, I’ll tell you all about the heaven-startling secret that I know,” The little boy said with a low voice.

“Yoh, y-you really k-know a heaven-startling secret?” T-t-then, tell us e-exactly what it is,” Wang Qiang said jokingly. Evidently, he did not trust the little boy, and was purely toying with him.

“Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnant is filled with traps and mechanisms. It is practically impossible to obtain treasures from his remnants.”

“However, there are four cloaks that will allow one to evade all of the traps and mechanisms upon wearing them. In fact, upon entering the remnants with those cloaks, one would be undiscoverable by anyone.”

“As for my secret, I know the locations of those four cloaks,” The little boy said proudly.

“Oh? T-then, tell us, w-where are t-those magical c-cloaks?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Wait,” Before the little boy could speak, Chu Feng suddenly stopped him. Then, with a thought, Chu Feng covered their surroundings with a layer of spirit power.

It was a special concealing formation. Being covered by that concealing formation, Chu Feng and the others would appear to still be chatting to the people outside. However, what they saw would only be an illusion.

As long as this concealing formation was present, the contents of Chu Feng and the others’ conversation would not be heard by the people outside.

“B-b-brother, a-aren’t you t-t-too naive?”

“Y-you couldn’t p-p-possibly think that t-this little guy would t-truly know an e-enormous secret, r-right?”

Wang Qiang looked to Chu Feng with an astonished expression. He had never trusted the boy’s words, and was only trying to toy with him. However, never would he expect that Chu Feng would actually be this serious.

However, Chu Feng only smiled dimly at Wang Qiang. Then, he looked back to the little boy and said, “Little fellow, go ahead. Tell us where those cloaks are hidden.”

At this moment, the boy took out a map from his bosom. After opening the map, he pointed at two marks on the map. He said, “Here and here.”

“Haha, l-l-little f-fellow, you t-truly c-consider us to be fools, right? Even if y-you want to deceive s-someone, you should be m-more earnest, no?”

“T-this m-map of y-yours is truly too f-fake. E-even my drawings w-when I was a year o-old looked better than that,” Wang Qiang burst into laughter. The reason for that was because the map the boy revealed was extremely crude. It appeared to be the drawings of a small child.

However, right at this moment, Zhao Hong’s eyes shone. “Those two places seem to truly exist.”

After all, compared to Chu Feng and Wang Qiang, she knew the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds very well.

“Of course they do. I have not deceived you all. The locations of the cloaks are guarded by spirit formations. If one does not know how to break the spirit formations, even Martial Ancestors will not be able to enter those locations, much less obtain the cloaks,” The little boy said.

“E-even Martial Ancestors are unable to enter? R-regardless of w-whether w-what you’ve said is true or not, e-even if it is, how a-are we supposed to e-enter t-those p-places w-when even Martial Ancestors cannot?” Wang Qiang looked to the little boy with a disdainful expression.

“However, I know of the method to undo the spirit formations,” The little boy said.

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