Chapter 2308 - The Kindhearted Demonic Woman

Chapter 2308 - The Kindhearted Demonic Woman

“You only knew about it now?” Seeing the change in Chu Feng’s behavior, Zhao Hong smiled lightly. She seemed to have already known about this news.

Chu Feng sighed. As things were already like this, there was nothing he could say about it.

Right at this moment, a little boy sneaked into the tavern while the tavern’s guards were not paying attention.

This little boy appeared to only be around eight years old. However, he possessed martial cultivation. Furthermore, his cultivation was not weak; he was actually a Heavenly Realm martial cultivator.

With his cultivation at his age, if he were to be placed in the Nine Provinces Continent, he would definitely be someone astonishing and capable of causing others to worship him for his talent.

Firstly, the Heavenly Realm was already at the peak level of cultivation in the Nine Provinces Continent.

That was because eight years old could not be considered to be an age where people started martial cultivation.

However, the appearance of a child with heaven-defying talent in the Nine Provinces Continent did not cause others to take notice of him.

After all, this place was the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

After the little boy rushed in, he began to look all around. He seemed to be searching for a specific target.

Finally, he found a target. It was a man and a woman with benevolent appearances. They seemed to be a couple.

The little boy ran over to the couple and grabbed that man’s sleeve. He shook it left and right and began to plead. However, his tone was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Great sir, great sir, give me something to eat. If you are to do so, I will tell you the most valuable information concerning the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds.”

“If great sir is able to provide me with more food and some money on top of that, I am able to tell you about a great secret. It will be of essential assistance to great sir’s entrance to Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants.”

The man was annoyed by the little boy. However, upon taking the presence of the woman into consideration, he did not get angry. Instead, he smiled a fake smile and picked up a chicken wing.

He said to the little boy, “Tell me something. I will determine whether or not it is real or fake. If what you say is true, I will give this to you.”

Upon seeing that chicken wing, the little boy hungrily gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He hurriedly said, “Currently, the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm’s four tier one powers, many tier two powers and even some tier three powers have all dispatched their peak experts into Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants.”

“However, as of right now, they have not managed to obtain anything.”

“If great sir came for Grandmaster Kai Hong’s treasures, then you will still have a high chance of obtaining treasures should you enter the remnants now.”

“You’re saying that the Immortal Sword School, Buddha’s Heavenly Temple, Zhou Heavenly Clan and Kong Heavenly Clan, the four tier one powers, have also yet to find anything?” The man was rather surprised.

“That’s right. So far, they have yet to obtain anything. However, all of them have suffered some casualties. Some of the tier two powers have already decided to withdraw from the remnants; they do not dare to continue too deep into them.”

“As for the tier three powers, practically all of them have given up,” The little boy said with an earnest expression.

“This brat is truly capable at spouting nonsense. Although I have not entered the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds, I can still well-imagine that it would be impossible for that many experts to not have obtained anything yet,” The woman sitting on the table with the man said.

Hearing what the woman said, the man directly stuffed the chicken wing he was holding into his own mouth. Then, he turned around and no longer bothered with the boy.

In response, the boy hurriedly tried to explain. “Great sir, I did not deceive you. What I said is all the truth.”

“Damned beggar, scram immediately,” However, after the woman had shown disdain toward the boy, the man’s attitude had a hundred and eighty degree change. He waved his sleeve and knocked the boy to the ground.

The little boy seemed to be afraid of creating a disturbance. Thus, he did not continue to tangle with the couple. Instead, he turned to look elsewhere.

However, no one was willing to believe him. In the end, no one was willing to bother with him.

“Damned brat! It’s you again! This time around, I’m definitely going to cripple you!”

“Men! Capture this brat! Break his legs! Turn him into a cripple. I shall see if he will dare to come stir up trouble again.”

Finally, a waiter in the tavern discovered the little boy. After the waiter shouted for assistance, one of the guards outside the tavern rushed in and grabbed the boy.

At this moment, the boy had a frightened expression. He began to beg for forgiveness. However, not a single person was willing to save him.

The majority of the people in the tavern had decided to look on without lifting a finger. In fact, some even had sneers on their faces. It was as if they were enjoying a very entertaining show that was occurring before them.

“Stop!” Finally, Chu Feng spoke. Following his shout, his aura of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor swept forth. Immediately, he caused the tavern to tremble.

Although there were many people gathered in this tavern, the majority of them were only disciples of certain sects and schools. As such, their strength was not very strong.

Among these people here, a rank five Half Martial Ancestor was extremely strong.

Once Chu Feng emitted his aura of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor, he immediately caused the expressions of the crowd to change. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng now were filled with reverence.

At this moment, the tavern that was originally bustling with activity was immediately completely silent. The people present were afraid of speaking and offending this grand character.

The guard that grabbed the little boy and the waiter that had cursed at the little boy earlier thought that the boy had some sort of relationship with Chu Feng. As such, they were so scared that they started to shiver in fear, and were unable to stand steadily.

“Release him,” Chu Feng said.

Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, how could the guard and that waiter possibly dare to hesitate? He immediately released the boy. Then, with a ‘putt,’ they kneeled onto the ground. They started to kowtow toward Chu Feng while begging for forgiveness.

“Milord, we did not know that you knew this young master. Please forgive us.”

“You can go,” Chu Feng waved his hand casually. He did not wish to bicker with snobs like them.

In response, the waiter and the guard hurriedly left. They no longer dared to appear before Chu Feng.

“Big brother, thank you for saving me,” The little boy ran to Chu Feng excitedly.

However, upon hearing what the boy said, Chu Feng’s gaze changed slightly.

Although Chu Feng had not deliberately disguised his appearance, he was wearing a special conical bamboo hat. That conical bamboo hat was something that Zhao Hong had given him. It was capable of blocking other people’s sight. In fact, not even Immortal-cloak World Spiritists could see through the conical bamboo hat.

Logically, no one should be able to see through Chu Feng’s appearance, and no one should be able to determine Chu Feng’s age.

However, this little boy addressed Chu Feng as ‘big brother’ from the get go. It was not ‘uncle’ or ‘grandpa.’ It was as if he could see through Chu Feng’s appearance. This made Chu Feng feel extremely surprised.

However, upon closer inspection, Chu Feng did not discover anything special regarding the little boy. Even his eyes were simply very clear and vivid.

The innocence of someone his age seemed to all be present in the boy. Furthermore, it did not seem to be fake.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that it was because this boy was feeling grateful toward him that he addressed him as ‘big brother.’ At least, like that, it would make Chu Feng appear to be young.

To put it simply, the little boy had called Chu Feng ‘big brother’ on purpose, and not because he had managed to see through Chu Feng’s appearance.

“You must be hungry. Go ahead and eat.”

Chu Feng lifted the boy onto a chair and pointed at the delicacies that filled the table. He indicated to the boy that he could eat as he wished.

“Really?” The little boy’s eyes were wide open. He did not dare to believe what he had heard.

“Go ahead and eat. Eat as much as you want. If there’s not enough, I’ll order some more,” However, before Chu Feng could respond, Zhao Hong spoke first. Furthermore, the tone that she spoke with was very gentle and soft.

“W-wife, you promised me that you would not eat men again in the future. Moreover, with how small this child is, y-y-you should j-just spare him,” Wang Qiang thought that Zhao Hong was thinking about eating that boy. Thus, he hurriedly urged her against it via voice transmission.

“Who said that I’m going to eat him? I only felt pity for him.”

“Furthermore, I am someone that only eats certain people. I do not eat those that do not feel lustful thoughts toward me,” Zhao Hong cast a ruthless side eye at Wang Qiang. Then, she actually picked up a drumstick with her chopsticks and placed it onto the boy’s plate.

Chu Feng was very shocked upon seeing this scene. He truly never expected this notorious demonic woman to actually have such a kindhearted side to her.

Most importantly, Chu Feng felt that the demonic woman was treating the boy well from the bottom of her heart. She did not seem to be pretending or conspiring anything.

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