Chapter 2307 - Scouting For Information

Chapter 2307 - Scouting For Information

The Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds was originally a forbidden area.

However, due to the fact that Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants were discovered, people from all of the various powers had gathered there.

At present, that uninhabited location, that place which was deemed a forbidden area, had become extremely lively.

In the beginning, the people that arrived were all of great origin. Practically none of them were ordinary individuals.

However, as the news of what was happening started to spread, more and more people that wanted to enjoy the excitement began to arrive.

None of these people were very strong. Their intentions in coming were also not to obtain the treasures in the remnants. Instead, they came purely for the sake of enjoying the bustling excitement.

Over time, some people discovered commercial opportunities, and began to create food and lodging taverns in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds for the people that were coming here. They provided cozy locations for them to stay, as well as fine foods to eat and beautiful women to serve them.

“W-wow! Wife, l-look over there. T-there’s a tavern there. L-Let’s go and have a r-rest and s-something to eat.”

Wang Qiang, Chu Feng and Zhao Hong were all wearing conical bamboo hats. Originally, they had been proceeding straight for the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. However, upon seeing that tavern, Wang Qiang suddenly stopped.

“You are, after all, a martial cultivator, why are you so insistent on eating, it’s not like you will die of hunger if you don’t eat,” Zhao Hong stared at Wang Qiang with a very displeased gaze. Her eyes were filled with disappointment.

“O-o-of course I wouldn’t die f-from hunger. B-but, e-enjoying delicious food i-is o-one’s g-great pleasure i-in living.”

“F-f-furthermore, I-I-I am not s-suggesting this f-for my sake. I-instead, it’s f-for you, wife. W-wife, you have flown w-while leading t-the two of us for so long. You m-must be tired, no?” Wang Qiang said in a very attentive manner.

“I’m not tired,” Zhao Hong said decisively.

“W-wife, look at h-how many people there are here. P-perhaps we will b-be able t-to gather a l-lot of information.”

“A-after all, i-it is b-better to be p-prepared, just in case. P-perhaps by g-gathering some i-information, we w-would have g-greater certainty after e-entering the remnants,” Wang Qiang continued.

“Indeed, there are a lot of people gathered down below. Perhaps we might really be able to obtain some information from them,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay then. However, we’re only going to have a meal. We’ll leave right after the meal,” Zhao Hong said.

After that, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong descended into the tavern. This tavern was created with world spirit techniques. It was very large, and there were a lot of customers.

For the sake of gathering information, Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong did not enter into private room. Instead, they directly sat in the spacious main hall.

Although this place was very chaotic, it was also a place with a lot of people discussing various things. As such, if one wanted to know about something, one would be able to gather some information through listening closely to the conversations.

After Chu Feng, Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong were seated, they ordered a table full of food and drinks.

Wang Qiang was extremely pleased as he ate, and completely forgot about the fact that they were here to gather information. However, Chu Feng had not.

Thus, he sent a voice transmission to Zhao Hong and asked, “Zhao Hong, you said that you would tell us your plan after reaching the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. We are already here now. You should be able to tell us what your plan is, right?”

It was not that Chu Feng did not trust Zhao Hong. Merely, there were truly a lot of people gathered here. Furthermore, experts from the various major powers had already entered that remnant.

With so many experts scrambling for the treasures inside the remnants, if they did not possess a certain level of certainty of success, it would simply be impossible for people of their strength to obtain anything.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted to know exactly what sort of plan Zhao Hong had in mind. By knowing it, he would be able to determine whether or not it was feasible.

As Chu Feng’s voice transmission was toward both Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang, Wang Qiang also heard what he asked Zhao Hong. Thus, Wang Qiang asked curiously, “That’s right. Wife, w-w-what sort of p-plan do you have? Y-you should b-be able to t-tell us now, right?”

Of course, he also asked those words using a voice transmission. Only the three of them were able to hear this conversation.

“Actually, I obtained two extremely crucial items upon discovering that remnant. One of them is a map.”

“That map is currently in my mind. By relying on that map, we will be able to evade a lot of the traps and mechanisms in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds. Thus, as long as we enter it, we will definitely be able to obtain rewards. It might even be possible for us to obtain the inheritance of Grandmaster Kai Hong,” Zhao Hong said.

“Even if you know how to avoid certain traps and mechanisms, there are already a lot of experts gathered inside. Likely, compared to the traps and mechanisms, the other people will be even more dangerous.”

“Thus, what is actually blocking us are not the traps and mechanisms in the remnants. Instead, it is the other people that have entered the remnants,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re thinking that our battle power is still too weak, right?” Zhao Hong asked.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded.

“That is why I said I discovered two crucial things.”

“Other than the map of the remnants, I also discovered a spirit formation. That spirit formation might be related to Grandmaster Kai Hong, or it might be related to the remnants left by others.”

“However, most importantly, that spirit formation is capable of providing us with battle power. Furthermore, I also know how to make use of that spirit formation’s battle power,” Zhao Hong said.

“What sort of battle power is that spirit formation you’ve discovered capable of providing us with?” Chu Feng asked.

“Is peak Martial Ancestor sufficient?” Zhao Hong asked.

“Peak Martial Ancestor?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt extremely shocked.

There were indeed True Immortal-level experts in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. However, their numbers were extremely few.

After all, even the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master and the Three Stars Hall’s headmaster were only rank eight Martial Ancestors.

Thus, peak Martial Ancestor was an extremely powerful level of cultivation.

If it was truly possible to obtain that level of battle power, it would indeed provide an enormous guarantee for them to enter the remnants.

“P-p-peak Martial Ancestor? Is i-it really s-sufficient?” Wang Qiang asked Chu Feng. As he had been captured right after arriving at this place , Wang Qiang did not know much about the situation of the power structure in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. As such, he did not know how strong of an existence peak Martial Ancestors were in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

Most importantly, compared to Zhao Hong, Wang Qiang felt greater trust in Chu Feng. As such, he would directly ask Chu Feng about this sort of thing.

“Although the appearance of the remnants in the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds has attracted many experts, and even the four tier one powers have dispatched their experts, I feel that no True Immortal-level experts have come here.”

“Thus, peak Martial Ancestor is sufficient,” Zhao Hong said.

“Indeed, it should be sufficient,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Haha. Wife, you are truly amazing,” Hearing those words from Chu Feng and Zhao Hong, Wang Qiang heaved a sigh of relief. After he had reassured himself, he started to once again gorge himself with good.

“The Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley actually…”

“They are truly…”

During this period of time, Chu Feng heard some people discussing matters concerning him. When Chu Feng noticed that the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley had actually declared war against the Ying Heavenly Clan for him, he became extremely depressed.

Chu Feng had already made himself clear back then. He had done so all for the sake of distancing himself from the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley so that they would not be implicated by the troubles he would provoke in the future.

However, he truly never expected that even though he was so excessive in his refusal, the Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley would still insist on helping him.

This caused Chu Feng to feel emotionally moved, but at the same time, he felt depressed. After all, this sort of camaraderie was not something that anyone could accomplish.

Thus, Chu Feng was unable to get himself to blame them. Yet, at the same time, he was unable to feel grateful toward them. As such, he entered a tangled state of mind.

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