Chapter 2313 - Raging Flames Of Anger

Chapter 2313 - Raging Flames Of Anger

Finally, the time arrived. Chu Feng, who had been waiting in front of the tree, immediately began engraving the spirit formation symbol onto the tree. He finished the engraving at the same appointed time he and Zhao Hong had agreed upon.


After the engraving of the spirit formation symbol was complete, the tree started to emit a faint flickering light. Soon, a spirit formation gate opened up below the tree.

The spirit formation gate was not very deep, and did not cut off one’s line of sight. Thus, Chu Feng was able to see what was inside the spirit formation gate using the naked eye.

Inside the spirit formation gate was a spirit formation. It was a very powerful spirit formation, so powerful that Chu Feng did not feel that he would be able to break through it. In fact, it was not only Chu Feng who would not be able to break through it; he felt that no one with a cultivation of Martial Ancestor or below would be able to break through it. In fact, he felt that it would be impossible even for ordinary True Immortals.

However, at this moment, that spirit formation was slowly opening. After it opened, two cloaks appeared before Chu Feng.

“It seemed that Xiaoshi did not deceive us.”

Chu Feng retrieved the two cloaks, and was immediately overjoyed.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to tell that those two cloaks were amazingly powerful merely by looking at them.

If Chu Feng were to wear one of the cloaks now, he would not appear to be unusual at all.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell that as long as he was at a special location, these cloaks would produce an extraordinary effect.

These cloaks were custom-made treasures. Their effects would only activate when they were worn at special locations.

As for this, it fully verified that Xiaoshi had not deceived Chu Feng. After all, Xiaoshi had stated that the cloaks would allow one to evade traps and conceal one’s self when worn into Grandmaster Kai Hong’s remnants.

Her Lady Queen had a pensive expression on her face as she asked, “Exactly what is the origin of that little fellow? How did he know about these sorts of secrets?”

“We will find the answer to that just by asking about him when we return,” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he soared into the sky and began to fly back toward the tavern.

As for the tree, Chu Feng did not bother with it. The reason for that was because after he removed the two cloaks, the spirit formation closed by itself. Even the spirit formation symbol he had engraved onto the tree disappeared. The tree had completely returned to its original appearance.

Furthermore, the most precious items hidden underneath the tree, those two cloaks, were already obtained by Chu Feng. Even if someone were to find that tree and break through the spirit formation, they would only return empty-handed.

As Chu Feng flew, he soon arrived outside the tavern. Merely, the appearance of the scene outside the tavern immediately froze the joyous expression on Chu Feng’s face. In its place was worry and anger.

A lot of people were gathered outside the tavern. It was as if they were watching a show.

However, those people naturally did not notice Chu Feng’s expression. The reason why Chu Feng had this sort of expression was because he saw Wang Qiang.

At this moment, Wang Qiang was being suspended upside down in midair by a spirit formation. On his bare chest was a large character written using blood, ‘trash.’

As for Wang Qiang himself, he had already lost consciousness. However, blood was still flowing from his body nonstop. It rolled down his cheeks to his hair before finally dripping onto the ground.

“Damn it!”

Chu Feng hurriedly landed from the sky. He cut the grand formation open and rescued Wang Qiang. Then, he immediately set up a healing formation to heal Wang Qiang’s injuries.

“Who dares destroy my spirit formation?!”

Right after the spirit formation was cut through by Chu Feng, a loud shout was heard. Following that, a large group of people rushed out. These were all disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion. They were led by none other than Di Jiuzhou.

“It’s actually you, coward?!”

Upon seeing that it was Chu Feng, the people from the Highlord’s Mansion were all surprised. At the same time, they revealed disappointed expressions.

In fact, it was not only the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion that were disappointed, the surrounding crowd also revealed disappointed expressions.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng’s outfit was completely the same as when he had left. Thus, many people recognized him.

The crowd all knew very well that Chu Feng had been with Wang Qiang. However, earlier, the disciples from the Highlord’s Mansion had provoked him so openly earlier, yet he had chosen to move out of their way.

This caused the crowd to have a label for Chu Feng in their hearts, the label of being a coward.

Thus, if it were someone else that came to save Wang Qiang, the crowd would be looking forward to another spectacular show.

However, as it was Chu Feng, the crowd were all very disappointed. They did not feel that this cowardly fellow would be able to set off any sort of storm.


Suddenly, sighs could be heard from the crowd all around.

“Was my brother injured by you?”

Chu Feng completely ignored the crowd’s gazes of disappointment. Instead, he looked directly to Di Jiuzhou.

The reason for that was because he knew that only Di Jiuzhou possessed the ability to injure Wang Qiang like this.

“I am the one who injured him, what about it?” Di Jiuzhou smiled with contempt. He completely did not place Chu Feng in his eyes.

Chu Feng’s brows narrowed. Killing intent surged in his eyes as anger filled his entire body.

He said, “Those who dare injure my brother will die!!!”


Once those words were said, many of the people present were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air.

Although they did not feel that Chu Feng would be a match for the people from the Highlord’s Mansion, they, for some unknown reason, felt a bone-chilling coldness from Chu Feng’s words.

“Quite an arrogant tone you have there. However, the ones who will die today will be the two of you,” Di Jiuzhou said coldly.

However, right at this moment, the man who had provoked Chu Feng earlier stepped out and said to Di Jiuzhou, “Senior brother Di, there’s no need for you to personally take care of this trash. Allow me to take care of him for you.”

“Brat, I already spared you earlier for blocking our path. Never would I have expected that you would dare to return. This time around, I will not spare you.”


Right after he said those words, that man turned into a flash of light and flew toward Chu Feng.

At the same time, he openly revealed his might of a rank five Half Martial Ancestor. Surging winds formed. He was so mighty that he caused the surrounding crowd’s eyes to shine.

At this moment, everyone felt that Chu Feng would be out of luck.

At this moment, that man’s fist was already flying toward Chu Feng’s face. What he had in mind was the same as what the crowd thought he would do; he wanted to ruthlessly teach Chu Feng a lesson to show off his ability.

However, he was not only planning to simply teach Chu Feng a lesson. Beating Chu Feng up was merely part of what he planned to do to Chu Feng. His ultimate purpose was to kill Chu Feng. Only by doing so would he be able to reveal how mighty he was.


However, right when he had all of his plans ready, at the moment when his fist was already shot forth, his expression suddenly changed.

The reason for that was because he was shocked to discover that his fist that should have beaten Chu Feng bloody and knocked him thousands of meters away was actually easily dodged by Chu Feng.

‘How could this be?’

‘This trash?’

‘This coward?’

‘How could he dodge my punch?’

At this moment, astonishment filled that man’s heart. He was completely puzzled by what was happening.



The very next moment, that man was stunned. The reason for that was because he felt that his throat was locked, and a surging burst of energy was penetrating into his body, wreaking havoc in the process. As that energy wreaked havoc in his body, he lost all ability to fight back.


In fact, it was not only this man who was stunned. Practically everyone present was stunned.

The reason for that was because they were seeing Chu Feng grabbing that man by his neck. At this moment, Chu Feng had already lifted that man high into the air.

At this moment, that previously overwhelming disciple of the Highlord’s Mansion was like a small sheep in the grasp of a tiger.

Grabbed by Chu Feng and lifted into the air, he was unable to even fight back.

However, they were both rank five Half Martial Ancestors. As such, how could Chu Feng be this powerful?

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