Chapter 2294 - Undying And Indestructible

Chapter 2294 - Undying And Indestructible

“It would appear that I cannot be careless.”

Seeing that the demonic woman’s strength was not weak, Chu Feng hurriedly took out his Magma Emperor Sword. Only then did he begin to fly toward that demonic woman.

The demonic woman was not to be outdone. She shouted, “Did you think that you were the only one with an Incomplete Ancestral Armament?!”

Originally, Chu Feng thought that the demonic woman would take out an Incomplete Ancestral Armament from her Cosmos Sack.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, that demonic woman took out her Incomplete Ancestral Armament, not from her Cosmos Sack, but from within her body. It was a pair of crimson daggers. The two daggers extended from that demonic woman’s palms.

Most strangely, the two weapons, after extending from her palms, did not cause the slightest trace of blood. It was as if that demonic woman’s palms were merely a place to store the weapons.

At that moment, what Chu Feng was the most concerned with was not the strange ability of that demonic woman. Instead, it was the might and killing intent emitted by that demonic woman.

Her might was overwhelming, and her killing intent was boundless. Neither one of them could be looked down upon. As such, Chu Feng did not dare to be careless in the slightest.

“Clank, clank, clank, clank, clank~~~”

Sparks began to flutter in the sky like dragons and snakes. Chu Feng’s Magma Emperor Sword and that demonic woman’s dual crimson daggers were colliding in the sky nonstop.

With each collision, they would let out loud rumbles and cause firework-like sparks.

The two fighters were so fast that they would end up colliding over a thousand times in an instant.

Although their attacks were mighty, fierce and exceptionally terrifying, they were a dazzling feast to the eyes.

This was especially true because the sky had already darkened now. Thus, their battle became even more dazzling to the eyes.

“Amazing. That guy is actually capable of fighting against that demonic woman?”

“I’ve heard that even our Lord Sect Master does not possess certainty of defeating that demonic woman.”

At that moment, those men and women had managed to crawl back up. When those women looked at Chu Feng, who was fighting against that demonic woman in the distance, their gazes became complicated.

“Why are you all still standing here to look?! Quickly, get moving! I will not bother with you all once that demonic woman returns!”

That senior brother Liao crawled back up and shouted angrily at the others. After saying those words, he disregarded the others and was the first to leave.

“You’re showing off your authority now? Earlier, when that demonic woman was trying to kill us, we seem to remember that you didn’t try to help us either.”

At that moment, those female disciples no longer had the sort of adoration in their gazes that they’d had previously when they looked to their senior brother Liao. Instead, their gazes were filled with disgust.

“Let’s go. That demonic woman is too powerful. Who knows how much longer that guy can last. It’s best that we hurry up and return to ask for Lord Sect Master to come and help,” The ugly looking man also urged.

It was only after hearing those words that the female disciples began to soar into the sky and fly toward the direction where they had come from.

However, even with that being the case, they would still turn their heads to look at Chu Feng meaningfully. A faint amount of reluctance to part was present in their eyes.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The battle between Chu Feng and that demonic woman grew fiercer and fiercer. The two of them had already utilized a lot of their abilities. This included even taboo martial skills.

Chu Feng was shocked to discover that not only did this woman possess an astonishing battle power, her proficiency in terms of martial skills was also extremely strong.

Even though Chu Feng possessed superb comprehension toward martial skills, he was still unable to suppress that demonic woman.

“Those trash must have gone to find reinforcements. I do not have the time to waste on you here.”

“I will end this senseless battle right now.”

Once that woman said those words, her hands suddenly started to emit dazzling light. Those two rays of light were capable of piercing through even space itself. They shot toward Chu Feng.

Although that technique appeared to be very simple, its might was extremely terrifying. The reason for that was because it was an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill.


In such a situation, Chu Feng was left with no other choice. He clenched his right fist and shot it forth explosively. He had unleashed the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, Heavenly Dome Transformation.


The two Emperor Taboo Martial Skills collided with one another. Their collision immediately brought forth boundless energy ripples. The energy ripples were so strong that the mountains, creeks and forests below were completely razed to the ground. Even space itself was shattered by the impact. As for Chu Feng, he was also knocked back repeatedly.

At the moment when the energy ripples weakened, Chu Feng discovered that he was not the only one knocked back by the impact. That demonic woman was also knocked back by the impact.

Merely, like Chu Feng, she was also uninjured.

“Damn it. This won’t do.”

“Must I really use the Evil God Sword?”

When Chu Feng saw that he was unable to defeat that demonic woman using his Emperor Taboo Martial Skill, he entered a predicament.

After all, unleashing the Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation with the Magma Emperor Sword could be said to be the strongest ability that Chu Feng possessed right now.

When even that failed to defeat that demonic woman, Chu Feng truly did not know what could be done. As such, that uncontrollable Evil God Sword had become Chu Feng’s final hope.

However, that Evil God Sword was truly unreliable. Firstly, that Evil God Sword would create a backlash against Chu Feng. As Chu Feng did not possess sufficient strength to utilize it, it was very likely that the Evil God Sword would end up taking his life.

And most importantly, Chu Feng was uncertain as to whether or not that Evil God Sword would truly be able to defeat that demonic woman.

Right now, no matter what, he was still equally matched against that demonic woman. However, if he were to change his Magma Emperor Sword to the Evil God Sword, if that Evil God Sword ended up not being as powerful as Chu Feng anticipated it to be, or if Chu Feng was unable to unleash the might of the Evil God Sword, it would be very possible for the Evil God Sword to become a disadvantage for Chu Feng.

After battling that demonic woman, Chu Feng was certain that the demonic woman was no ordinary character. It could be said that she was one of the hardest opponents that he had met so far.

If Chu Feng decided to use the Evil God Sword and ended up putting himself in a disadvantaged state because of it, it would be very likely that he would be giving the demonic woman an opportunity to kill him.

“No, it’s not an absolute predicament yet.”

When Chu Feng thought of that, his body suddenly shifted. Suddenly, a dragon roar sounded from below his body.

Secret Skill. It was the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. Chu Feng had unleashed the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and began to fly toward the demonic woman with rapid speed.

“You wish to attempt close combat after failing to defeat me with martial skills? Very well, I will accompany you with it. I shall let you wholeheartedly accept your defeat.”

The demonic woman was not concerned with Chu Feng. Seeing that Chu Feng wanted to fight against her in close combat again, she did not try to deliberately keep her distance. Instead, she also started to fly toward Chu Feng.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In a blink of an eye, the two fighters collided with one another again. Merely, this time around, their attacks were even more deadly. It was as if any one of their attacks would be fatal to their opponent should they end up landing.


After the two of them fought for a moment, a cold crimson ray suddenly flashed past.

Not only did the demonic woman dodge Chu Feng’s fatal attack with his Magma Emperor Sword, the crimson dagger she held with her right hand was also aimed at Chu Feng’s dantian.

Her dagger contained a special sort of martial skill. As long as Chu Feng was struck by it, it would not be as simple as his dantian being damaged. Instead, his body would explode on the spot, killing him in the process.


Following a muffled sound, the dagger was pierced into Chu Feng.


In an instant, a muffled explosion was heard. Chu Feng’s completely intact body immediately shattered on the spot.

“I admit that you are very strong. However, you are still no match for me.”

Seeing that she had successfully killed Chu Feng, the demonic woman’s lips were raised into a complacent smile.

“Are you certain of that?”

However, the very next moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded again. By the time Chu Feng’s voice was heard, he already appeared behind the demonic woman. Furthermore, his right fist was tightly held. Contained within his right fist was overwhelming destructive power.

Chu Feng had unleashed the Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation. At that moment, he shot forth that Emperor Taboo at the demonic woman’s body.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s fist was so close to her that the demonic woman was simply unable to dodge it.


After the fist strike landed, energy ripples started to spread immediately.

This time around, the demonic woman was struck by Chu Feng’s fist completely unguarded.

Chu Feng’s fist was no ordinary fist. Instead, that fist strike contained the Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation!!!


The might of that Emperor Taboo began to wreak havoc in the sky. The space that was just reformed was once again shattered.

With how mighty that attack was, there was no need to even mention the demonic woman’s body. In an instant, her body had already been shattered to dust.

However, even though that demonic woman had been shattered to dust by Chu Feng, Chu Feng did not have a joyous expression on his face. Instead, he had a serious expression, and his eyes were filled with shock. Alarmed, he cried out, “This sensation, could it be?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s right. I am the same as you, I possess an undying and indestructible body.”

The very next moment, energies began to condense at a location not far away from Chu Feng. Soon, that demonic woman’s body was reformed. Not only was she completely uninjured, even her skirt was completely undamaged.

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