Chapter 2293 - Overwhelming Killing Intent

Chapter 2293 - Overwhelming Killing Intent

The demonic woman had revealed her actual appearance from the very beginning.

Red skin and long red hair. Sharp fangs filled her beast-like mouth.

That demonic woman was not naked. Instead, she was wearing a long skirt. However, it was precisely because of the matching of that long skirt with her fierce appearance that she appeared to be particularly frightening.

At the moment they saw the demonic woman, the men and women present started to tremble in fear. Not to mention the fact that the demonic woman’s oppressive might had locked down the entire place, even if she did not use her oppressive might, those people would not have the courage to run away from her either.

“Sen-senior brother Liao, think of something.”

In panic, those men and women all turned their gazes to that individual surnamed Liao.

“We-we’re screwed.”

“We are definitely screwed.”

However, that man surnamed Liao was so frightened by the demonic woman that he began to make delirious remarks. Not only was he trembling violently, one could even notice that the crotch of his pants was completely wet.

That senior brother Liao who had been acting so arrogantly and boasted about teaching Chu Feng a lesson earlier had pissed his pants in fear of that demonic woman.

At that moment, those men and women all gave in to despair. Facing that demonic woman, they did not even have the courage to beg for forgiveness. Other than waiting for death, they could do nothing.

“Demonic woman, we meet again.”

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded.

Once Chu Feng’s voice was heard, those men and women all revealed stunned expressions. They never expected that the man that they were looking down on earlier would actually dare to speak to the demonic woman in such a manner.

Furthermore, he was very calm, and showed not the slightest bit of fear. It was as if the demonic woman was nothing more than an ordinary individual before him.

“Mn?” At that moment, that demonic woman turned her gaze to Chu Feng. Seeing that Chu Feng was actually not scared of her, the demonic woman was also very surprised. Thus, she asked, “You’re not afraid of me?”

“Do you not wish to know when we last met?” Chu Feng asked indifferently.

“We’ve met before?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, that demonic woman was even more astonished. Then, her mouth lifted into a strange smile. She said, “A young and tender boy like you was actually able to live after seeing me? That is truly miraculous.”

“However, this time around, I will not let you, my fine food, escape my grasp.”

After saying those words, that demonic woman extended her lizard-like tongue and licked her lips.

She did not care about when Chu Feng might have met her before. What she was concerned about was the fact that Chu Feng actually managed to escape being eaten by her after encountering her. As such, she was determined to eat him this time around.

“It seems that you truly have absolutely no recollection of me. However, that makes sense too. After all, the last time we met, we did not really fight with one another.”

“However, I will not let you get away this time around,” Chu Feng said.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, that demonic woman’s gaze changed slightly. She said, “You’ve deliberately come to find me?”

“You’ve killed my friend. I must avenge him,” Chu Feng said.

“Interesting. You, a mere rank four Half Martial Ancestor, are actually thinking about killing me?” That demonic woman said with a mocking laugh.

“Rank four Half Martial Ancestor?” The mockery from the demonic woman came crushing down on the men and women that were threatening Chu Feng like an invisible sledgehammer.

The majority of them were Martial Emperors. Even the strongest among them, that senior brother Liao, was only a rank five Martial Emperor.

Yet, the fellow that they were looking down on earlier was actually a rank four Half Martial Ancestor?!

Perhaps a rank four Half Martial Ancestor might not amount to much before the demonic woman, but it was an existence so unsurprisingly frightening for them.

Thinking about how they had actually dared to threaten him earlier, the group of men and women all felt lingering fear.

“You are but a mere rank one Martial Ancestor yourself,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

Chu Feng had already noticed that demonic woman before she had even managed to approach him. At that time, Chu Feng had already ascertained the demonic woman’s cultivation.

Rank one Martial Ancestor. That was the cultivation of this demonic woman. Chu Feng had to admit that the demonic woman was very strong. At the very least, she was much more powerful than him.

However, Chu Feng was daring enough to stand here and wait for the arrival of the demonic woman, and then even declared that he would kill her.

Naturally, the reason for that would be because of the final Immortal Transformation Pellet that he possessed. After taking it, Chu Feng’s cultivation would increase to that of a rank five Martial Ancestor.

Although he would lose his Heavenly Bloodline’s ability, as well as his heaven-defying battle power because he would have increased his cultivation through world spirit techniques, it remained that he would become a rank five Martial Ancestor.

Compared to a rank one Martial Ancestor, a rank five Martial Ancestor was four entire levels of cultivation above it. Thus, Chu Feng was confident that he would be able to kill this demonic woman here today.

That Immortal Transformation Pellet had been inside Chu Feng’s mouth the entire time. Furthermore, Chu Feng had already swallowed it. The pellet was already starting to take effect.

“A mere rank one Martial Ancestor. You said those words quite effortlessly.”

“Did you really think that you would be able to kill me, a rank one Marital Ancestor, with your cultivation of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor?” The demonic woman mocked.

“How would we know if I don’t try?”


Once Chu Feng said those words, overwhelming oppressive might immediately swept forth. Even that demonic woman was forced back two steps by that oppressive might.

“Rank five Martial Ancestor, you’re actually a rank five Martial Ancestor?!”

Astonishment appeared in the demonic woman’s eyes as she looked at Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because the aura Chu Feng was emitting now was most definitely not that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor, but a rank five Martial Ancestor instead.

Yes, Martial Ancestor as opposed to Half Martial Ancestor. The enormous gap in cultivation caused even that demonic woman to feel disbelief.

“What? A rank five Martial Ancestor?!”

Hearing what the demonic woman declared, those men and women that had threatened Chu Feng earlier had an enormous change in their expressions once again. Fear filled their eyes as they looked to Chu Feng.

“Do you now know why I am so confident?”

After taking the Immortal Transformation Pellet, Chu Feng did not want to bother to speak superfluous words with the demonic woman. As he said those words, he had already shot his right fist out toward the demonic woman, carrying overwhelmingly destructive power.

Chu Feng’s speed was simply too fast. Before that demonic woman could react, Chu Feng’s powerful fist had already landed on her face.


The enormous power of his fist shot that demonic woman several thousands of meters out into the distant forest.

As the demonic woman crashed through the forest, she destroyed everything in her path.


Although the fist connected, and the power of his fist was extremely strong, Chu Feng did not have any joy on his face. Instead, he started to frown.

His fist strike should have been more than enough to shatter that demonic woman into pieces and kill her.

However, that demonic woman’s body was not shattered. Instead, she was merely knocked flying. Furthermore, Chu Feng discovered that not only was the demonic woman not dead, she was also uninjured.

However, how could a mere rank one Martial Ancestor be able to withstand the attack of a rank five Martial Ancestor?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Interesting. You actually dared to hit me. I am determined to eat you alive.”

Sure enough, a frightening snarl soon sounded from that demonic woman.

“A heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation?”

At that moment, Chu Feng also revealed an astonished expression.

He was able to sense the strength that the demonic woman possessed. Although her cultivation was indeed only that of a rank one Martial Ancestor, that demonic woman possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation; an entire level more than Chu Feng’s own heaven-defying battle power.

Thus, even though Chu Feng was a rank five Martial Ancestor now, that demonic woman, by relying on her cultivation of rank one Martial Ancestor and her heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, was evenly matched against him.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard. That demonic woman had soared into the sky and was flying toward Chu Feng.

Not only was she very imposing, she was also carrying overwhelming killing intent with her.

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