Chapter 2292 - Meeting The Demonic Woman Again

Chapter 2292 - Meeting The Demonic Woman Again

Chu Feng had no idea what that group of people from the Chu Heavenly Clan were planning.

Chu Feng did not even know about the joint declaration from the Sunset Cloud Valley and the Three Stars Hall.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had directly proceeded for a location after leaving the Sunset Cloud Valley. As for that place, it was the Fallen Goose Mountain Range.

Although the Fallen Goose Mountain Range was located in the vicinity of the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds, it was also an extremely vast place.

There were many powers around the Fallen Goose Mountain Range. In fact, some among them were not weaker than Luyang’s Pavilion and the Red Butterfly Society.

However, even though that demonic woman had lingered around this area the entire time, there had not been any power that managed to capture her.

Reportedly, that demonic woman was only pushed to flee into the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds because of experts whose assistance these powers had jointly requested.

However, after the Extremely Remote Unmarked Burial Mounds’ remnants were discovered, no one had the heart to bother with the demonic woman. Seizing that opportunity, the demonic woman actually returned to the Fallen Goose Mountain Range.

Reportedly, the powers around the Fallen Goose Mountain Range had been attempting to capture that demonic woman the entire time. Merely, like the situation was for them before, they were unable to do anything to the demonic woman.

At that moment, a person was standing at a location in the Fallen Goose Mountain Range by the name of Heavenly Wolf Peak.

That person was Chu Feng.

It had actually been several days since Chu Feng had arrived at the Fallen Goose Mountain Range. After making some inquiries, Chu Feng discovered that even though the demonic woman had been in the Fallen Goose Mountain Range the entire time, there were only a few locations where she would frequently appear.

In the past days, the demonic woman had already appeared several times. Merely, Chu Feng had not had the fortune to encounter her.

After calculating the locations where the demonic woman had appeared, Chu Feng felt that the next location where the demonic woman would appear would be this Heavenly Wolf Peak. Chu Feng had thus arrived here with the intention of waiting to ambush the demonic woman.

While standing on the Heavenly Wolf Peak, Chu Feng was thinking about a question.

Chu Feng felt that it was very possible that the demonic woman lingering around several locations was because she was searching for something. As for her eating men, that was only a matter of convenience for her.

That was why Chu Feng became curious as to what exactly that demonic woman was searching for that caused her to disregard others trying to kill her.

“There’s nothing abnormal?” Chu Feng declared after surveying the surroundings with his Heaven’s Eyes. He became even more puzzled.

Like the many other places where the demonic woman had frequently appeared, there was nothing abnormal about this Heavenly Wolf Peak. Chu Feng was unable to guess what sort of treasure could possibly be hidden in a place like this.

“Could it be that I’ve been mistaken? Could it be that the many locations that demonic woman has frequently appeared in possessed a different purpose, that it was not because there was something hidden here?”

He sighed and muttered to himself, “Milady Queen, if only you were here with me, you would be able to help me analyze this matter.”

Although he was saying those words, he did not hope for Her Lady Queen to wake up quickly.

The spirit formation that he had set up earlier was meant to help Her Lady Queen recover. The longer she slept, the more beneficial it would be for her.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed. Through his Heaven’s Eyes, he noticed that a group of people were flying toward his current location from the distance.

There were both men and women in that group of people. They were all members of the younger generation. The oldest among them were only a few decades old, while the youngest possessed an age similar to Chu Feng’s. They were all wearing the same apparel. Likely, they should be from the same power.

Although they were all members of the younger generation, their cultivation, when compared to Chu Feng’s, was enormously lacking.

No matter what, Chu Feng was a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. However, that group of people were composed only of Martial Emperors. Among them, the strongest individual was merely a rank five Martial Emperor.

Those people were talking and laughing. It seemed they were discussing something.

As Chu Feng was bored, he decided to listen to their conversation to see whether or not they might be talking about the demonic woman. Thus, after using some special abilities, the conversations they were having entered Chu Feng’s ears.

“Senior brother Liao, I’ve heard that that demonic woman frequently appears around here. We wouldn’t be so unlucky to run across that demonic woman here, right?” The female disciples present were staring at the strongest man in the group.

Furthermore, each and every one of them were all pretending to be frightened little sheep. It was clear that they were trying to gain that man’s affection.

“Junior sisters, you all do not have to worry. With me here, even if we were to encounter that demonic woman, she would still not be able to harm you all,” A rather ugly-looking man who walked at the back of the crowd patted his chest and guaranteed their safety.

“You don’t have to continue to joke around. You want to take care of that demonic woman with your cultivation? Likely, after seeing the demonic woman, you will be the first to run away,” The women started to laugh loudly.

Then, they turned their gazes to the man leading the group. They said, “We would only trust it if it was senior brother Liao who said that he would protect us.”

After hearing what the women said, that so-called senior brother Liao’s lips lifted into a confident smile. He said, “Rest assured. With me here, no one will be able to harm you all.”

Hearing what that senior brother Liao said, those women were overjoyed. They appeared exceptionally excited. Then, they began to praise that senior brother Liao nonstop.

Listening till that point, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself anymore. It was not that Chu Feng disliked flirtatious individuals. But Chu Feng was fed up with individuals who would blow their own trumpet and believe themselves to be infallible.

Chu Feng had already managed to determine that this group of people were most likely disciples of a power around the Fallen Goose Mountain Range. When even their masters were unable to do anything to that demonic woman, they actually had the nerve to declare that they would take care of that demonic woman. They were truly too boastful.

That crowd of people continued in Chu Feng’s direction. Originally, Chu Feng had decided to ignore them. He planned to take care of his own business and not pay attention to them.

However, who would’ve thought that after that crowd of people saw Chu Feng, that man with the ugly appearance pointed at Chu Feng and shouted loudly, “Hey! Who are you?! Who said you could come here?!”

For the sake of showing himself off to those female disciples, that ugly-looking fellow actually utilized his oppressive might when he shouted at Chu Feng.

Merely, the oppressive might of a mere rank three Martial Emperor was simply akin to a joke before Chu Feng.

“This place seems to be an uninhabited location. Why can’t I come here?” Chu Feng refuted.

At that moment, those men and women had already descended to the ground. Not only had they landed on the Heavenly Wolf Peak, they had also surrounded Chu Feng as they did so.

At that moment, that senior brother Liao who possessed the strongest strength also revealed an ill-intended expression. With a cold voice, he said, “This place is where that demonic woman frequently appears. For someone like you to be here is simply akin to courting death. Scram immediately. Else, if you are to encounter that demonic woman, we will not bother saving you.”

Overwhelming arrogance. That senior brother Liao could be said to have fully displayed the behavior of someone who believed himself to be infallible.

However, his clearly pretentious prick-like behavior actually caused those females to reveal dazed and lovestruck gazes filled with adoration.

Sensing the gazes filled with adoration from the women, that senior brother Liao grew even more complacent. He said to Chu Feng, “Hey, I’m talking to you, are you deaf?”

Faced with such a rude bunch, Chu Feng would naturally not yield to them. Originally, he had planned to teach them a lesson so that they did not disturb his leisure.

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng planned to attack them, Chu Feng’s gaze suddenly flashed. Then, he immediately turned his sharp gaze to the southwest.

Upon seeing what was there, Chu Feng immediately felt extremely excited, and revealed an ecstatic expression. He even began to involuntarily tighten his fists. He felt as if all of the nerves in his body were throbbing.

Filled with excitement, he muttered, “You’re finally here.”

It turned out that Chu Feng had seen a figure in the direction that he was looking toward.

That figure was extremely fast. It was currently flying toward Heavenly Wolf Peak. As for that figure, it was a figure that Chu Feng had seen before; it was precisely that demonic woman who had taken Wang Qiang away.

The enemy that Chu Feng had sought after for so long was finally here. How could Chu Feng not be overjoyed?

Today would be the day that he would avenge Wang Qiang.

“Who? The fuck kinda nonsense are you spouting?” Ignorant to what was happening, that man surnamed Liao still didn’t know that a crisis was approaching them. The only thing in his mind was to continue to show off his might. Thus, he actually walked over to Chu Feng and pointed at Chu Feng’s nose.

“Scram immediately!” Chu Feng said in a displeased manner.

At that moment, the only thing in Chu Feng’s mind was taking care of that demonic woman. He was no longer in the mood to take care of that bunch of trash.

“Aiyah! You actually dare to speak to me in such a manner? It seems that you’ve truly grown tired of living!”

Seeing that Chu Feng had actually spoken to him in such a manner, that man surnamed Liao was immediately furious, and actually grabbed Chu Feng’s lapel.

At that moment, the others present all started to smile. They were rejoicing in Chu Feng’s misfortune.

Regardless of whether they were men or women, they all had anticipating expressions. They were all anticipating the scene of their senior brother Liao ruthlessly teaching Chu Feng a lesson.


However, right at that moment, a strong gale suddenly arrived. The gale was so strong that it knocked those men and women rolling and crawling on the ground. They nearly even fell down from Heavenly Wolf Peak.

“What’s going on?!”

“Why would there be such an enormous wind?!” The men and women all had puzzled expressions.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. There’s this much fresh young meat. This is truly an unexpected harvest,” Right at that moment, a gloomy and cold voice sounded from not too far away.


Seeing that scene, the crowd present, with the exception of Chu Feng, all had an enormous change in expression. They who had held arrogant expressions earlier were now completely pale with fear. It was as if they have seen a ghost. They were truly terrified.

The reason for that was because that demonic woman was currently standing atop Heavenly Wolf Peak.

Her ferocious gaze was like that of a hungry wolf seeing rabbits. She was using that sort of gaze to run her eyes over every one of the people present on the Heavenly Wolf Peak.

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