Chapter 2295 - The Powerful Demonic Woman

Chapter 2295 - The Powerful Demonic Woman

“Undying and indestructible?”

“No, you are not truly undying and indestructible. You are merely the same as me, someone who has grasped a secret skill to allow your physical body to be undying and indestructible,” Chu Feng said to the demonic woman.

Although everything happened instantly, and the ability that demonic woman used was clearly different from his own, Chu Feng noticed the existence of a secret skill from that very instant.

And now, Chu Feng was certain that the reason that demonic woman had managed to survive after being struck by him was because of that secret skill.

Originally, Chu Feng was trying to use his Five Elements Secret Skill to protect his body; he was planning to utilize the effect of his undying and indestructible body to mount a sneak attack to kill that demonic woman with a single strike.

However, Chu Feng truly never would have anticipated that that demonic woman not only possessed overwhelming battle power and proficient mastery with her martial skills, but had also grasped a secret skill similar to his own.

“I truly never expected that you would actually see through it.”

“Indeed, I have used a secret skill. However, you’re quite decent yourself. You’ve actually grasped all those secret skills. However, as long as you die, those secret skills will be mine,” The demonic woman said to Chu Feng with a smile.

“Both of us possess undying and indestructible bodies, how are you supposed to kill me?” Chu Feng asked.

Although Chu Feng appeared to be very calm, he was actually slightly panicky. The effect of his Immortal Transformation Pellet would only last for an hour. He would soon return to his actual cultivation.

If Chu Feng was incapable of defeating the demonic woman or escaping from this battlefield, he would return to being a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. At that time, he would not be able to make up for the disparity in battle power.

At that time, he would undoubtedly be killed by that demonic woman.

Thus, Chu Feng was watching that demonic woman carefully. The reason for that was because he did not only use his Emperor Taboo: Heavenly Dome Transformation with his punch earlier.

For the sake of preventing against accidents, Chu Feng had used another method as a security, a method specially used to curb the demonic women.

Merely, that method’s effect had yet to activate. That was the reason why Chu Feng was panicky. He was uncertain as to whether or not that method of his ended up working.

“Wuu~~~” Right at that moment, the expression of that demonic woman suddenly changed. Then, her mouth opened as she sprayed out a mouthful of blood with a ‘puu.’

“What is this?” The demonic woman covered her chest with her hands. She had an astonished expression on her face. She was completely at a loss as to what was happening.

The reason for that was because not only was the demonic woman’s red skin flickering blue and purple nonstop, her body was also starting to distort.

Most importantly, the demonic woman’s aura was growing weaker and weaker. Furthermore, it was still weakening.

“Heh… seems like it’s effective,” At that moment, Chu Feng finally revealed a smile of relief.

“It’s you?! You did this?!” Hearing Chu Feng’s laughter, the demonic woman’s expression grew even more sinister.

“You are, after all, a demonic woman. You couldn’t possibly not know about the Demon Subduing Spring Water, right?” Chu Feng mocked.

“Demon Subduing Spring Water, you used Demon Subduing Spring Water? When?!” The demonic woman revealed an astonished expression.

“At the same time when my punch struck you earlier. I used Demon Subduing Spring Water with my punch. Right now, the Demon Subduing Spring Water has already completely filled your body and fused with you,” Chu Feng said complacently.

“So that’s the case. Never would I have expected that you would be this clever. I have truly been made a fool of by you.”

“Haha, this is truly more and more interesting,” After the demonic woman heard what had happened, she no longer had an expression of anger, and instead burst into loud laughter.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s expression turned sluggish. His gaze turned ill as he revealed an extremely confused expression.

He was firstly confused by the fact that the demonic woman did not call him despicable, and instead said that he was clever.

Then, and most importantly, he was confused by why the demonic would say that it was more interesting. She had clearly been struck by the Demon Subduing Spring Water. If this were to continue, her strength would grow weaker and weaker. At that time, she would no longer be able to contend against Chu Feng.

When the difference between the demonic woman’s strength and Chu Feng’s strength grew too great, that demonic woman’s undying and indestructible body would also lose its effect.

Chu Feng knew that there were no true undying and indestructible bodies in the world. At the very most, those abilities would only work on people with about the same level of cultivation.

However, if one were to encounter a much more powerful opponent, one would still end up being killed.

Thus, when the demonic woman’s strength grew weak enough to be completely unable to contend against Chu Feng, Chu Feng would be able to break through that demonic woman’s secret skill and kill her.

However, even though the demonic woman was already in a crisis, she was not only not scared, but instead started to laugh. It was as if she possessed another hidden trump card that would grant her absolute victory.

This caused Chu Feng to feel extremely uneasy.

“I already have a whole new level of respect for you now. I truly never expected that you would be able to force me to this level.”

“However, it would be best that you not think that I will definitely be killed just because you sprinkled some Demon Subduing Spring Water on me.”

“The person who will undoubtedly die is still you,” Right after the demonic woman said those words, her gaze started to flicker. Immediately afterward, a world spirit gate appeared before her.

“How could this be?” Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously upon seeing that world spirit gate.

Chu Feng had truly never expected that not only did that demonic woman possess overwhelming battle power and astonishing techniques, but she was actually also a world spiritist.

Most importantly, the moment she opened her world spirit gate, Chu Feng felt an enormously strong world spirit power.

Not only was that demonic woman a world spiritist, she was an Insect Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist like Chu Feng.

The fact that the demonic woman was a world spiritist was already extremely shocking. But the fact that her world spirit techniques were capable of reaching such a level of proficiency shocked even Chu Feng even more.

At the same time Chu Feng was shocked, he became more worried. The reason for that was because it seemed that the demonic woman was going to release her world spirits.

Furthermore, judging from her confident appearance, the world spirits that she would unleash would most likely be no small matter either. Likely, their strength would surpass even Chu Feng.

“Haha, little girl, this is interesting. You actually encountered such a difficult opponent among the people of the younger generation.”

Following the rumbling noises, an enormous figure walked out from that world spirit gate.

Sure enough, that world spirit was very powerful. Although it only possessed the cultivation of rank three Martial Ancestor, it possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation.

In other words, that world spirit’s actual battle power was on par with ordinary rank six Martial Ancestors. He was one entire level of cultivation above the current Chu Feng.

However, to Chu Feng’s greatest surprise, it was actually a Fairy Spirit World’s World Spirit.

Not only was that demonic woman an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, the world spirits that she contracted were actually from the Fairy Spirit World.

Demonic woman and fairy, this was simply an unimaginable combination.

[1. FBT originally translated it to fairy. However, it’s actually Xian → Immortal; which is sometimes translated to celestial fairies (generally for the females. I have also translated it as such sometimes). I had kept it as Fairy for consistency.]

After releasing her world spirit, the demonic woman did not attack Chu Feng immediately. Instead, she turned to question him, “Hey, you got any more abilities left that could allow you to contend against this world spirit of mine?”

“What if I do, and what if I don’t?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s palms were on his Cosmos Sack. He was prepared to use his final trump card, the Evil God Sword.

“If you do, then go ahead and use them.”

“You are a rare opponent to come by. Thus, I am going to battle to my heart’s content today.”

“However, the one who will be defeated in the end will still be you,” The demonic woman said confidently.

Chu Feng frowned. He asked in a skeptical manner, “Are you certain that you are planning to give me time to unleash my abilities?”

“I am not a despicable person. If you have more abilities, go ahead and use them. I will give you the time,” The demonic woman said.

For some unknown reason, when that demonic woman said those words, Chu Feng felt a sort of unfathomable trust in her words.

Even though he felt it to be unfathomable, Chu Feng still moved his hand away from his Cosmos Sack, away from his Evil God Sword.

The reason for that was because if the demonic woman was willing to give Chu Feng time, then Chu Feng possessed another ability that could allow him to fight against that demonic woman. Furthermore, he was even more confident in being able to defeat the demonic woman with this method.

Furthermore, compared to the Evil God Sword, this method was much more secure.

As for that method, it was naturally the Five Elements Secret Skills.

The Gold Immortal Profound Technique.

The Wood Immortal Profound Technique.

The Water Immortal Profound Technique.

The Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

And the Earth Immortal Profound Technique.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s cultivation was that of a rank five Martial Ancestor. If he were to utilize the Five Elements Secret Skills and unleash the Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth Immortals, then, with their special ability, the strength of the Five Immortals would be one level of cultivation above Chu Feng’s, making them rank six Martial Ancestors.

There was, however, a reason why Chu Feng did not unleash the Five Immortals from the Five Elements Secret Skills, and had even considered using the Evil God Sword before them.

The reason for that was because even though the Immortal Transformation Pellet had increased Chu Feng’s cultivation and allowed him to use martial power and martial skills, there were still restrictions to it.

That sort of restriction was something that Chu Feng could not explain.

The reason for that was because secret skills like the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique and the White Tiger Slaughter Techniques were things that Chu Feng could use willingly.

In fact, he would even be able to utilize the characteristics of the Five Elements Secret Skills when being attacked to give himself an undying and indestructible body.

However, if he wanted to unleash the Five Immortals and have them fight for him, it would be very difficult.

It was not impossible, just very difficult.

If an explanation must be made, then perhaps it would be because that method surpassed Chu Feng’s cultivation by too much. As such, it was difficult for Chu Feng to unleash them.

After all, the Immortal Transformation Pellet had increased Chu Feng’s cultivation from rank four Half Martial Ancestor to rank five Martial Ancestor. That was a total of ten levels of cultivation. That itself was already extremely miraculous.

Thus, it was reasonable for there to be certain restrictions.

Fortunately, while the Five Elements Secret Skills were hard to unleash, they were not impossible to unleash. It would merely be that Chu Feng would need more time to unleash them.

However, that demonic woman was actually willing to give him the time.

“Since you are willing to give me the time, I will unleash my technique,” Chu Feng said.

“Go ahead. I will absolutely not mount a sneak attack at you,” The demonic woman said. She even revealed an anticipating gaze.

She was truly looking forward to seeing what sort of ability Chu Feng would use next, and completely disregarded the pain brought upon her by the Demon Subduing Spring Water.

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