Chapter 2253 - Who Dares To Kill Me

Chapter 2253 - Who Dares To Kill Me

“Pow, pow, pow~~~”

Seeing that Chu Luyang was refusing to admit to it, Chu Feng grew even more furious. He raised his arm and ruthlessly slapped Chu Luyang.

However, it turned out that Chu Luyang’s spirit body was much more resilient to being beaten up than his physical body. After several slaps, his head was actually undamaged.

Although his head was undamaged, that did not mean that Chu Luyang did not feel the pain. On the contrary, he felt it completely. His face was distorted, and his expression was ugly. He was suffering unbearable pain.

“Look carefully, did you write this or not?” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out the letter with Chu Luyang’s origin life seal.

“This?” Upon seeing that letter, Chu Luyang’s eyes immediately turned lifeless. He was stunned. Evidently, he had not expected that Chu Feng would have obtained that letter.

“This is framing, I’m most definitely being framed. Chu Feng, go and bring that Ying Liangchen here, I will confront him.”

“I must personally ask him why he must frame me like this, why he would frame me.”

However, even with this being the case, Chu Luyang still refused to admit to his wrongdoings. He even put forth a request to confront Ying Liangchen.

“Heh…. confront?” Toward Chu Luyang’s trick, Chu Feng sneered. Then, he said, “You wish to confront Ying Liangchen? That’s absolutely doable. Merely, you’ll have to confront him in hell.”

“What? You… you…” Hearing those words, Chu Luyang’s expression changed. His expression became even uglier than before, even more astonished than before.

“You killed Ying Liangchen? You actually killed Ying Liangchen?!” Chu Luyang asked in a very astonished manner.

“That’s right,” Chu Feng said.

Once Chu Feng said those words, Chu Luyang was stunned like a chicken. He was completely struck dumb. Even though he had already guessed that it was possible, it remained to only be a guess.

However, he was now certain of it. Merely, he felt it truly difficult to believe.

If Chu Feng dared to kill even Ying Liangchen, it would mean that he would have absolutely no chance of living.

“What are you doing? Stop immediately!!!”

Right at this moment, a voice filled with imposing might sounded from the sky.

Following that, several old men descended from the sky and landed in Luyang’s Pavilion.

These old men were all people from the Sunset Cloud Valley. Chu Feng had seen these people before when the Sunset Cloud Valley had joined hands with Luyang’s Pavilion to surround the Red Butterfly Society back then.

These people should all be elders of the Sunset Cloud Valley. Their cultivations were all pretty strong. Practically, they were all Martial Ancestors. Among them, the strongest expert was an old rank six Martial Ancestor.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, Elder Ning Shuang was also among them.

“Elders, save me, quickly, save me!”

Chu Lunyang acted as if he had seen hope the moment he saw those elders. Immediately, he started crying for help.

“Stop immediately!!!”

“Luyang’s Pavilion is our Sunset Cloud Valley’s subsidiary power. Chu Luyang is Luyang’s Pavilion’s Pavilion Master. If you dare to kill him, you will have committed a capital offense!!!” The leading elder pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily.

“Little friend Chu Feng, what is going on? We can talk things over,” Elder Ning Shuang also spoke to inquire Chu Feng.

“Elder Ning Shuang, please look for yourself,” Chu Feng was suspicious of the other individuals. Thus, he directly tossed the letter to Elder Ning Shuang.

After Elder Ning Shuang received the letter, he began to carefully read it. The other elders stood behind him and began to look at the letter too.

Upon seeing the contents of the letter, the expressions of all the elders from the Sunset Cloud Valley changed slightly.

“Chu Feng, could it be that this really happened?” Elder Ning Shuang asked Chu Feng.

“Elder Ning Shuang, the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters has been massacred,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Luyang, you are truly outrageous! You dared to even ignore the words of Elder Su?! You have truly grown tired of living!” Elder Ning Shuang was immediately furious. He pointed at Chu Luyang and started to reprimand him.

“Lord Elder, I am being wrongly accused, wrongly accused. How could I dare to ignore the words of Elder Su?” Chu Luyang continued to cry out with grievance.

“You dare to still declare that you were wrongly accused?! This letter here contains your origin life seal! Are you trying to say that your origin life seal can also be falsified?!” Elder Ning Shuang shouted.

“Chu Luyang, you have truly disappointed us,” The leading elder also revealed an expression of displeasure. However, he did not reprimand Chu Luyang too excessively. Instead, he turned to Chu Feng and said, “Little friend Chu Feng, Chu Luyang’s refusal to listen to Elder Su’s words is something that our Sunset Cloud Valley will take care of. We will definitely return justice to the Red Butterfly Society.”

“There’s no need. This matter has already happened, and the conclusive evidence is present. There is no need for elders to trouble yourselves. I, Chu Feng, will personally execute Chu Luyang on the spot today,” Chu Feng said.

“Stop!!!” The leading elder shouted once again. He said, “Chu Feng, this is a personal affair of our Sunset Cloud Valley. Even if Chu Luyang has committed a crime, it should be up to our Sunset Cloud Valley to personally handle this matter. It is best that you do not involve yourself.”

“Else… if you, an outsider, are to kill Chu Luyang, you would’ve committed a serious capital offense.”

“Serious capital offense? How is it wrong for me to kill someone that should be killed?” Chu Feng asked.

“You are truly stubborn,” The leading elder snorted coldly. In a very ill-intended manner, he said, “If you are to release Chu Luyang right away and hand him over to me to handle, I will consider it as if nothing had happened. However, if you insist on being stubborn, do not blame me for being impolite toward you.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. He had already realized that Chu Luyang might not necessarily be killed should he hand him to the Sunset Cloud Valley.

The reason for that was because he already felt a suspicion that the leading elder in this group of elders had the intention of exonerating Chu Luyang of his crimes. Likely, he possessed a deep relationship with Chu Luyang. Thus, Chu Feng knew that he absolutely could not hand Chu Luyang to that leading elder.

Thinking of that, determination flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes. He said, “I am determined to kill Chu Luyang. Today, even the Emperor of Heaven will not be able to save him!”

Once Chu Feng said those words, the surging martial power in his palm entered Chu Luyang’s body.

Following a loud ‘boom,’ Chu Luyang’s spirit body was shattered to pieces. He had been completely killed.

“What audacity!!!” Seeing that Chu Feng had actually really killed Chu Luyang, the leading elder and the other elders were all immediately furious.

This was especially true for the leading elder. At this moment, he unleashed his overwhelming killing intent. He was planning to publicly execute Chu Feng.

“Elder Song Ming, please stay your hand. Little friend Chu Feng possesses a special relationship with Yiyi. Furthermore, he is an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. You cannot kill him,” In response, Elder Ning Shuang hurriedly moved before the elders, blocking them. He also began to plead for Chu Feng.

“Scram! I am a Sunset Cloud Valley’s Law Enforcement Elder! I see only the laws and decrees of our Sunset Cloud Valley in my eyes!”

“I do not care what sort of status that Chu Feng possesses. As long as he is someone who has committed crimes against our Sunset Cloud Valley’s laws, he shall be killed!!!” That Elder by the name of Song Ming directly pushed Elder Ning Shuang aside. As he spoke, he proceeded to move forward to attack Chu Feng.

“I shall see who dares to kill me!!!”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng raised his hand, revealing a title plate.

Upon seeing that title plate, regardless of whether it was Elder Song Ming, who was leading the crowd, or the other elders who planned to attack Chu Feng, they were all stunned.

“Death Exemption Title Plate?” After a moment of astonishment, someone blurted out those words.

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