Chapter 2252 - Beaten Till Begging For Forgiveness

Chapter 2252 - Beaten Till Begging For Forgiveness

“Humph,” Chu Feng snorted coldly at the densely packed crowd that charged to attack him from all directions.

Chu Feng swallowed a gulp of saliva. Immediately, an Immortal aura-like light started to shine from his body. It was Immortal-level spirit power, the effects of an Immortal Transformation Pellet.

In order to prevent against the unexpected, he had sealed the two remaining Immortal Transformation Pellets in his mouth through a special method.

He would be able to take them instantly the moment he wished to do so.

Right now, Chu Feng had taken the second Immortal Transformation Pellet. Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng’s cultivation was rising dramatically.

In a blink of an eye, his cultivation went from rank four Half Martial Ancestor to rank four Martial Ancestor. He had made an enormous leap in martial cultivation.

“Come! I shall see who can possibly kill me!!!”

As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In an instant, boundless Ancestral-level martial power formed a scythe and began to relentlessly slice across the surrounding crowds.

The speed of the scythe was too fast, and its power was too strong.

None of the people that had charged to attack Chu Feng were able to escape.

Instantly, screams began to sound nonstop as blood splattered all over. The several thousand individuals that had rushed to attack Chu Feng, regardless of whether they were Half Martial Ancestors or Martial Ancestors, were all instantly killed by Chu Feng. In fact, not even an intact corpse remained of them.

“This… this… how could this be?!”

Seeing this scene, not to mention the others, even Chu Luyang was stunned.

How did Chu Feng’s cultivation suddenly become this powerful? His cultivation had actually increased from rank four Half Martial Ancestor to rank four Martial Ancestor?

Even if Chu Luyang were to unleash all of his abilities, he would still only be capable of fighting against rank three Martial Ancestors. Thus, he held absolute no odds of victory when facing a rank four Martial Ancestor-level Chu Feng.

If even he had no chance of defeating Chu Feng, it would mean that there was no one in the entire Luyang’s Pavilion capable of handling Chu Feng.

“Run away!!!”

At this moment, the people of Luyang’s Pavilion started to panic. One by one, they turned around and started fleeing. They did not dare to stay in this place for a moment longer.

They had managed to react. This was simply not alerting one’s enemy at all. Instead, it was a deliberate trap cast by Chu Feng.

Today, it was true that someone was going to engage in slaughter. Merely, it would not be their Luyang’s Pavilion. Instead, it would be Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was going to massacre them. If they did not quickly flee from him now, they would meet the same fate as the people that had been killed before; they would end up miserably dying at Chu Feng’s hands.

“Damn it!”


When all of his subordinates were escaping, Chu Luyang would naturally not stay behind so that he could be killed. With a turn of his body, his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings were unleashed, increasing his cultivation from rank seven Half Martial Ancestor to rank nine Half Martial Ancestor.

Following that, light began to flicker underneath his feet as he unleashed a Heaven Taboo movement martial skill to flee from Chu Feng.

“Where do you think you’re escaping to?”

Right after Chu Luyang turned around and started escaping, before he could even flee a hundred meters away from Chu Feng, Chu Feng had already arrived before him like a phantom.

Chu Feng swung his arm and raised a strong wind as a powerful slap ruthlessly landed on Chu Luyang’s face like a shocking thunderbolt.


That slap contained extraordinary strength. The sound of the slap resonated through heaven and earth. Not only did the slap leave Chu Luyang with a bloody nose and mouth, it had also stunned him.

Not to mention continuing to escape, Chu Luyang was even powerless to continue flying. He began to fall from the sky before crashing into the ground miserably.

It was only when Chu Luyang fell to the ground that the crowd was able to see that his mouth had been beaten crooked. Half of his face had been completely twisted.

Chu Feng’s slap could be said to have ruthlessly beaten Chu Luyang.

However, it was clear that Chu Feng was still furious. After he descended to the ground, he grabbed Chu Luyang’s collar with one hand and began to go to work on Chu Luyang’s cheeks with his other hand.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow~~~”

A series of small, firecracker-like sounds began to echo nonstop. Chu Luyang’s face could be said to have been completely destroyed by Chu Feng’s beating.

In fact, it was not only his face. Chu Luyang’s entire head was nearly shattered by Chu Feng’s slaps.

After Chu Feng shattered Chu Luyang’s skull with his slaps, he raised his leg and began to ruthlessly kick at Chu Luyang’s body. Soon, he had completely shattered Chu Luyang’s body with his kicks.


Suddenly, after Chu Feng had beaten Chu Luyang to a state that could no longer be considered to be human-looking, a weak body of light rushed out from Chu Luyang’s body and began to rapidly flee into the distance.

That body of light was extremely small. It was a hundred times smaller than the size of a firefly. Unless one possessed superb eyesight, it would be simply impossible to notice that body of light otherwise.

Furthermore, that body of light was fleeing so rapidly. If it had been someone else, especially someone who was ruthlessly ravaging a body, they would definitely not notice that body of light.

However, Chu Feng noticed that body of light. He extended his hand and grabbed. Immediately, a burst of attractive energy sucked that body of light into his hand.

Right after the body of light entered his hand, Chu Feng started to clench his hand.

Once Chu Feng clenched his hand, that body of light started to rapidly increase in size. In the end, it became a body of light the size of a human.

It turned out that that body of light was Chu Luyang; it was Chu Luyang’s spirit body.

Chu Luyang was truly a wily old fox. He had used special methods to shrink the size of his spirit body. He was planning to use this method to escape.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Chu Feng, who possessed discerning eyes. Thus, even though his trick was brilliant, he was still seen through by Chu Feng with a single glance.

At this moment, Chu Feng was grabbing onto the neck of Chu Luyang’s spirit body. Waves of powerful martial power began to enter the spirit body nonstop, ravaging it.

Under this sort of situation, Chu Luyang’s spirit body grew weaker and weaker. If this were to continue, he would undoubtedly die.


“Chu Feng, we can talk things over. What we had before were merely small frictions. There is no need for us to insist on killing one another.”

“If I did anything wrong before, I will apologize and make amends to you. I will compensate you for my wrongdoings.”

“Please, please spare my life. As long as you spare my life, our grudges shall be written off at one stroke,” Chu Luyang realized that the situation was extremely bad, and started to beg Chu Feng for forgiveness.

“Small frictions? Originally, it was indeed only small frictions. However, with the way things are now, it is no longer small frictions.”

“Chu Luyang, the Sunset Cloud Valley personally stepped forth to mediate the situation between you and the Red Butterfly Society. The Red Butterfly Society had already agreed that they would no longer continue their conflict with your Luyang’s Pavilion.”

“Yet you, why, why did you have to insist on eradicating them? Why did you have to eliminate the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters? Tell me!!!” Chu Feng clenched his fist holding Chu Luyang’s neck as he shouted at Chu Luyang.

The coldness that filled Chu Feng’s eyes caused Chu Luyang to shiver with fear.

“Chu Feng, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand?”

“What did you say happened to the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters? You’re saying that the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters has been eradicated? Who did that? Who is daring enough to do such a thing?!” Chu Luyang revealed an innocent expression as he pretended to not know anything.

“You’re still pretending? I have already been to Liangchen’s Villa. Ying Liangchen already admitted to everything. It was you who incited him to eliminate the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re falsely accusing me. Chu Feng, you’re most definitely falsely accusing me.”

“Exactly what is going with that Ying Liangchen?! There are neither grievances nor grudges between him and I, why must he try to frame me like this?” Chu Luyang still refused to admit to his crimes. The reason for that was because he knew that he would definitely be killed should he admit to them, whereas he would have a chance to live should he refuse to admit to it.

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