Chapter 2251 - Beat The Grass To Scare The Snake

Chapter 2251 - Beat The Grass To Scare The Snake

After killing Ying Liangchen, Chu Feng returned to Liangchen’s Villa.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that Liangchen’s Villa has been completely leveled to the ground. All that remained were the fragments of buildings, as well as thick smoke.

Practically everyone in Liangchen’s Villa has been killed. Her Lady Queen was truly ruthless in her attacks.

At this moment, only two figures were in Liangchen’s Villa. One was Her Lady Queen Eggy. As for the other, it was the Magma Emperor.

“Chu Feng, what do you think? This Emperor not only took care of this hammer, I also helped this girl kill that old fart, helped her refine that old fart’s source energy.”

“You must consider this a meritorious service made by this Emperor. In the future, once you find a better weapons, you must set this Emperor free.” On the Magma Emperor’s enormous palm was a hammer. That hammer was Ying Liangchen’s hammer.

“Set you free? Set you free so that you can go and bring harm upon the innocent?” Chu Feng asked.

“As long as you set me free, I will definitely not go around to willfully slaughter the innocent. Where is this? This is the Outer World! This Emperor also wanted to properly experience this marvelous world,” The Magma Emperor said with an expression of anticipation.

“Rest assured, as long as you follow me properly, I will let you experience this world,” As Chu Feng spoke, he extended his hand and grabbed. The Magma Emperor returned to the form of the Magma Emperor Sword and arrived in Chu Feng’s grasp.

Chu Feng was naturally capable of returning freedom to the Magma Emperor. Merely, he did not trust that Magma Emperor at all.

For example, even its action today in assisting Eggy eliminate that Liangchen’s Villa old manager was only because it was controlled by Chu Feng. If it were not controlled by Chu Feng, Chu Feng did not think that it would have assisted Her Lady Queen in eliminating that old villa manager.

With the nature of that Magma Emperor, it would already be decent should it not attempt to attack Her Lady Queen.

After all, the Magma Emperor was an existence that had nearly destroyed the entire Holy Land of Martialism back in the day. In the end, it was an existence that possessed a demonic nature.

No, to be exact, it was a demon.

“Chu Feng, it seems that you’ve settled that Ying Liangchen?” Eggy walked over and asked.

“Mn. He is settled,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Then, where are we going to now?” Eggy asked.

“Luyang’s Pavilion,” Chu Feng said.

“Right away?” Eggy was surprised. She naturally knew that Chu Feng wanted to kill Chu Luyang. Yet, she had never expected him to be this impatient.

“Even though it was Ying Liangchen and the people of his Liangchen’s Villa that killed Senior Liu and the other elders of the Red Butterfly Society, the main perpetrator is Chu Luyang.”

“I do not wish to give that animal another day to live,” Chu Feng said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s kill to our satisfaction,” After Her Lady Queen said those words, she returned to Chu Feng’s world spirit space through the world spirit gate.

As for Chu Feng, he began to proceed for Luyang’s Pavilion directly.

Actually, with that letter in hand, Chu Feng could have directly handed that letter to Xu Yiyi’s master and have him eliminate Chu Luyang.

However, Chu Feng was afraid of the situation changing. Furthermore, he wanted to personally eliminate Chu Luyang. Thus, he decided to act first and report later, to kill Chu Luyang first before mentioning what had happened to the Sunset Cloud Valley.

After all, no matter what, Luyang’s Pavilion was a subsidiary power of the Sunset Cloud Valley. As such, Chu Feng could not kill Chu Luyang without reason or cause. If he were to kill Chu Luyang, he needed to provide a reasonable justification.

However, as Chu Feng possessed that letter, it had become very easy for him to explain.

Chu Feng did not cause any alarm upon arriving at Luyang’s Pavilion. Instead, he disguised himself as a guard of Luyang’s Pavilion and infiltrated into it.

He was planning to survey whether or not Chu Luyang was in Luyang’s Pavilion. Only if Chu Luyang was present would Chu Feng reveal himself. After all, his only target was Chu Luyang.

At this moment, Chu Feng had arrived at the depths of Luyang’s Pavilion. Furthermore, through the use of his Heaven’s Eyes, he discovered Chu Luyang in a heavily guarded palace ahead.

Chu Luyang was taking a noon nap. Women surrounded his side. However, to Chu Feng’s fury, there were actually children among those females.

That Chu Luyang was truly scum. He actually even defiled children. He was simply worse than an animal.

Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. “Chu Luyang, get the hell out here!!!” Following that, he raised his hand and shot a punch at the palace.


However, his sleeping chamber was protected by a spirit formation. Although his fist strike was very powerful, it was unable to destroy the palace.

Instead, Chu Feng had beaten the grass and scared the snake; he had alarmed Luyang’s Pavilion. Immediately, countless Luyang’s Pavilion experts rushed forth and surrounded Chu Feng.

No matter what, Luyang’s Pavilion remained an actual tier three power. Their overall strength surpassed even that of the Red Butterfly Society. Their guards were numerous, and their strength was very strong; they were definitely not a power that Liangchen’s Villa could compare to.

“Chu Feng? It’s you?!”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, many of the people from Luyang’s Pavilion were shocked. None of them had expected Chu Feng to dare to come here.

At this moment, Chu Luyang finished putting his clothes on and flew out from his palace. After seeing Chu Feng, he also felt extremely surprised.

“Hahaha…” After his moment of surprise, Chu Luyang burst into frantic laughter.

“Chu Feng, oh Chu Feng, I truly never expected that you would dare to walk right into a trap,” At this moment, Chu Luyang was overjoyed. He looked to Chu Feng and said, “Before, you were sheltered by Xu Yiyi, making me unable to kill you. However, there is now no one to protect you.”

“Chu Luyang, you’ve done countless evil deeds. Today, I have come to take your dog life,” Chu Feng spoke coldly.

“Take my life? With merely you?”

“Oh, I’ve nearly forgotten. You’re no longer a rank two Half Martial Ancestor, but are instead a rank four Half Martial Ancestor now. Your cultivation has increased quite quickly, no?”

“Oh, that’s right, you’re also an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Your status is enormously superior to before. Likely, a lot of powers will want to curry favors with you, no?” Chu Luyang said mockingly. It seemed that his sources of news were extremely fast and abundant, for him to have already heard about what had happened on Mount Cloud Crane.

“Truth be told, your identity as an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist is truly sufficient to cause many people to become afraid of you.”

“Likely, any other third tier power would not dare to kill an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist like you. After all, Immortal-cloak World Spiritists are so rare. The death of one would be a pity to the entire Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.”

“However, if you dared to come create troubles for me with that on your mind, then you would be thinking wrongly.”

“While others might not dare to kill you, I, Chu Luyang, will definitely not spare you. The more astonishing talent you reveal, the more I, Chu Luyang, must kill you.”

“Brothers of Luyang’s Pavilion, listen up! Seize that Chu Feng! Today, whoever it is that manages to take that Chu Feng’s head shall be greatly rewarded by me!” Chu Luyang shouted.

“Kill!!!!” Once those words were spoken, the experts of Luyang’s Pavilion reacted as if they had been scattered with chicken blood. One by one, they started to roar before charging to attack Chu Feng from all sides. [1. It is said that chicken blood makes one go berserk.]

Blade rays, sword silhouettes and martial skills filled the sky. From all directions, they came at Chu Feng.

How could this possibly be considered to be taking Chu Feng’s head? They were simply planning to destroy Chu Feng completely.

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