Chapter 2254 - The Situation Turning Bad

Chapter 2254 - The Situation Turning Bad

After seeing the title plate Chu Feng held in his hand, Elder Ning Shuang finally took a sigh of relief.

The reason for that was because the title plate Chu Feng held in his hand was the same title plate that Xu Yiyi had given him that day. It was an actual Death Exemption Title Plate. With that title plate in hand, regardless of what sort of crime Chu Feng might have committed, the people of the Sunset Cloud Valley were still not allowed to kill him.

Otherwise, this would mean that they were refusing to give Xu Yiyi’s master face.

Unless it was the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master or Xu Yiyi’s master, there was no one else in the Sunset Cloud Valley with the authority to kill Chu Feng.

Thus, the so-called Law Enforcement Elders present would naturally not have the authority to execute Chu Feng.

“It would seem that I will not be dying today,” As Chu Feng saw the expressions of those elders, their expressions that seemed as if they had been fed feces, Chu Feng’s lips lifted into a cold smile.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, that Elder Song Ming was so furious that he started to gnash his teeth angrily. Even though the distance between them was very far away, Chu Feng was actually capable of hearing the sound of his teeth gnashing.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now,” Chu Feng said those words and then turned to leave.

“Stop right there!” Elder Song Ming shouted. Following that, his oppressive might of a rank six Martial Ancestor swept forth and completely sealed off this region of space, trapping Chu Feng.

“What are you doing?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

“What am I doing? You’ve killed Chu Luyang. I should be executing you. However, since you have Elder Su’s Death Exemption Title Plate in hand, I will take Elder Su into consideration, and spare you for now.”

“However, just because I am not going to kill you today does not mean that I will let you get away. I will bring you back to our Sunset Cloud Valley and hand you to the Lord Law Enforcement Head Elder, as well as Lord Valley Master to personally handle.”

“Men! Arrest that child!” Elder Song Ming shouted.

Once his command left his mouth, the Sunset Cloud Valley’s elders all flew toward Chu Feng. Using special ropes, they tied Chu Feng up.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng would naturally not wish to be captured. However, that Elder Song Ming’s strength was that of a rank six Martial Ancestor.

Faced with him as an opponent, Chu Feng would not be able to match him even if he were to take the last Immortal Transformation Pellet to increase his cultivation to that of a rank five Martial Ancestor.

Thus, escape would be impossible. As such, instead of struggling powerlessly, Chu Feng felt that it would be better to just give in and follow them.

After all, he would be able to provide a proper explanation after arriving at the Sunset Cloud Valley.

As concrete evidence was present, that Chu Luyang deserved to die. Chu Feng refused to believe that the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master would be unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and kill Chu Feng because he killed someone that deserved to be killed.

After that, Chu Feng was arrested and escorted to the Sunset Cloud Valley.

On the way there, the effect of Chu Feng’s Immortal Transformation Pellet soon dissipated. In an instant, he went from a cultivation of rank four Martial Ancestor back to that of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

“Your cultivation has returned to normal now? Although I do not know what sort of method you used to increase your cultivation, I detest people like you who use despicable methods to increase their cultivations the most,” Elder Song Ming mocked Chu Feng. His tone was filled with contempt.

The other elders also cast gazes of contempt toward Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored their gazes of contempt.

“Little friend Chu Feng, hear me out. You do not need to respond,” Right at this moment, a voice transmission quietly entered Chu Feng’s ears. It was Elder Ning Shuang.

“Chu Feng, our Sunset Cloud Valley’s upper echelons have already found out about what you’ve done on Mount Cloud Crane. There is one thing that I must tell you.”

“Li Rui’s master, Elder Touba, is an extraordinary existence in our Sunset Cloud Valley. He is the Head Elder of the Law Enforcement Department.” [1. Oh hey, another Tuoba as the head of the Punishment/Law Enforcement Department.]

“As for these people, they are all part of the Law Enforcement Department. Thus, to put it simply, they are all subordinates to Li Rui’s master.”

“Furthermore, Xu Yiyi’s master, Elder Su, is currently in closed-door training. If Li Rui’s master insists on punishing you, I’m afraid that there will not be anyone that will speak up for or plead leniency for you,” Elder Ning Shuang said through voice transmission.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown.

Back then, it was Xu Yiyi’s master, Elder Su Jingrui, who had declared that Luyang’s Pavilion and the Red Butterfly Society were not allowed to be enemies again, that he would eliminate them should they do so.

However, he had only said those words, and not left behind any concrete instructions.

Unless he were to testify to that matter himself, and inform others that he had indeed said those words, it would be very difficult for others to testify for Chu Feng.

If Elder Su did not appear to testify, even if Chu Feng were capable of proving that Chu Luyang had secretly prompted Liangchen’s Villa to eliminate the Red Butterfly Society’s headquarters, Luyang’s Pavilion would likely not be charged with any wrongdoings.

After all, Luyang’s Pavilion was the Sunset Cloud Valley’s subsidiary power, whereas the Red Butterfly Society was not. Thus, so what if Chu Luyang eliminated the Red Butterfly Society?

However, it was true that Chu Feng had eliminated Chu Luyang. If the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Law Enforcement Division was determined to take care of Chu Feng, the current situation for Chu Feng would be very bad.

“However, little friend Chu Feng, right now, there is good news too. That is, you’re an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Our Lord Valley Master is a person fond of talented individuals. As long as you can provide a proper explanation, there is still leeway for this matter.”

“And as long as we can wait until Elder Su leaves his closed-door training to explain this matter, and inform Lord Valley Master that he had indeed declared those words, it would mean that Luyang’s Pavilion was in the wrong first. With that, you will be able to be set free without fault of crime,” Elder Ning Shuang continued.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng nodded at Elder Ning Shuang.

Chu Feng was very thankful toward Elder Ning Shuang, and not only because of what he had said.

Chu Feng was very grateful toward Elder Ning Shuang merely because of his arrival here today.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that if Elder Ning Shuang were not present today, the people from the Sunset Cloud Valley would definitely not have spared him.

Not to mention bringing Chu Feng back to the Sunset Cloud Valley, even if Chu Feng possessed the Death Exemption Title Plate in hand, they would still have executed him on the spot.

Thus, Chu Feng was fortunate that Elder Ning Shuang had been present. It was only because of his presence that Chu Feng managed to escape a calamity and not die by the hands of these Law Enforcement Elders.

After journeying for some time, Chu Feng was brought back to the Sunset Cloud Valley.

Merely, to Chu Feng’s surprise, that Elder Song Ming did not announce this matter.

Not only did he not report this matter, he even used the reasoning that he had an important matter to bring Elder Ning Shuang to the Law Enforcement Department.

As for Chu Feng, he was directly brought to the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master’s residence.

“Chu Feng, this situation is amiss,” The sharp-minded Queen detected that the situation was amiss.

“I’ve also noticed it. They have deliberately taken Elder Ning Shuang away. Evidently, they do not wish to make this matter public, they do not want Xu Yiyi and the others to know that I’ve been captured and brought back here.”

“They are planning to execute me with lightning speed,” Chu Feng said.

“What are we to do then?” Her Lady Queen started to panic slightly. After all, Chu Feng was currently a lamb in a tiger’s den. He had no choice but to allow himself to be punished by others.

“The situation is not that bad either. Fortunately, Elder Ning Shuang has witnessed everything and knows about what happened. Thus, they do not dare to put me to death directly.”

“They will still have to bring me to their Valley Master and have him personally convict me of my crime. Only by doing that will they be able to cast themselves from responsibilities.”

“Like that, they will be able to have excuses when they see Xu Yiyi’s master in the future.”

“However, as long as I meet the Sunset Cloud Valley’s Valley Master, I will have the opportunity to explain the situation. I will then have the chance to continue to survive,” Chu Feng said.

“Let’s hope that’s the case,” Her Lady Queen was still worried.

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