Chapter 1098 - The Outcome of the Battle

MGA: Chapter 1098 - The Outcome of the Battle

To casually use three Mortal Taboos at once stunned everyone present.

However, it was not Bai Ruochen’s true intention. After those three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills appeared, she did not immediately go on the offensive against Chu Feng. Instead, with a thought from her, she caused the three colossal monsters above her to fuse into one.

The three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills ended up becoming a single Mortal Taboo Martial Skill. Moreover, the might and strength of this Mortal Taboo Martial Skill was even more powerful than the three combined.

Flames, a roaring voice, sharp fangs and claws; if it was said that the three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills from before all possessed distinctive appearances and displayed their strong points, then the current Mortal Taboo Martial Skill fused from the three would be an unpredictable and fierce demonic beast. Not only did it possess an unpredictable form, it also contained the power to destroy the heavens and the earth.

“Martial Skill fusion, she actually fused Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. Moreover, she fused three of them!”

Seeing this scene, all the people from the crowd breathed in a mouthful of cold air. They discovered that they still had actually underestimated Bai Ruochen. What Bai Ruochen did was not as simple as just simultaneously using three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills.

“It appears that Ruochen has finally become serious. In this situation, how would that Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple defend against it? This is truly causing me to be filled with anticipation.” Right at the moment when everyone was being stunned, Bai Ruochen’s mother, this extraordinary Madam Sectmaster, was extremely calm.

As Bai Ruochen’s mother, she knew her daughter’s strength extremely well. Thus, regardless of what sort of techniques and skills Bai Ruochen might display, she, as her mother, would not be surprised. After all, all of this was something that she was already well aware of.

However, she was not a simple character. At the time when everyone’s attention was focused on whether Chu Feng would be able to defend against Bai Ruochen’s attack or not, she noticed that, even though Bai Ruochen fused three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills, Chu Feng still had a calm and collected expression on his face.

This meant that Chu Feng possessed a certain level of confidence in himself in being able to answer Bai Ruochen’s attack. However, what she was unsure of was how Chu Feng would answer it. Thus, she was looking forward to it greatly.

“Chu Feng. I shall borrow your words. Are you going to admit defeat, or do you want me to force you out of the outer circle?”

“If you were to admit your defeat, you would still be able to enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. However, if you refuse to admit defeat, I will not be able to guarantee that you will remain alive after this attack of mine.” Bai Ruochen spoke. At this moment, confidence appeared on her icy-cold and incomparably beautiful face.

“Heh…” However, to the advice given him by Bai Ruochen, Chu Feng merely chuckled lightly. He then said, “It seems that you have decided to have me force you out of the inner circle.”

“Ingrate.” Seeing that Chu Feng actually did not put her in his eyes, Bai Ruochen was enraged once again. With an intention, the fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Skill that floated above her began to snarl. With an oppressive might that appeared to be able to bring about the destruction of the heavens and the earth, it descended from above as if to bring about punishment to Chu Feng.

“What a frightening might.”

As that fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Skill descend from above, not only did it cause the surrounding space to crumble, it made even the earth below tremble like an earthquake.

Before this sort of scene, not to mention the disciples of the Ascension Sect, even those two elders began to sweat cold sweat. Even though this attack was not aimed at them, they still felt fear from it because it was truly too terrifying. If the attack had been aimed at them, then they would definitely have been killed.

However, who would’ve thought that before such a terrifying attack, Chu Feng would actually close his eyes. Moreover, at this moment, with Chu Feng as the center, the space around him began to tremble.

At this moment, the trembling of Chu Feng’s surroundings began to grow stronger and stronger. There were even spatial cracks appearing. An extremely powerful aura was pressuring the space around him so intensely that it was about to shatter it completely.

In this sort of circumstance, the boundless king level martial power from nature began to gather towards Chu Feng like a hurricane.

“This sensation, could it be?!” Sensing the change brought forth by Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen’s expression also changed, as if she had realized something.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng abruptly opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, an extremely sharp aura emerged from them.

“Darn it!”

Seeing the change in Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen immediately started to panic. That was because she determined that her guess was correct; Chu Feng really had grasped the technique that she had guessed.

At this moment, she urged all of her strength to accelerate her fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Skill toward Chu Feng. She wanted to defeat Chu Feng before he could use his technique.

However, she still underestimated Chu Feng. At this moment, numerous crimson colored gases were already being emitted from Chu Feng’s body.

Those gases were extremely strange. While they appeared to be very sharp in shape, they also appeared to be very fluid. Not only were there an innumerable amount of them, they were also emitting wails like ghosts and howls like wolves. Those noises were extremely terrifying; it was as if they were demons from the underworld.

Most importantly, at the moment when the crimson colored gases appeared, the sky immediately changed in color. Not only did these gases possess a frightening power, their speed was also astonishingly fast. In merely an instant, they had covered every corner of this region of sky.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s lips moved. One word at a time, he said, “Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash!!!”

“First slash!”


As his voice landed, it was like the command of a ruler. Those strange and frightening gases gave off a howl and then, bringing with them the might to destroy heaven and earth, charged toward Bai Ruochen’s incoming fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Technique.

In the end, with a loud ‘kacha’ sound, a crimson colored cross-shaped slash landed the fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Skill.

“Boom.” After that single strike, the fusion Mortal Taboo Martial Skill that contained a boundless might was turned into boundless mists and a fierce hurricane as it dissipated.

Bai Ruochen’s martial skill that fused three different Mortal Taboo Martial Skills was easily defeated by Chu Feng.

Such a scene stunned everyone. Astonishment filled their wide-open eyes.

“Second slash!”

However, Chu Feng did not stop his attack. Without giving anyone any time to react, Chu Feng lightly shouted once again. At that time, another crimson colored slash appeared and charged toward Bai Ruochen.

Before the force of that crimson colored slash, everywhere it passed, and even the space before it, began to shatter like broken glass.

“Damn it!”

Chu Feng’s Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash appeared too suddenly. Moreover, its might surpassed everyone’s imagination. Before it, Bai Ruochen had no alternatives. In order to live, she could only move her body and jump backwards, away from the slash.


However, right at this moment, that crimson colored slash suddenly dissolved. It was actually dispelled by Chu Feng. At the same time, the frightening oppressive might emitting from Chu Feng’s body also disappeared. Tranquility returned to the surrounding space.

The crowd was a bit surprised by Chu Feng’s unexpected action. Originally, they thought that Chu Feng’s power was limited, and that he had become unable to continue using this terrifying martial skill. However, when they saw that Chu Feng still had a rosy complexion and appeared to not be affected in the slightest, they knew that he did indeed have the ability to continue.

When the crowd cast their gazes toward Bai Ruochen, they suddenly came to a realization.

It turned out that in order to dodge Chu Feng’s Earth Taboo Martial Skill, Bai Ruochen had already jumped out from the inner circle.

The outcome of this sparring was determined. The Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple Chu Feng had won.