Chapter 1097 - Three Consecutive Strikes

MGA: Chapter 1097 - Three Consecutive Strikes

“Dragon Whipping The World!”

It was exactly as Chu Feng have expected, after Bai Ruochen displayed her might, she launched an attack at him.

The Platinum Dragon Whip that flickered with a silvery light now appeared like an actual living dragon as it lashed toward Chu Feng. A frightening oppressive might invisible to the naked eye also came crashing toward Chu Feng.

That oppressive might cause even the space to tremble; there was no need to mention its effect on Chu Feng. However, even though this was the case, Chu Feng did not cower in the slightest. Instead, his eyes were filled with confidence.

“This move is created by me utilizing the characteristic of the Demon Sealing Sword. This is the first time since I’ve created it that I am using it. This move is still nameless at the moment. Today, I shall name it Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng brandished the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand. His pitch-black sword drew a crescent shaped arc in mid-air. After that, an enormous crescent shaped light ray emerged explosively from the arc.

Dark black colored light rays, they were the commonly used attacks by Chu Feng when he was holding the Demon Sealing Sword. However, the light ray this time around was completely different from before.

Not only did its size increase by tenfold, even its might was increased by tenfold. Most importantly, when the crescent shaped light ray appeared, terrifying sounds was heard from the light ray.

Those sounds sounded like weeping, screaming, snarling, and the cry of beasts. Occasionally, it sounded like the crying of grievances from souls. Occasionally, it sounded like the display of might from demons. Essentially, it was extremely frightening.

As for this, this was the peak strength of the Demon Sealing Sword.

As implied by the name of the Demon Sealing Sword, the Demon Sealing Sword was a sword used to seal demons. Its true strength lies not on the sword itself; instead, it lies on the evils sealed within the sword.

At this moment, Chu Feng have lifted the seal off the evils. Moreover, he ingeniously fused them to his own attack, creating a completely new attack, the Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash.

As for the reason why Chu Feng decided to name it the Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash, it was because the first time Chu Feng used this move was to deal with Bai Ruochen’s Dragon Whipping The World.

Thus, as implied by its name, Chu Feng planned to use this move to destroy Bai Ruochen’s Dragon Whipping The World.

Actually, these two moves displayed from apex Royal Armaments both possessed world-shaking might. They were both exceedingly terrifying. However, as for which skill was stronger and which was weaker, that would soon be determined.


As the world trembled, as the crowd watched from the sidelines, Chu Feng’s Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash and Bai Ruochen’s Dragon Whipping The World finally collided.

Bai Ruochen’s Dragon Whipping The World was cast by her Royal Armament itself. Although it was fierce, it still remained that its user Bai Ruochen was a female. Her techniques were more of an incorporation of both strength and gentleness rather than one of only strength.

As for Chu Feng’s Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash, it was completely different for him. There was close to no flaw in his tyrannic strength. Thus, this allowed him to display the might of his attack beautifully. In the end, he managed to obtain dominance.

“Swoosh. Rustle.”

The collision of their two attacks created an enormous ripple. However, the might of the Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash was more powerful. Moreover, the two attacks ended up in a direct collision, attacking one another. This lead to the Platinum Dragon Whip being sent flying back back alongside the appearance of the ripple.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen tightly held onto the Platinum Dragon Whip. However, because the power that was sending the Platinum Dragon Whip flying was truly too powerful, it leads to her being unable to control the Platinum Dragon Whip and actually get flipped a circle in midair by the Platinum Dragon Whip that continued to fly backwards. She was nearly flung out from the inner circle.

“This... Eldest senior sister actually…”

Although neither party were injured in the aftermath, it remained that Chu Feng stood where he was originally and was not affected in the slightest while Bai Ruochen was flipped three hundred sixty degrees by her own Royal Armament.

This slight difference was sufficient to determine the victor. In this battle, Chu Feng’s Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash was indeed stronger than Bai Ruochen’s Dragon Whipping The World. The name he gave it, ‘Dragon Slaying,’ was not in vain.

However, this result was something that the Ascension Sect’s people could not believe.

Who was Bai Ruochen? She was their Ascension Sect’s trump card that they planned to stun all of the powers in the Cyanwood Mountain with.

However, such a powerful Bai Ruochen actually did not manage to obtain any advantage in her several exchanges with Chu Feng. To the people from the Ascension Sect, this was an enormous shock, an inconceivable event.

Even though Chu Feng have used special means to increase his cultivation to the same level as Bai Ruochen’s, rank three Martial King.

It remained that Chu Feng’s true cultivation was that of a rank one Martial King. In other words, doesn’t this mean that this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple was truly even more powerful than Bai Ruochen?

“Do you still want to continue? Are you going to admit your defeat now or do I have to force you out from the inner circle?” For his Dragon Slaying Demon Sealing Slash to be the victor in the contest, this brought about a great amount of joy to Chu Feng. With a beaming smile, he asked Bai Ruochen.

To everyone’s surprise, Bai Ruochen who was thoroughly enraged by Chu Feng earlier had actually calmed down and said. “As matters stand, I have no choice but to admit that you’re very powerful.”

“However, this sparring concerned one’s honor; there is no way that I will ever admit defeat.”

As Bai Ruochen said those words, a faintly detectable fierceness appeared on her beautiful face. This genius woman has finally become completely serious.

However, while that the contest earlier was definitely not Bai Ruochen’s trump card, Chu Feng was no ordinary character either. Thus, he displayed a relieved smile and said. “In that case, you want me to force you out from the inner circle?”

“Heh, it is not that you are going to force me out from the inner circle, it is I who am going to force you out from the outer circle.”

Suddenly, a cold grin emerged on Bai Ruochen’s mouth. After that, the fierceness in her eyes became even stronger. Layers upon layers of boundless king level martial power began to burst forth from her body.

She tightly held her Platinum Dragon Whip with one hand. As for the other hand, she suddenly extended it open and shouted. “Mortal Taboo, Triple Strike!”

Once Bai Ruochen said those words, her fail and soft body began to burst forth with powerful and fierce king level martial power like an exploding volcano.

Most shockingly, after the fierce king level martial powers left Bai Ruochen’s body, they formed three life forms and stood in the airspace above Bai Ruochen.

A thousand-meter-long enormous dragon. With a body covered in flames that surged nonstop.

A hundred-meter-long sword. With a silver body, it was flickering with light.

A tall and enormous creature. With body covered in sharp blades, it was snarling repeatedly.

These were not true life forms. Instead, they were three powerful martial skills.

They were not ordinary martial skills. Instead, they were Taboo Martial Skills that contained Taboo Power. [1. Not sure about this, this is literally what they said. If there’s a special term for taboo power, do suggest.]

Three types of Taboo Martial Skills were displayed by Bai Ruochen at once. Most importantly, her long hair was fluttering, giving her the formidable might of a queen, and complexion remained rosy like before. This meant that even though she has displayed three such a martial skill, she was not majorly affected.

“She actually simultaneously used three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. Too terrifying! Is this eldest senior sister’s true strength?” Seeing this scene, all of the Ascension Sect’s disciples was stunned.

As the core disciples of the Ascension Sect, they naturally also knew Mortal Taboo Martial Skills. However, they also knew how frightening Mortal Taboo Martial Skills were. To use three Mortal Taboo Martial Skills at once, this was truly a powerful display.

“This girl, she’s actually this powerful.” Actually, at this moment, even Sikong Zhaixing’s face was covered with shock. He was stunned by Bai Ruochen’s display of her skills.