Chapter 1099 - I Have A Matter That I’d Like To Request

MGA: Chapter 1099 - I Have A Matter That I’d Like To Request

Silence. At this moment, silence filled the region. Everyone’s eyes were fixed onto the sky above.

Shock. It was impossible for them to not be shocked. When Bai Ruochen, the trump card of their Ascension Sect, was defeated by a Southern Cyanwood Forest that they looked down upon, the emotions that filled their hearts were not simply shock and astonishment.

“Clap clap clap…” However, right at this moment, a loud and clear applause was suddenly heard.

Shifting their gazes toward the sound, the crowd saw a white-haired old man standing not far in the distance and clapping his hands in applause.

This old man had a truly aged appearance. He appeared to have lived for at least two hundred years. However, he had a kind appearance as well; especially that smile on his face, it gave off a very amiable feeling.

“We pay our respects to Lord Sectmaster.” Upon seeing this individual, the people of the Ascension Sect, with the exception of Madam Sectmaster and Bai Ruochen, all hurried to courteously greet him.

Even Sikong Zhaixing did not dare to be disrespectful; he cupped his fist respectfully to greet this old man. “Southern Cyanwood Forest’s headmaster also pays his respects to the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster.”

“Hey, Headmaster Sikong, we are of the same generation. There is no need for you to pay such respects to me. You can just call me by my name.” While the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster said those words, he had already arrived before Sikong Zhaixing and helped him up.

“Since Sectmaster Zhou said it like this, then Sikong Zhaixing will also treat you as a close friend.” Seeing this, Sikong Zhaixing also stopped trying to be formal.

“Hey, that’s more like it.” The Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster nodded. He then looked to Chu Feng and asked, “Little friend, may I know of your famed name?”

“Junior’s name is Chu Feng. I pay my respects to senior sectmaster.” Chu Feng responded respectfully.

“Little friend, you are truly talented. You were actually able to use an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill with such ease; for my daughter to be defeated by you, that too is reasonable.”

The Ascension Sect’s Sect Master nodded. He then turned to Sikong Zhaixing and said, “Headmaster Sikong, you have truly obtained a great disciple. Congratulations, congratulations.”

The words spoken by the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster caused Sikong Zhaixing to beam with smiles while lightly nodding to show that he had received the praise.

“Senior sectmaster, earlier, Miss Bai said that as long as I could force her out of the inner circle, this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda would remain our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s possession and that your Ascension Sect would not make use of it anymore. May I know if these words are still valid?” Chu Feng suddenly asked.

“Of course. Since I have already consented to this matter, we will definitely keep our word.” Right at this moment, the Madam Sectmaster suddenly spoke. As she spoke, she flew over to the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster’s side. Then, with a charming smile, she asked, “Isn’t that right, Zhixian?”

“Heh, since you have already consented to it, those words would naturally be valid. Furthermore, this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda is something made by the Southern Cyanwood Forest to begin with.” The Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster smiled as he nodded. It could be seen that their relationship was very good.

However, from Chu Feng’s point of view, he believed that Bai Ruochen’s mother would be, at the very most, forty years old, and her beauty was still present. As for the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster, he had lived for at least two hundred years and was a true rotten old man.

As for their strength, both of them were unfathomably powerful. Chu Feng was unable to determine who was stronger and who was weaker. From that, even if the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster was stronger, he would likely not be that much stronger than the Madam Sectmaster.

Comparatively, the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster truly appeared to be a bit unable to match up to his beautiful Madam Sectmaster. After all, the Madam Sectmaster possessed such cultivation at such an age. When she reached the Acension Sect’s Sectmaster’s age, her cultivation would definitely surpass the Acension Sect’s Sectmaster by leaps and bounds.

Thus, Chu Feng was confused. With how outstanding this Madam Sectmaster was, and how she possessed a genius daughter like Bai Ruochen, it meant that her talent in martial cultivation must be extremely high. Why then would she marry the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster?

Perhaps she had an ulterior motive? However, Chu Feng was unable to determine what this Acension Sect could have that she would want.

Since he was unable to determine it, Chu Feng decided not to bother with it. After all, this was not something related to him. Moreover, neither the Acension Sect’s Sectmaster nor Bai Ruochen’s mother appeared to be muddled people. Since he was willing to have her as his wife, then no one had the right to interfere.

Thus, Chu Feng also took the gazes of the crowd into consideration. He pointed to the formation the ninety-nine Ascension Sect disciples used to train earlier and said, “Since the words are valid, when will you all be removing this formation?”

“Little friend, go ahead and enter the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda first. When you return from the pagoda, I will remove this formation.” The Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster said.

“That would be fine.” Seeing this, Chu Feng also did not bother with superfluous words anymore. He proceeded to walk directly toward the widely opened entrance of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please wait a moment.” However, right at this moment, the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster spoke and stopped Chu Feng.

“Senior Sectmaster, is there something you need?” Chu Feng asked.

“This old man indeed has a matter that I’d like to request of you,” said the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster.

“Senior, please speak,” said Chu Feng.

The Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster did not directly respond to Chu Feng. Instead, he looked to the two elders and the ninety-nine disciples, and said, “Elders, the time is late. You can take these disciples and return.”

“Yes.” Seeing this, the two elders and the ninety-nine disciples hurriedly left. They did not dare to stay here anymore.

At this moment, Chu Feng realized that if the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster truly wanted to request something of him, then that matter would definitely be a confidential matter. At the very least, it was something that these elders and disciples did not know about.

As expected, after those elders and disciples left, the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster spoke. He first looked to Sikong Zhaixing and said, “I believe that Headmaster Sikong knew that my master, our Ascension Sect’s previous sectmaster, passed away five years ago.”

“I have heard about Senior Liu passing away.” Sikong Zhaixing nodded.

“In that case, does Headmaster Sikong know how my master died?” the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster asked.

“Senior Liu possessed an unfathomable cultivation. However, he was very old. I believe that he should’ve died from old age?” said Sikong Zhaixing.

“You are half correct. My master was indeed reaching the limit of his life. However, he did not die of old age. Instead, he died in this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.” The Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster said.

“Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda?” Hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing was unable to contain his shock.

“Truth be told, it was not just your Southern Cyanwood Forest that failed to reach the peak of this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. No one else has managed to do it either. Even all of our Ascension Sect’s successive generations of seniors have failed to reach the peak.”

“My master, during his youth, was already a top-rated genius within our Ascension Sect. Even after he entered the Cyanwood Mountain, he became a famous core disciple there. If it wasn’t for him insisting on returning to the Ascension Sect, then he would definitely possess a very high status within the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“It could be said that he left behind many legends in his lifetime of cultivation. However, he was also one of the many people that lost in their challenge against this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda.”

“This was a matter that gnawed at my master’s heart his entire life. Thus, he wanted to, before his death from old age, attempt to challenge the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda once more.”

“However, who would’ve thought that after he entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he would never return.”

“After a year of my master not returning, I knew that my master might’ve encountered a mishap within the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. Thus, I declared to the outer world that my master had died,” said the Ascension Sect’s Sectmaster.

“Senior sectmaster, wouldn’t you know whether that senior is alive or not just by going in there and checking?” asked Chu Feng.

“I have tried entering it before. However, the pressure within the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda was truly too enormous. When I reached the seventh floor, I was unable to take another step.”

“As for my master, it was said that he could reach the eighth floor. Thus, I am unable to see my master.” The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster shook his head.