Chapter 1013 - The person who will destroy you all

MGA: Chapter 1013 - The person who will destroy you all

“Haha. Oh how truly ignorant, oh how truly uneducated. Brother Chu Feng, that is what you are.” At this time, that Zhao Shaoqiu also spoke. However, compared to the cutting remarks from Luo Lian, this Zhao Shaoqiu actually started to laugh out loud. The contempt within his words was simply something that could be seen with one’s eyes.

“Earlier when you were before the Occult Blood Church, did you ever dare to speak like this to them?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and asked.

“You…” Once Chu Feng said those words, Zhao Shaoqiu immediately became speechless. Even the smile that he had on his face instantly disappeared. Replacing it was an expression like someone that had sniffed a pair of stinky socks.

That was because when he was before the Occult Blood Church, not only did he not dare to speak with them in the manner that he spoke with Chu Feng now, he did not even have the courage to open his mouth. His cowardice was to the extreme.

“What sort of qualifications do you have to berate Shaoqiu? You must know that it is the Occult Blood Church that we’re talking about here. They are people that murder without blinking their eyes. They are vicious and merciless monsters!”

“It is only because now that they’re not here that you dare to speak such words. If the people from the Occult Blood Church were to truly appear before you, you would definitely be so scared that you’d end up pissing your pants and become unable to stand still.” Seeing Chu Feng actually insulting the person that she admired, Luo Lian was immediately enraged. She opened her mouth and angrily denounced Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s patience was limited. Earlier, he did not wish to bicker with Luo Lian because she was a woman and because he was giving face to the elderly man. However, with how she was unable to recognize others’ good intentions, Chu Feng was unable to continue to yield to her.

However, Chu Feng suddenly gave up on that idea and did not refute Luo Lian. That was because he had managed to sense something. Moreover, the matter that he sensed didn’t appear to be good. However, to Chu Feng, it might be something good.

“Humph. What is it? You can’t say anything now? You’re nothing more than trash from the Southern Sea Region. You simply do not even understand what the Holy Land of Martialism is.”

“Get away. Let me see exactly what you did to my younger sister Lil Ru. If something bad was to happen to her, I would definitely not let you get away with it.” Seeing that Chu Feng did not speak back, that Luo Lian became even more pleased with herself. She actually wanted to charge into the house.

“Boom~~~~~” However, right at this moment, a gale suddenly rose at the direction of the Magnificent Brocade City. A majestic oppressive might came crushing down toward them from the distant horizon.

“Wuuuwa.” Before this oppressive might, Luo Lian immediately lost her balance and fell to the ground, landing on her butt. Even that Zhao Shaoqiu’s foot slipped and fell to the ground.

However, Chu Feng’s movement was very fast. He immediately held Grandfather Luo before he fell. At the instant when Chu Feng’s palm caught Grandfather Luo, a flash of astonishment shined in Grandfather Luo’s aged eyes. When he looked to Chu Feng again, his eyes were filled with radiance. He had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

Under the protection of Chu Feng, Grandfather Luo ended up being safe and sound. He who had already lost his cultivation not only did not fall, he did not even sway. Instead, he was steadily standing there without being oppressed by the might.

However, not a single person took note of the change that had happened to his elderly self. That was because Luo Lian and Zhao Shaoqiu’s gazes were focused upon the scene in the horizon. Moreover, the two of them were terrified.

From the direction where the oppressive might have originated from, two figures rapidly flew over. Moreover, the two of them landed outside the courtyard.

They were two men. Both of them were middle aged and possessed the cultivation of level one Martial Lord. They wore black clothes and had strange things drawn on their faces. From a single glance, the two of them seemed like ghosts. Furthermore, they had sinister smiles on their faces and were currently walking toward the inside of the courtyard one step at a time.

“Hehehe, little beauty, earlier when our senior martial brothers and sisters were present, it was inconvenient for us to do anything to you. However now, you cannot escape.” The two men had already walked into the courtyard. However, their gazes had been fixed upon Luo Lian the entire time. It turned out that the two of them were people from the Occult Blood Church.

“What, what are you two planning to do?” Luo Lian was no fool, she had already guessed the answer. But, she did not wish for that to be the reality.

That was because she had heard about the malicious methods of the Occult Blood Church. The women of the Occult Blood Church possessed hearts like that of serpents and scorpions. As for their men, they are inferior even to animals. Not only are they fond of defiling women, they would even, in the process of their defilement, break the women’s arms and legs and even play them to death all so that they could provide themselves with excitement with this sort of frightening method.

“We’re not going to do anything, we’re merely planning to play with you.” One of the two men started laughing. However, he gave Luo Lian an answer that caused her to collapse.

“No, Big Brother Shaoqiu, bring me away. Quickly, bring me away.” At this moment, Luo Lian was truly frightened. She immediately got up on her feet and rushed into Zhao Shaoqiu’s bosom, begging him to bring her away.

“Mn, it would appear that the relationship the two of you have are beyond the norm?” Seeing Luo Lian actually rushing into Zhao Shaoqiu’s bosom, a flash of cruelness shined past the two men from the Occult Blood Church.

“No, I am merely acquainted with her. However, we do not know each other that well.” Seeing the gazes from the two men, Zhao Shaoqiu was so scared that his trousers were wet. Moreover, in order to avoid responsibility, he waved his sleeve while he spoke and swung Luo Lian who was in his bosom aside.

“Shaoqiu, you…” Luo Lian was caught off guard by Zhao Shaoqiu’s action. At this moment, she was in a daze, unable to accept what had happened. The man that had displayed his affection for her, the man that she had admired, never did she imagine that he would treat her this way.

“Haha, that’s more like it. However, that’s not enough. If you wish to live, you must help us do some things.” One of the two men laughed.

“What, what is it that you want me to do?” Zhao Shaoqiu’s head was drenched with sweat. He had started to stutter even when speaking. He was truly scared of this group of devils from the Occult Blood Church.

“Go, go and strip all the clothes off that chick so that us two brothers could enjoy her.” Said that man while beaming with smile.

Upon hearing those words, Zhao Shaoqiu’s expression became even more unsightly. However, he still stood up and walked over to Luo Lian who was cast to the ground by him. Between his life and his lover, he had chosen his life without the slightest hesitation.

“Zhao Shaoqiu, what are you doing? Are you even human? F*ck, I have truly misjudged you.” Seeing that Zhao Shaoqiu had truly walked toward her, Luo Lian lashed out at him in anger.

As for Zhao Shaoqiu, he had completely ignored her. He first surrounded Luo Lian with his own oppressive might, causing her to become incapable of moving. Only then did he crouch down and extended his hands, grabbing onto Luo Lian’s clothes. He truly wanted to rip apart Luo Lian’s clothes.

“Yoh, is this the display you have when you are faced with those from the Occult Blood Church? It’s even worse than what I imagined it to be.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice finally sounded.

“Who are you?” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, those two men immediately cast their gazes toward him. With a tone filled with threat, they asked.

“The two of you wished to know who I am, right? Come, come closer, I’ll tell you who I am.” Chu Feng had a smile on his face and displayed a provocative gesture with his hand toward those two men.

“Where did this brat with hair come from? You’ve truly given up on living.” Seeing that Chu Feng actually dared to provoke them, the two men became enraged. The two of them set off together and, with their oppressive might of Martial Lords, rushed toward Chu Feng.


Seeing this scene, Luo Lian immediately closed her eyes. She did not dare to continue to watch. Only when a weird sound echoed did she become startled. That was because she had felt the entire time that the voice of that sound was not Chu Feng’s. Instead, it sounded more like the voices of those two men from the Occult Blood Church.

Thus, with a trace of wishful thinking, she slowly opened her eyes. The first thing that she saw was not Chu Feng. Instead, she saw Zhao Shaoqiu. That was because Zhao Shaoqiu was located right before her.

The Zhao Shaoqiu at this moment stopped in the middle of trying to tear apart her clothes. His motion remained in the process of trying to rip off her clothes, however his gaze was cast behind Luo Lian. His mouth was wide open, he had an expression of total astonishment.

“Heavens, this…” Seeing this, Luo Lian also hurriedly turned her head around. Once she saw the scene behind her, her expression immediately changed too. Unimaginable shock rushed forth from her eyes.

At this moment, two men were lying on the ground not far from her. The arms and legs of those two men were snapped off. It was so bad that their bones were even showing. Moreover, even their necks have been twisted. At this moment, the two men were lying on the ground covered with blood in an extremely miserable manner. These two men were precisely the two men from the Occult Blood Church.

However, when she looked to Chu Feng, not only was he not harmed in the slightest, his expression remained unchanged. He was currently standing before those two dying men without the slightest concern. Moreover, he was even stepping on one of the men’s arm with his leg. With a smile on his face, he looked to the two men from the Occult Blood Church and said, “Remember, I am the person who will destroy you all.”