Chapter 1014 - Paying a debt of blood with blood

MGA: Chapter 1014 - Paying a debt of blood with blood

At this moment, other than the Occult Blood Church’s men who were howling in pain with tears in their eyes; at this moment, other than Chu Feng who was standing there as calmly as ever and with a light smile on his face; regardless of whether it was Luo Lian, Zhao Shaoqiu or even Grandfather Luo, they all had their mouths wide open and astonishment was written all across their faces. They did not dare to believe what had happened before their eyes was real.

This was especially true for Grandfather Luo. That was because he could be considered as the person with the most knowledge, the person who had seen many events unfold all over the world.

However, in reality, he too did not see Chu Feng’s movements. That was because Chu Feng’s movements were truly too fast. By the time he managed to react, those two men from the Occult Blood Church were already in this sort of appearance.

Just by recalling the fact that those two men were experts with the cultivation of Martial Lords and then recalling Chu Feng’s frightening strength, it was not hard for Grandfather Luo to determine exactly what Chu Feng’s cultivation was.

“Do you all wish to die or to live?” Suddenly, Chu Feng asked those two men.

“To live, to live.” Without the slightest hesitation, those two men from the Occult Blood Church shouted. At this moment, the two of them did not possess any trace of arrogance anymore. It could be said that they were completely scared of Chu Feng.

The two of them understood exactly what had happened earlier better than anyone present. The two of them had experienced how powerful Chu Feng was with their own bodies.

Thus, the two of them had already determined that Chu Feng was an extremely fierce character. Before such a character, one must comply. Otherwise, the only result waiting for them was death.

“Very well then. Regardless of what sort of methods the two of you are to use, you are to quickly bring over all of your Occult Blood Church’s members on the Alligator Beast Mountain over here; especially that woman who had scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes.” said Chu Feng.

“This…” Hearing these words, those two men were startled. They started hesitating. The two of them were no fools, they were able to guess what it was that Chu Feng was planning to do.

However, their Occult Blood Church was extremely tight in their rules. If the two of them were really to do such a thing, then it was no different from betraying the church. If this thing was spread out, then their deaths would likely be even more miserable.

However, after considering the situation before them, one of the two men endured the pain that he was feeling and asked Chu Feng. “Is it that as long as we do as you say, you’ll let us live?”

“All I know is that if you do not do what I say, then the two of you will undoubtedly die.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and a bone-chilling, ice cold killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Seeing his gaze, the two men immediately started shivering. An indescribable fear spread out from the depths of their souls and engulfed their entire being.

As the disciples of the Occult Blood Church, what sort of fierce and malicious characters had the two of them not seen before? After all, the entire Occult Blood Church was a devil’s nest. At that place, there was not a single good person, it was the dwelling place of evil people.

However, someone like Chu Feng who was capable of causing them to be so afraid with only a single gaze, it could be said to be very few; it could even be said that it was rarely seen.

The two of them did not understand why they would be scared to this extent by a single gaze from Chu Feng. However, they were able to clearly recognize exactly how terrifying Chu Feng was. This youngster was several times more frightening than those people with an appearance of viciousness on the surface.

This time around, they had truly provoked someone that they shouldn’t provoke. They did not dare to have any hesitation and immediately took out special title plates, using them to send out help signals so that they could coerce those from the Occult Blood Church to come over. Even if they were betraying their church and would cause those from their church to be killed, the two of them still had determined to save their own lives.

“Woosh.” At this moment, that Zhao Shaoqiu finally managed to react. He realized that the situation wasn’t good. Thus, without saying anything, his body immediately moved; he started flying toward the direction of the Magnificent Brocade City.

“Chu Feng, have you gone mad? How could you allow them to call for the remaining people of the Occult Blood Church over here? What exactly are you trying to do?” Luo Lian spoke. Compared to her tone of speech from before, her current tone of speech was greatly different. It was no longer a person who thinks herself to be in higher standing than another and filled with disdain. Instead, it was a tone filled with worry and confusion.

“Is there even a need to ask about this? It’s naturally to pay a debt of blood with blood.” Replied Chu Feng indifferently.

“What? Pay a debt of blood with blood? Do you know how many people they have? Do you know what level of cultivation the strongest among them was? Do you know how frightening that woman that had scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes was?”

“You don’t even know anything at all. Could it be that you planned to rely on yourself to eliminate all of them at a single stroke?”

Luo Lian felt Chu Feng to be unbelievable. It was so much that she could not even understand him. Although she had experienced Chu Feng’s ability, she did not believe that Chu Feng could, by himself, defeat all those core disciples of the Occult Blood Church.

“What? Are you afraid?”

“You people of the Holy Land of Martialism, is this all that you’re worth? Greedy for life and afraid of death, timid and afraid of getting into troubles; with merely this bit of ability, you actually have the nerve to look down on us, people from outside of the Holy Land of Martialism? What allowed you to do it, what sort of qualifications do you have?” Chu Feng cast a fierce side eye toward Luo Lian who was still worried and slightly shivering. His gaze was filled with disdain and contempt.

“I…” Having been talked to by Chu Feng in such a manner and looked at by Chu Feng with such a gaze, Luo Lian felt angry. However, she was speechless. That was because it was exactly like what Chu Feng had said, she was scared.

“If you’re scared, then go and hide somewhere far away. I shall help Lil Ru take her revenge. You can just stay at the side and watch.”

“However, I suggest you that it’s best for you to not run around as I do not have the time to bother saving you.”

After Chu Feng finished saying these words, he turned his gaze toward the other two men from the Occult Blood Church. With a wave of his sleeve, those two men were lifted to the air. After that, they fell. Ruthlessly, they were smashed to the outside of the courtyard.

At the same time, Chu Feng waved his sleeve once again. An invisible layer of ripple covered the entire courtyard. Although they’re in the courtyard, Luo Lian and Grandfather Luo did not notice what Chu Feng had done.

However, at this moment, if one stood outside of the courtyard, they would not be able to see Chu Feng and them anymore. The courtyard as well as the house within it had completely disappeared. They were concealed by Chu Feng.

“Woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh.”

After Chu Feng finished these preparations, the distant horizon started to vibrate. Soon, several figures started flying over. One by one, they landed. All of these people looked like fierce fiends. From the way they dressed, one could determine that they were all from the Occult Blood Church.

Seeing this many people from the Occult Blood Church and how there were more and more people coming in succession, Luo Lian was once again scared shivering. Involuntarily, she hid herself behind Chu Feng.

Merely, at this moment, the people from the Occult Blood Sect were unable to see Chu Feng and them at all. All they could see were the two men lying on the floor, filled with wounds, covered with blood and painfully howling.

“Haha, these two guys, why are they in such a miserable state?” Seeing these two men, those from the Occult Blood Church did not urgently proceed to inquire them what had happened. It was so much that they did not even go forward to help treat their wounds. Instead, they were filled with evil smiles while they enjoyed the pain displayed by the two of them. The demonic nature of a demonic church, it was clearly manifested.

“Yoh, who was it that did this to you two?” Finally, the voice of a female sounded. When that voice sounded, a passage was soon formed from the people who had surrounded them, enjoying the show. From the other end of that passage was an enchanting middle aged female with a face filled with makeup. The amount of makeup caused her appearance to be like that of a ghost. She walked out from the crowd.

This woman’s appearance was extremely ugly. She emitted a threatening, murderous aura from head to toe. From a single glance, one could tell that she was a person whose hands was filled with an immeasurable amount of blood, someone who had killed countless people.

However, the most conspicuous thing on her was the necklace that she wore on her neck. It was a necklace dripping with blood. The reason for the blood was a pair of human eyes on the necklace.