Chapter 1015 - Who’s the devil?

MGA: Chapter 1015 - Who’s the devil?

“It’s her.” Upon seeing this woman, Luo Lian’s expression took a huge change. Her frail body started to violently tremble and nearly fainted. From this, one could tell exactly how scared she was of this woman.

In reality, not only her, but even the numerous core disciples of the Occult Blood Church were acting extremely respectful towards this woman and had fearful expressions in their eyes. That was because in terms of strength, this woman could be considered to be the strongest among all the disciples of the Occult Blood Church. She was a rank seven Martial Lord.

“It’s her? She’s the one who scooped Lil Ru’s eyes out?” Upon seeing this woman, killing intent rushed out from Chu Feng’s eyes. He turned to Luo Lian and asked her, wishing to confirm this matter.

“It’s her, she’s the one.” Although she was very scared, upon recalling the scene of this woman scooping out Lil Ru’s eyes, Luo Lian started gnashing her teeth in anger. While shivering, she started to raise her hand and pointed towards that woman.

“Senior Luo, the two of you stay over here. Do not come out.” After saying these words, Chu Feng walked out from the courtyard and shouted loudly, “I am the one who did this to them.”

“Who are you?”

For a person to suddenly appear; moreover, for this person to say that he was the one who had beaten their Occult Blood Church’s people to such a miserable state, caused the various people of the Occult Blood Church to frown deeply. They did not rush to attack Chu Feng. Instead, they moved backwards and began to carefully inspect Chu Feng.

That was because while Chu Feng’s age was very young, his cultivation was deep and immeasurable. At the very least, among all of them who were present, not a single one was capable of seeing through Chu Feng’s cultivation. Adding on Chu Feng’s unchanging expression and the imposing manner of not putting them in his eyes at all, caused them to realize that Chu Feng might not be someone ordinary.

After all, the Holy Land of Martialism was extremely big. In this place, the amount of genius cultivators was innumerable. Although the Occult Blood Church was extremely evil and barbarically savage, they knew exactly what sort of character they were within the vast Holy Land of Martialism. In this vast Holy Land of Martialism, their Occult Blood Church was merely a bottom feeder existence. When compared to those powers that were truly powerful, their Occult Blood Church was so pitifully weak.

Thus, they possessed restraining fear towards a stranger that suddenly appeared like Chu Feng. That was because their church founder had warned them tens of thousands of times not to offend those famous major powers. Even if it was only a disciple from those powers, they should not provoke them.

“I am he who will kill you all.” Chu Feng narrowed his eyes and concealed a lot of his killing intent.

“What? Kill us? You truly have a boastful mouth.” After hearing these words, although the people from the Occult Blood Church possessed restraining fear for Chu Feng, they were still deeply angered by him. One after the other, they started displaying killing intent in their eyes.

“Ah, a boastful mouth? Who was it that said these words?” Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng suddenly lightly smiled. He turned his pair of narrowed eyes into two brilliant crescent moons. While speaking, he cast his smiling gaze toward the people of the Occult Blood Church.

“This…” To one’s surprise, although Chu Feng’s gaze was that brilliant and gentle, not a single person of the Occult Blood Church dared to look him face to face. Instead, all those who were seen by Chu Feng’s gaze started to subconsciously lower their heads and slowly move backwards. Even that rank seven Martial Lord woman who had scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes acted in such a way.

“What… what exactly is happening?”

Seeing this scene, the person who was most shocked was none other than Luo Lian. That was because she suddenly recalled the words that Chu Feng had said to Zhao Shaoqiu earlier.

At that time, Zhao Shaoqiu was sarcastically berating Chu Feng. Not only were the words he used unkind, he even burst into loud laughter. The insult he had toward Chu Feng was extremely obvious.

At that time, Chu Feng had asked Zhao Shaoqiu whether he would dare to speak in such a manner before those of the Occult Blood Church.

Zhao Shaoqiu did not respond. That was because before the Occult Blood Church, Zhao Shaoqiu did not even have the courage to speak. However, at that time, Luo Lian understood Zhao Shaoqiu. After all, she had seen the people of the Occult Blood Church alongside Zhao Shaoqiu.

She was able to sense exactly how frightening those people of the Occult Blood Church were. That sort of bloodthirsty killing intent, that sort of vicious gazes, caused her to be scared from the bottom of her heart. She had truly felt that those people of the Occult Blood Church were devils, they were things that should not live in this world.

However, at this moment, the people of the Occult Blood Church, those frightening existences that she had believed to be devils, was forced to such a state by Chu Feng. It could be said that before Chu Feng, those people from the Occult Blood Church no longer appeared like devils. Instead, they became existences that feared Chu Feng.

Had it been before, she would never believe such a thing. That was because ever since she first saw Chu Feng, ever since she knew that Chu Feng came from the Southern Sea Region, she had an innermost feeling of disdain toward Chu Feng.

Thus, she had ignorantly spoken words to attack and insult him many times in a row. That was because she did not fear Chu Feng. So what if Chu Feng grew angry because of her words? She did not believe that Chu Feng would be able to match her.

However, now, she discovered she was wrong, that she was gravely mistaken. Oh how stupid and ignorant she was. In fact, the Chu Feng whom she had been insulting and despising before, was actually an existence even more frightening.

This youngster who appeared to be amiable and kindhearted was actually an existence that could bring about fear even to devils. It could be said that he was an existence even more frightening than devils.

At the very least, based on him being able to remain calm, question with cold tones and loudly laugh when faced with those from the Occult Blood Church, it already signified how powerful Chu Feng was. This sort of matter was not something that any ordinary person could do. At the very least, she was incapable of doing it.

It must be said that, at this very moment, she had a complete new level of respect for Chu Feng. She had finally realized just how stupid she was before.

“What’s wrong? Your Occult Blood Church have done all those malicious things, yet it would appear that, in the end, you are still nothing more than a bunch of cowards. Do you all not even dare to admit to the words that you’ve spoken before?” Chu Feng asked again. His words were filled with insult.

“It’s your daddy, I, who said that. What could you possibly do to me?” Suddenly, a man stood out and shouted while slapping his chest.

He appeared to be extremely angry. That was because he was humiliated by Chu Feng before all these people; it had caused him to feel that he had lost all of his face. That was because regardless of where Chu Feng came from, he was such a young person. No matter what, he could not allow a person this much younger than him to humiliate him like so.

However, right after this man said those words, he instantly regretted. He regretted so much so that his intestines had turned green. That was because at the second when he finished saying those words, Chu Feng’s gaze had shifted to him. Before that gentle looking yet extremely ice-cold gaze, he sensed a single word - death.


Suddenly, the man screamed. That was because his body actually exploded. While a ripple scattered in all directions, during the moment when a large amount of blood fluttered in the air, his body had surprisingly become badly mangled. His limbs, his internal organs have all disappeared. Other than his torso that was composed of white bones, only his bloodied head remained.