Chapter 1016 - The Stance of the Strong

MGA: Chapter 1016 - The Stance of the Strong

“Woosh.” The sudden explosion greatly alarmed all of the people present. As for the thing that shocked them the most, it was that man’s body after the explosion.

That body could be said to be the body of a dead man. After all, in normal circumstances, when one’s body was damaged to such a state, they ought to have died.

However, at this moment, that man’s body was still living. Even his cultivation remained. It could be said that other than his flesh, everything else from that man remained intact.

This caused the people present to be even more fearful because this wholly displayed how terrifying the person who did such a thing to him was. The person who did that, had intentionally let him survive. His goal was to have him endure so much pain that he would rather want to die than live.

“Wuuuaaa~~~~” Suddenly, that man with the badly damaged body actually started flying to the sky. Then, he slowly floated over to before Chu Feng.

“You now know what I can do to you, right?” Chu Feng still had a light smile on the corner of his mouth. His smile was devoid of evil. However, to the people of the Occult Blood Church, his smile was extremely sinister. It was simply a smile that no human should have.

“Don’t, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me.” At this moment, the man’s gaze was flickering. His expression was twitching. He had truly been scared.

He did not even have the time to scream and whine, instead, with a face filled with tears and snot, he was weeping and begging for forgiveness. How does the current him even seem like a disciple from a demonic church? He simply looked like an extremely pathetic person.

“You’ve regretted?” Seeing this man, Chu Feng’s smile became even brighter. However, his expression suddenly turned cold in a flash of an eye. With an extremely ice-cold tone, Chu Feng said, “Too late.”


Once he finished saying those words, Chu Feng abruptly lifted up his palm and then smashed downward. Before everyone present, he ruthlessly smashed that man into a meat patty. His consciousness had been exterminated, he was dead beyond dead.

“Damn it.”

Seeing this scene, the faces of all those from the Occult Blood Church instantly turned ashen. They were able to determine with certainty that this youngster who did not conceal his face must be someone who should not be trifled with. He was likely some major power’s genius, an existence that they could not provoke. Now that they had already provoked him, there was only a single thing that they could do -- run.

“Trying to flee? Are you all capable?”

However, when faced with those people of the Occult Blood Sect who were trying to run away in scattered directions using all sorts of methods where some even flew to the sky and dug into the earth, Chu Feng merely coldly smiled. After that, a cold light shined in his eyes and a boundless oppressive might that contained a dense killing intent swept out from his body.

“Boom.” Chu Feng’s oppressive might was extremely violent. Moreover, its speed was extremely fast. After it appeared, it covered the entire area in an instant. While wreaking havoc, it was simply capable of crushing everything and causing this place to enter into primal chaos.

The most important matter was that this region that was covered by his oppressive might, after it sealed off the escape of those people from the Occult Blood Church, it actually turned into formless sharp blades. Those formless sharp blades, like sickles, started to ruthlessly cut down toward the bodies of those from the Occult Blood Church.






Before the ruthless sickles formed by Chu Feng’s oppressive might, the screams of the people from the Occult Blood Church continued to sound. However, they were incapable of obtaining the slightest trace of pity from Chu Feng.

The only thing that could be seen was the rain of blood that covered the sky, the arms and legs that had been chopped off and the bloody internal organs. One after the other, as the number of lives ended was executed, this region of space had also turned into a purgatory.

Finally, the curtains of carnage dropped. Everything returned to normal. The only difference was that, at this moment, shattered bones and flowing blood had covered this piece of land. The reeking smell caused one to feel nauseous. As for the scene filled with blood, it brings about fear.

At this moment, practically all of those people from the Occult Blood Church that had shown up at this place was killed by Chu Feng. Only three people remained living.

Two among those three were the two men that had first arrived at this place. They were lying on the floor, shivering and were incapable of even speaking a single word.

As for the other person, it was that woman who had scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes. She half knelt on the ground in a stupefied manner. Although her body was wounded, her wounds were not fatal. As for her gaze, they were flickering nonstop. Judging from her absent-minded appearance, one could tell that she had been greatly frightened.

Although they were all devils who murder without blinking an eye and had killed countless people with their ruthless methods, when death knocked on their door, when the ruthless sickles were pointed at her, she was incapable of remaining fearless.

“She is merely a little child; how could you have the heart to do such a thing to her?” Chu Feng walked over to that woman and asked.

“What?” The woman raised her head and asked as if she didn’t know what Chu Feng was talking about.

“Woosh.” However, Chu Feng did not answer her. He extended two of his fingers and pierced them towards that woman’s eyes.

“Puchi.” Chu Feng’s fingers had pierced into that woman’s eyes. He then scooped out her eyeballs. At the same time that happened, that woman emitted a sharp scream.

However, this was not the end. After he scooped out her eyes, Chu Feng’s hand, like a blade, was turned toward that woman and chopped down. Her ears, her nose, her tongue, her mouth, as well as the flesh on her body were sliced off by him one after the other. It continued until the woman became completely mutilated. Only then did Chu Feng destroy her cultivation and took her life.

Not a trace of ripple appeared in Chu Feng’s heart after killing this woman. Instead, he was extremely undisturbed. That was because he knew that this woman was someone that he ought to kill. If he did not kill her, then who knows how many more lives she would injure in her life.

After killing this woman, Chu Feng cast his gaze toward those two men. That was because the two of them were the only survivors among the people of the Occult Blood Church that had shown up.

“Don’t kill us, don’t kill us. We have already done what you wanted us to do. You promised us that you would not kill us.” Upon seeing Chu Feng’s gaze that was filled with killing intent, the two men hurriedly shouted.

“I have never said that I would not kill you two.” After Chu Feng said those words, with a single thought, a layer of oppressive might swept towards the two men. Like a giant creature weighing over ten thousand catties crushing down from the sky, his oppressive might directly smashed those two men into puddles of blood.

Chu Feng did all of this like common occurrence. He had killed a greater number of people before and used crueler methods before. However, he would not have a trace of mercy in his heart. That was because all those that he had killed were people that ought to be killed.

Although Chu Feng was used to these things, that Luo Lian was evidently not used to it. Seeing the bloodied scene outside of the courtyard, she was so scared that her heart nearly jumped out from within her chest. At this moment, she was vomiting unceasingly and incessantly crying.

She no longer dared to raise her head up now, no longer dared to watch the scene outside. Moreover, she no longer dared to look at Chu Feng anymore. The impression she had of Chu Feng had already taken a hundred eighty degree turn. At this moment, in her heart, Chu Feng was definitely not a human. Instead, he was a devil that would kill without blinking.

“Pop.” Suddenly, an aged palm landed on Luo Lian’s body. When she turned around to look, it was her Grandfather Luo.

“Grandfather, I’m so scared.” Upon seeing her grandfather, Luo Lian appeared like a startled little rabbit. She hurriedly rushed into his bosom and began crying even more desperately.

“What are you scared of? They all deserve to die.” Grandfather Luo asked with a smile.

“I know that, but, but…” Luo Lian’s crying became even more desperate.

“It’s that you cannot accept what had happened, right? You did not expect that a youngster who appeared that amiable was actually able to kill people like slicing grass, how he could be so ruthless and cruel in his methods. It was so much that his killing methods would cause one’s hair to stand up on end. Isn’t that right?” Grandfather Luo asked with a smile.

Luo Lian did not answer him. Instead, she started nodding her head repeatedly.

“Oh Lil Lian, this is why you’re so small and weak. You only know how to take advantage of good people and are afraid of evil people. You possess an unstable frame of mind. Although you appear to be strong and mighty, you are actually extremely weak and feeble. Although you are born in the Holy Land of Martialism, your sincerity is inferior to those who were born outside of the Holy Land of Martialism whom have already grown accustomed to the carnage of blood.”

“That Chu Feng, he is completely different from you. When treating good people, he is like a saint. As for his treatment towards evil people, he is like a devil. Treating those who are good to one well and use violence to curb violence, that is what a true strong person is. That is what the stance of the strong possesses.”

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