Chapter 1017 - I will certainty do this for you

MGA: Chapter 1017 - I will certainty do this for you

“Oh Lil Lian, today, it could be said that you’ve broadened your horizons and gained experience. You now know the methods the strong possess.”

“I wish that you would be able to learn this lesson and not judge a person by their appearance in the future. You must not think that because someone appeared to be a good person that they would be easy to bully. Furthermore, you must not think that just because the background of others is inferior to your own that they would be weaker than you.”

“Today, you were fortunate that the person that you had encountered was Chu Feng and that he was not fond of arguing with you. If it was instead a narrow-minded person that you encountered, then merely based on those rude remarks that you had said in the past, your bones would be among the piles of bones outside.” Advised Grandfather Luo in a low voice.

Upon hearing Grandfather Luo saying these words, Luo Lian’s body began to shiver even stronger. Once she thought that she was nearly going to be among those miserable piles of flesh and bones outside, her lingering fear became even greater.


“Big sister.”

Right at this moment, the door to the house suddenly opened. At the same time, a clever voice of a child sounded from the half-opened door. That voice was Lil Ru’s voice.

“Lil Ru, do not come out.” Upon hearing this voice, Luo Lian’s complexion changed once again. She hurriedly shouted in alarm.

That was because at this moment the outside of the courtyard was a sea of blood. That scene was truly frightening. Even she, a cultivator, was unable to withstand it. Thus, how could a child like Lil Ru be able to?

However, once she thought about it, Luo Lian’s expression became one of great joy. Why would she be so doubtful, why would the first response that she had be stopping Lil Ru from coming out? Lil Ru’s eyes had already turned blind. How could she possibly have such steady footsteps? All of this meant that Lil Ru’s eyes had likely been recovered - Chu Feng had cured her eyes.

“Big sister, why won’t you let me out? Could it be that you’re trying to go play without bringing me? No, I don’t want that, Lil Ru wants to go play too.” However, upon hearing Luo Lian’s voice, Lil Ru actually became extremely happy. Not only did she not go back into the house, she instead hastened the speed at which she opened the door.

This caused Luo Lian to become completely panicky. She stopped caring about the situation at hand and hurriedly stood up from Grandfather Luo’s bosom. Then, using all of her martial skills, rushed to the front of the house so that she could block Lil Ru from opening the door.

“Lil Ru, there’s nothing happening. Quickly, come out here.” However, at this moment, Chu Feng’s voice suddenly sounded. The matter that caused Luo Lian to be shocked the greatest was that when Chu Feng’s voice sounded, Chu Feng had already appeared before the front of the house. Moreover, he had already opened the doors.

“You.” Seeing this, Luo Lian’s little face that was already panicky took a greater change. She quickly turned her gaze towards her grandfather. However, once she turned around, she was completely stupefied.

When she looked outside the courtyard, the scene of blood had completely disappeared. Replacing it was the same appearance as before. Not only did the arms, legs and blood that covered the entire ground disappear, even the smell of blood had completely disappeared.

This sort of methods simply surpassed Luo Lian’s imagination. In merely an instant, he had completely concealed everything. Wasn’t this truly a bit too powerful?

After being stupefied by Chu Feng’s methods, Luo Lian couldn’t help herself from casting her gaze at Chu Feng. Only at this moment did she discover that Lil Ru was already in Chu Feng’s bosom. Not only were Lil Ru’s eyes undamaged, they were even brighter than before. At this moment, Lil Ru was fooling around and laughing joyfully with Chu Feng.

“Oh, Big Brother Chu Feng, Lil Ru had a beautiful dream earlier.” Lil Ru said innocently.

“What did Lil Ru saw in her dreams?” Chu Feng asked while beaming with smiles.

“In my dream, I was hunting at the Alligator Beast Mountain Range with my big sister. However, we ran into a very scary group of bad people. One of those bad people even wanted to scoop out Lil Ru’s eyes.” Lil Ru narrated while moving her hands and legs.

“Mn, how could this even be considered to be a beautiful dream? It’s obviously a nightmare.” Chu Feng shook his head in a confused manner.

“It’s a beautiful dream. Later on, Lil Ru’s protector show up. He fought back all of those bad people and even kissed Lil Ru’s eyes saying that Lil Ru’s eyes would be even more beautiful like this.”

“After that, right after Lil Ru woke up, I immediately ran to check out her eyes in the mirror. I discovered that my eyes were truly more beautiful than before. Hey, Big Brother Chu Feng, you looked a lot like that protector of mine.” Suddenly, Lil Ru pointed to Chu Feng and said in a serious manner.

“Is that so? In that case, just consider Big Brother Chu Feng as your protector, okay?” Chu Feng asked.

“Okay, okay! It’s great! Big Brother Chu Feng would be Lil Ru’s protector! Yay! ~~~” After hearing Chu Feng said that, Lil Ru started laughing and dancing in joy. [1. Xima: apparently little girls with no cultivation can dance in joy while in someone else's arms…] She was extremely happy.

When seeing Chu Feng patiently chatting with Lil Ru with a face filled with brilliant smile, Luo Lian started to sink into a deep reflection. She suddenly thought of how correct the things that her grandfather had said earlier were.

If it was to be said that she was someone who takes advantage of the good people and fear the evil, possessed a strong and fierce appearance yet have a weak and frail heart, then Chu Feng would be a person who rooted out the strong and supported the weak, had an amiable appearance yet possessed a strong heart. When comparing herself with Chu Feng, she felt that she truly does not possess a single good point and was nothing more than trash.

Not long after Lil Ru woke back up, Chu Feng suggested for Grandfather Luo and them to move. As for Grandfather Luo who had also experienced the greater world before, he knew that Chu Feng’s suggestion was for their sake. Thus, he naturally did not refuse it.

Chu Feng’s movement was truly fast. On the same day that he said that, he immediately moved Grandfather Luo and them to another city. He purchased a very decent mansion house for them in the new city. Lil Ru loved this new house of hers greatly. As for Grandfather Luo, he was also extremely satisfied with it. Only Luo Lian was somewhat sulky.

That was because they had passed through the Magnificent Brocade City enroute. When they passed through it, they discovered that the Magnificent Brocade City was in complete disorder. Its streets were filled with corpses. Moreover, those who died were killed in an extremely miserable manner. Among them was a youngster that was tied on top of a gate. His death was the most miserable. That person was Zhao Shaoqiu.

It was not hard to imagine that this miserable scene was definitely caused by the Occult Blood Church. They were truly too ruthless and did not possess any humanity. They refused to even let off those who are innocent. To them, killing people was a joyous activity.

After seeing that miserable scene, Luo Lian began to feel more and more that what Chu Feng did was correct. Chu Feng truly ought to exterminate all of those from the Occult Blood Church. Otherwise, they would only bring about harm to even more people.

“Oh Chu Feng, I have a question that I wish to ask you. I wonder if you’re available for me to ask?” Suddenly, Grandfather Luo seemed to have something awkward to say.

“Grandfather Luo, what questions do you have? Ask away.” Chu Feng had a very good impression of Grandfather Luo. It could be said that Grandfather Luo was the first person that gave him a good impression after he arrived in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“If my guess is correct, your cultivation is definitely very powerful. When you’re at the Southern Sea Region, you must be a peak expert. However, I wish to know whether your cultivation have reached the Martial King level.” Asked Grandfather Luo.

“Truth be told; junior’s current cultivation is merely that of a rank eight Martial Lord.” Chu Feng replied truthfully.

“Rank eight Martial Lord.” After hearing these four words, a flash of disappointment flashed through Grandfather Luo’s eyes.

“It is not that Chu Feng is being arrogant and boasting, but although I am merely a rank eight Martial Lord, I possess definitive abilities. Even if I was to encounter an ordinary rank two Martial King level expert, they would still be no match for me.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Are you certain?” Upon hearing these words, Grandfather Luo’s face that originally had a disappointed expression instantly shined. It was like he had fallen into a deep valley of darkness only to suddenly reach the dazzling light.

“Grandfather Luo, if there is something that you need, you might as well tell me what it is. As long as I, Chu Feng, could achieve it and it is not an act of bloody atrocities, then I, Chu Feng, would definitely help you.” Guaranteed Chu Feng as he patted his chest. It turned out that he had already determined that Grandfather Luo had something to request of him.