Chapter 1018 - Grandfather Luo’s past

MGA: Chapter 1018 - Grandfather Luo’s past

“Since this is the case, then I will speak frankly too. Indeed, I have a personal matter that I wish little friend Chu Feng would be able to assist me in doing.” Said Grandfather Luo.

“Senior Luo, what might the matter be? There is no harm for you to tell me about it.” Chu Feng asked.

“Sigh, this is a long story. It’s better for me to tell you from the beginning.” Grandfather Luo took a long sigh. He then gradually straightened his mood and, after quite a while, began to speak.

“Back then, I had wandered throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism. Although with my cultivation, I was unable to enter many restricted areas. However, for all those places that I could enter, I had traveled through them.”

“It could be said that I have given my entire life for this dream of mine and given up on my great prospects for cultivation. However, because there are countless opportunities in the Holy Land of Martialism, for me to travel around in such a manner, I naturally obtained some unexpected harvest. Among them was a time when I obtained a treasure box from the western region of the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“This treasure box was extremely special. Just judging from its outer appearance, I knew right away that the things that it contained were most definitely not ordinary items. Instead, it was a treasure that contained great opportunity.”

“Thus, after that, I ended up cherishing this treasure box as my own life. I would even hug it in my sleep and would never mention about it to anyone else in fear that they would have ideas for my treasure box.”

“But unfortunately, there was no such thing as a wall that doesn’t allow air to pass through in this world. That treasure box of mine ended up being swindled away from me by one of my most trusted friends. Not only did he swindle away my treasure box, he even seriously injured me and then crippled my cultivation.”

“Actually, had I not escaped quickly back then and had he not been injured by me, he would’ve caught up to me. I would not only have my cultivation crippled, but I’m afraid I would have likely lost my life.” Saying till this, Grandfather Luo had a face filled with sorrow.

“Grandfather Luo, who is this person?” Hearing till this part, although Chu Feng looked calm, rage had already pierced through layers upon layers of his heart.

Chu Feng had already guessed that Grandfather Luo’s cultivation would not have disappeared without a cause. He had already thought of helping Grandfather Luo attain his revenge. However, never did he expect that Grandfather Luo’s cultivation was actually crippled by his brother. Moreover, that person had also swindled his most important treasure.

Chu Feng was a person who valued his brothers as much as his own life. He was someone who placed utmost importance in the relationship with his brothers. Hearing that there was actually such a treacherous person, Chu Feng felt extreme disgust. Hell, even if this wasn’t related to Grandfather Luo and wasn’t related to him, Chu Feng would still go on a murder spree if he encountered such a matter.

” Sigh, that person is the current church head of the Occult Blood Church.” Grandfather Luo once again deeply sighed.

“It’s actually him? That makes the matter a lot simpler then.” Upon finding out that the person who had plotted against Grandfather Luo back then was actually the church head of the Occult Blood Church, a cold smile appeared on the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth. He then asked, “Grandfather Luo, where is the Occult Blood Church located at? Tell me where it is and I’ll go and bring back the head of that Occult Blood Church’s church head right away.”

“Chu Feng, you must not underestimate him. Not only does he possess a very powerful strength, he was also extremely treacherous and cunning. Moreover, he knew many methods of dealing with things. Furthermore, the Occult Blood Church is his base, he possesses the upper hand from the favorable location. Thus, you cannot treat him as if he is only an ordinary rank two Martial King. You must be extremely careful.” Grandfather Luo warned.

“Senior Luo, please rest assured. As long as he’s in the Occult Blood Church, much less a rank two Martial King, even if he is a rank three Martial King, I would still take back his head for you.” Chu Feng was not boasting. He was able to fight against rank two Martial Kings with only a cultivation of rank eight Martial Lord. If he was to use the Thunder Armor and increase his cultivation to rank nine Martial Lord, he would naturally be able to fight against rank three Martial Kings.

Furthermore, other than his own cultivation, Chu Feng still possessed his Lady Queen. This Lady Queen’s battle powers were many times more ferocious than Chu Feng himself. Thus, as long as he had Queen Eggy with him, then as long as his opponent was not a heaven defying genius, he would be able to deal with them even if they’re rank three Martial Kings.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am not joking around. I am the person most familiar with the church head of the Occult Blood Church. He is not someone that’s easy to deal with. Are you truly planning to, for my grievances, risk your life?” Grandfather Luo had a very apologetic expression in his eyes.

“Senior Luo, even if there was no relationship between you and the Occult Blood Church, I would still proceed toward the Occult Blood Church. Although I, Chu Feng,[1. Chinese people often refer themselves in third person when making promises, being humble and such. It actually doesn't sound that weird in Chinese... Here's a list of Chinese honorifics that might come across in novels that might be hard to translate accurately without sounding weird.

ps. Chu Feng actually refer to Grandfather Luo with 'nin' instead of 'ni.' Both means 'you.' However, 'nin' is the more respectful version of you. 'Essentially, it would be like this if translated literally: Senior Luo, even if there was no relationship between your respectful self and the Occult Blood Church...' Yea, that sounds super weird.

Another very common one that comes around in wuxia/xianxia novels is 'Zaixia.' which literally translates to 'underneath/below' and means 'this one beneath you.' It is a respectful way of lowering your own status when referring to yourself. I generally translate it to 'this one.' You find this very often when characters meets new people and inform each other of their names, generally toward someone superior or someone older.] am not a person of justice that eliminated evil and defend the good, I, Chu Feng, am unable to tolerate such a demonic church to continue to exist, which harms ordinary people and injures innocent children.”

“Senior Luo, since you have such a relationship with the Occult Blood Church, it means that I, Chu Feng, have even more reason to not allow this evil church to continue to exist. That is because I, Chu Feng, loathe those who break apart faith and abandon the right the most. To this sort of people, I, Chu Feng, will kill all that I encounter and not leave a single one alive.”

“Besides, I, Chu Feng, is no fool either. When doing things, I will act within my abilities. Since I said that I could deal with that church head of the Occult Blood Church, it means that I would be able to deal with him.” Chu Feng patted his chest and guaranteed.

Seeing Chu Feng whose eyes were filled with confidence, Grandfather Luo stopped trying to stop him. Instead, he said, “Little friend Chu Feng, this old one trusts you. However, I wish to see that bastard die with my own eyes. Thus, I hope you can bring me with you. I believe that with your strength, it would not be a burden for you even if you were to bring me along.”

“Secondly, I know that little friend Chu Feng is a righteous and benevolent person. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to help me with such a major task even though we had just met each other for the first time. However, the more righteous and benevolent little friend Chu Feng is, the more reason that I, Luo, cannot allow myself to be unrighteous. As long as you can get back my treasure box, I shall gift that treasure box to little friend Chu Feng so as to repay the grace you’ve given me.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, trust this old one. That treasure box of mine is of extraordinary origin. I reckon that it would be greatly useful to even you. Of course, the prerequisite is that you’ll be able to open that treasure box.”

“Senior Luo, you’ve already spoken to such a manner. If I, Chu Feng, am to refuse, it would appear that I, Chu Feng, would be the one in the wrong. Since this is the case, let’s set off right away.” Chu Feng had an expression of impatience. He was not concerned about that so-called extraordinary treasure box. Instead, he was impatient about beheading that church head of the Occult Blood Church.

“Very well.” Upon thinking that his greatest vengeance would still be attained, his piece of heart disease would still be settled, Grandfather Luo also became extremely energetic.

Thus, under the guidance from Grandfather Luo, Chu Feng started to fly toward that so-called Occult Blood Church.

The Occult Blood Church was a genuine demonic church. They had done all kinds of malicious deeds. Not only would they kill, pillage and burn everything down, they would even use living people as cultivation resources. It could be said that they’re devoid of all conscience. In this region, they possessed an extremely infamous repute.

However, although the Occult Blood Church was extremely infamous, the location of their headquarters was a secret. Much less for outsiders, even ordinary disciples of the Occult Blood Church did not know where the church’s headquarters was located in.

The reason why the Occult Blood Church was so hidden was naturally because they had done all sorts of evil acts and feared that other powers would come to wipe them out.

Unfortunately for them, their headquarters that no one knew about was a place that Grandfather Luo knew very well of.

The headquarters of the Occult Blood Church was constructed in a ravine within a mountain range. This ravine was extremely hidden. However, it was a purgatory within the human realm.

A very dense smell of blood filled the air here. The walls and the grounds were all dark red in color, they were dyed to that color by the human blood. It was so much that there would be bones hanging everywhere on the buildings here.

Even the people at this place were like fierce fiends. What they ate was actual human flesh. What they drank was actual human blood. One must not judge them by the fact that they wore clothes like humans, they were inferior to even animals.

At this moment, a large group of people surrounded the Occult Blood Church’s altar. All of them were high standing characters within the Occult Blood Church, the majority of them were at the peak Martial Lord level. There were even a few that had stepped into the Martial King level.

Standing before the altar was a red haired elderly man. He possessed the cultivation of rank two Martial King. He was the church head of the Occult Blood Church.

At this moment, the various people of the Occult Blood Church were gathered before the altar. This was because there gathered over a thousand virgin males and virgin females on the altar. Of these children, the oldest among them were nine years old. As for the youngest, they were only two.

At this moment, they were cowering with their naked bodies above the altar. As for what awaited them, it was the numerous sharp blades and an inhumane bloodbath. Their blood and flesh would soon become the cultivation resources for the various high standing characters of the Occult Blood Church.

As they looked at the children on the altar that were loudly crying and shivering with cold, those high standing characters of the Occult Blood Church not only lacked even the slightest amount of pity, instead ruthless gazes appeared in their eyes.

They had done this sort of thing truly too many times now. They were extremely accustomed to it. However, they were unaware yet that a massacre meaning to punish their crimes was quietly approaching them.