Chapter 1019 - Sweeping the Occult Blood Church flat

MGA: Chapter 1019 - Sweeping the Occult Blood Church flat


The children were weeping on the altar. They were crying their hearts and lungs out. When those rays of flickering light that appeared like sharp blades started to fly toward them, these children started crying even more ferociously.

However, when faced with this scene, not only did the higher echelons of the Occult Blood Church not have the slightest amount of pity, gazes of anticipation appeared in their eyes. It was so much that there were some people unable to contain themselves and extended their disgusting tongues to lick their lips, almost as if they were unable to contain themselves from engulfing upon this group of children’s blood and flesh.


“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

At the moment when they were preparing to enjoy this banquet, screams suddenly sounded from outside the altar. When they looked over to the direction of the sound, the only thing they saw was a boundless ripple. Like a hurricane, it was wreaking havoc unceasingly.

Any location where that hurricane ripple passed through, all of the Occult Blood Church’s disciples would be disintegrated. As for the buildings, they too would be destroyed into dust. It was simply sweeping past everything and destroying everything in its path. At this moment, half of the entire Occult Blood Church had been destroyed.

“What is that?” Seeing that scene, even those higher echelons of the Occult Blood Church started to grow panicky. They were able to sense how terrifying that ripple was. And now, that frightening power was approaching them.

“Who is it? Why did you attack our Occult Blood Church?” Finally, the church head of the Occult Blood Church spoke out. However, he did not attack. Instead, he was only watching the scene before him, watched as that frantic hurricane ripple continued to swallow and kill the disciples of the Occult Blood Church, watched as that frantic hurricane ripple destroyed the buildings one after another.

That was because he was uncertain about who it was that had shown up. However, with his shrewd and ruthless experience, he knew the person that had arrived, based on the strength and courage that he had displayed, was absolutely not someone simple. Thus, he must be cautious.

“Hulalala” By the time the church head of the Occult Blood Church finished speaking those words, the hurricane ripple had finally reached the altar. It slowly dissipated before the numerous higher echelons of the Occult Blood Church.

At this moment, two figures appeared before everyone. It was Chu Feng and Grandfather Luo.

“Lin Xingde, do you still recognize me?” Seeing that Occult Blood Church’s church head, Grandfather Luo shouted with a loud voice. His eyes were filled with rage. Even his aged body was involuntarily shivering.

“Luo Wancheng, I truly never would’ve imagined that you are still alive.” Upon seeing Grandfather Luo, the Occult Blood Church’s church head’s eyes flashed too. After that, the nervousness that he had on his face disappeared and he burst into a loud laughter. He said, “What is it, could it be that you’ve come here today to find me for revenge? You truly are courageous, you actually found such a small child to come avenge you?”

“Rank eight Martial Lord, that sort of cultivation is truly not bad, it’s stronger than even my Occult Blood Church’s most excellent disciples. However, unfortunately, I’m afraid that he’ll lose his life here today.”

“Hahahaha…” After hearing the words spoken by the church head of the Occult Blood Church, all of those high standing members of the Occult Blood Church burst into loud laughter. The gazes that they looked to Chu Feng with was now filled with disdain.

Their cultivations were all not weak. At this moment, Chu Feng was not concealing his cultivation. Thus, they were all able to determine Chu Feng’s cultivation level. As for Grandfather Luo, everyone was able to tell that he was a useless person without cultivation. Thus, they did not fear Chu Feng and Grandfather Lou anymore. Instead, they felt that the might that Chu Feng had displayed earlier was nothing more than false bravado.

“Lin Xingde, I have come here today for the purpose of seizing back all that you have snatched from me back then.” Grandfather Luo said one word at a time while gnashing his teeth.

“Oh? You wish to seize them back? Very well, come. Have this little child before you come at me. Regardless of whether it is the treasure box or my life, they are both on me. If you wish to take them, go ahead and take them. Of course, you must have the ability to do so.” The Occult Blood Church’s church head opened his arms and spoke in a very arrogant manner.

At the same time, the numerous higher echelons of the Occult Blood Church all stepped out in front of the church head, putting him behind them. Their intention was very clear. That is, if Chu Feng wanted to do anything to their church head, he must pass through them first.

“You…” Seeing this reaction from the Occult Blood Church’s church head, Grandfather Luo became even more angry.

“Pat.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s palm lightly landed on Grandfather Luo’s shoulder. With a low voice, he said, “Senior Luo, you need not get angry. You can just leave these scums to me. As for that Lin Xingde, I will leave him for you. Later, tell me how you wish to torment him. I shall help you do it.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Grandfather Luo was unable to contain his body from slightly shaking. He stopped saying anymore and moved two steps backward. That was because from the moment earlier, he had managed to obtain a kind of feeling from Chu Feng - the feeling of being at ease.

Right now, he firmly believed in this young man. He firmly believed that this youngster would be able to handle everything. It seemed likely that he would be able to obtain his revenge today.


After he finished saying those words, with an intention from Chu Feng, a gate appeared. Slowly, the gate opened. As the gate opened, a woman wearing a mini black skirt, with fair, beautiful legs and an amazing figure appeared. She was yawning. With steps like doing catwalk, she lazily walked out from the World Spirit Gate.

“This is?”

Seeing this woman before them, the eyes of everyone present began to shine. They were not only stunned by Eggy’s beautiful appearance; their attention was even more focused upon the special aura she emitted. That sort of aura seemed as if it had originated from the depths of endless darkness. The dreadfulness emitted by it was not something that they, people who reek with blood, could compare with - that was the true darkness.

“Eggy, help me protect Senior Luo.” As Chu Feng said those words, the Thunder Armor had appeared on him. In a flash, his cultivation was raised to rank nine Martial Lord from rank eight Martial Lord.

“Yoh? You’re actually using the Thunder Armor right away?” Seeing Chu Feng doing this, Eggy displayed an enchanting smile.

“I do not have the patience to waste time on these bunch of scum.”

“Boom.” Right after he said those words, Chu Feng’s body suddenly moved. He turned into a ray of light and, like a sharp sword, shot into the group of people above the altar.

“Wuuwaa~~~” Wherever Chu Feng passed, miserable screams ensued. Regardless of what sort of cultivation those upper echelons of the Occult Blood Church possessed, they were unable to resist Chu Feng’s might and ended up having their body torn and their bones crushed by him. Even their consciousness was extinguished. They had thoroughly died.

“What’s happening?” Seeing the disciples that were protecting him being killed and beheaded by the powerful might displayed by Chu Feng, the calm and collected expression that the Occult Blood Church’s church head had earlier disappeared in a flash.

At this moment, he had finally realized how powerful Chu Feng was. As they say, one cannot judge a person by their appearance just as how one cannot measure the sea with a pint pot. This youngster before him was one such person that cannot be judged merely by his appearance.

However, the Occult Blood Church’s church head was, after all, a rank two Martial King. Thus, at the time when Chu Feng was charging toward him with the might that not even an army of ten thousand could resist, he merely flipped his palm and took out a half-moon shaped blade.

That blade was blood red in color. On the blade were all kinds of runes and symbols. Most importantly, when that blade appeared, the might of this Occult Blood Church’s church head instantly rose by several times. Even the ground that they were standing on began to violently tremble.

It turned out that what he had taken out was an Incomplete Royal Armament.

“Woosh woosh woosh.” Once the Incomplete Royal Armament was taken out, the confidence of the Occult Blood Church’s church master had rose dramatically. Not only did he not retreat, he instead began to brandish the half-moon shaped blade and slashed at Chu Feng.

“It would appear that the Holy Land of Martialism is different from what I imagined it to be. It turned out that the grand Occult Blood Church’s church master only possessed such level of weapon.”

Seeing the blood red colored light rays that had covered the sky and feeling the oppressive might displayed by this rank two Martial King, not only was Chu Feng not afraid in the slightest, a cold, mocking smile instead appeared on the corners of his mouth.