Chapter 1012 - Seeking an explanation

MGA: Chapter 1012 - Seeking an explanation

“Lil Ru!!” Seeing Lil Ru’s appearance, the elderly man immediately started to panic. With quick steps, he rushed over and took Lil Ru from Luo Lian’s bosom. After he carefully inspected her, he asked angrily, “Exactly what happened? Who is it that scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes?”

“Grandfather, it’s people from the Occult Blood Church.” Luo Lian said while weeping.

“What? Occult Blood Church?” Upon hearing these three words, the elderly man’s expression immediately took a huge change once again. Anger and restlessness that could not be concealed rushed forth from his eyes. He then asked, “How did you all ended up provoking those from the Occult Blood Church?”

“We came across them at the Alligator Beast Mountain Range. Originally, the three of us planned to hunt Alligator Beasts at the Alligator Beast Mountain Range; never did we expect to find out that those from the Occult Blood Church were also hunting there. We originally planned to mind our own business and hunt Alligator Beasts ourselves while they hunt theirs. Thus, we moved around the location where they had occupied so that we would not bother them.”

“However, never would we expect that the people from the Occult Blood Church would be that demented. A group among them saw us and then refused to let us leave. Then, a demonic woman among them said that Lil Ru’s eyes were actually more good-looking than her own. She said that she was incapable of tolerating such a thing and then, before Lil Ru, she used her fingers and scooped out Lil Ru’s eyes.” Luo Lian said while crying, the more she cried, the more she regretted.

“You’re truly foolish. Could it be that you still do not know what sort of thing the Occult Blood Church is? It’s simply a demonic church! When you encountered them, not only did you not flee right away, you actually continued to think about hunting?” Upon hearing what was said, the elderly man started shivering from head to toe. However, more than the shivering, he was pained because of Lil Ru.

Lil Ru’s age was so young. Yet, she had already experienced such a thing. This was simply unimaginable. It was very possible for this trauma to affect her entire life.

“I have only heard from you that the Occult Blood Church was a demonic church. I never expected them to lack any trace of humanity. Moreover, Shaoqiu was with us too. No matter what, he was a Heaven Realm cultivator.” Luo Lian said.

“Shaoqiu? Humph, what was your Shaoqiu doing then?” Upon hearing those words, the elderly man sneered. At the same time, he cast a glance at that Zhao Shaoqiu.

“I…” At this moment, Zhao Shaoqiu’s expression became even more unsightly. He seemed to want to say something but was hesitating, it seemed that he didn’t know how to explain. That was because at that time, he watched everything unfold before his eyes without daring to do anything to stop them. He was so scared that he did not even dare to say a single word.

“This really cannot be blamed on Shaoqiu. That’s because this time, not only ordinary disciples of the Occult Blood Church were there. Moreover, their cultivation is not as simple as only being that of Heaven Realm. They ought to all be Martial Lord level experts.” Luo Lian hurriedly explained. She had seen for herself how powerful those people were.

“What? They are all Martial Lord level experts? In other words, they are all the core disciples of the Occult Blood Church?” Upon hearing those words, the elderly man became even more shocked.

“Regardless of who it might be that had done this, the most important thing right now is treating Lil Ru. Senior Luo, please hand Lil Ru to me. I can help her recover.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke. While speaking, he walked over to the elderly man; he wanted to receive Lil Ru from him.

“Stop. Who did you think you are? You can help Lil Ru recover? Did you even know who was it that made Lil Ru like that?” However, before the elderly man could say anything, that Luo Lian had already stopped Chu Feng and fiercely questioned him. Within her eyes was a large word, ‘suspicion.’

“Shut up!” The elderly man grew extremely angry. Strictly, he berated Luo Lian. Then, he turned his face around and asked Chu Feng, “Little friend Chu Feng, in that case, I will leave Lil Ru in your hands.” While saying those words, the elderly man handed over Lil Ru to Chu Feng.

“Senior Luo, please rest assured. I would definitely allow Lil Ru to safely recover.” After Chu Feng received Lil Ru from him, he didn’t bother speaking any superfluous words and directly walked towards the house.

“Grandfather Luo, how could you possibly trust him? That kid’s from the Southern Sea Region. As far as I know, he seemed to only be at the Profound Realm. How could you hand Lil Ru over to him? Aren’t you afraid that he might cause harm to Lil Ru?” After seeing Chu Feng entering into the house, Zhao Shaoqiu immediately stepped forth and said.

“Don’t trust him? Then who should I trust? You? I left Lil Ru with you and look what happened; what sort of state is Lil Ru now?”

“A pair of eyes. Do you know how important that is to a little child? If I don’t hand Lil Ru to Chu Feng, could it be that you are able to help her attain her eyes back?” The elderly man shouted in anger.

“I…” Being asked by the elderly man in such a way, Zhao Shaoqin’s complexion turned blue and white. His expression was extremely ugly. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he turned around and muttered some unpleasant words.

At this moment, Chu Feng had already entered into the house and closed the door. The reason why he did such a thing was because what he would be doing next seemed to be cruel. He did not wish for the elderly man to see that.

Honestly speaking, it was merely a pair of eyes. Had it been a cultivator that had lost his or her eyes, then with Chu Feng’s current methods, it was extremely easy for him to restore their eyes.

However, as it was Lil Ru, it was a bit troublesome. Lil Ru was too young and, much less about mentioning how powerful her cultivation was, she had simply not learned about martial cultivation at all. Thus, all she possessed was a body that cannot be more ordinary.

Such a body possessed no spirituality at all. If one wished to recover such a body, it was extremely difficult. However, this was not something that could stop Chu Feng. Merely, the treating process was rather bloody.

In barely an hour, Chu Feng had completely restored Lil Ru’s eyes. Furthermore, he could guarantee that her eyes would be even more beautiful and brighter than before and that she would not feel any pain after waking up.

After curing Lil Ru, Chu Feng walked out from the house.

“Little friend Chu Feng, how is Lil Ru?” Seeing Chu Feng walking out from the house, the elderly man hurriedly walked over. With a very worried tone, he asked.

“Senior Luo, you can rest assured, Lil Ru’s situation is stable. I believe that she will wake up soon.” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face.

“What? Lil Ru’s situation is stable, are you certain?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, that Luo Lian had a face filled with suspicion.

Chu Feng had ignored that Luo Lian’s superfluous words. Instead, he turned to the elderly man and asked, “Senior Luo, what is the strength of the Occult Blood Church? Among them, what level of cultivation is the strongest person?”

“Sigh, this Occult Blood Church’s origin is pretty extraordinary. Their strength is very immense. There are a couple of Martial King level experts among them overseeing everything. Especially the founder of the Occult Blood Church, he had reached peak rank one Martial King many years ago. I reckon that he would likely have reached rank two Martial King by now.”

“In that case, Senior, do you know the location of that Occult Blood Church?” Chu Feng asked.

“Little friend Chu Feng, why are you asking about these things?” The elderly man frowned. He seemed to have realized something.

Chu Feng knew that the elderly man was truly a person with experience. He had already determined that Chu Feng possessed some ability. Otherwise, he would not have left Lil Ru with him. Thus, Chu Feng did not bother to conceal anything. Instead, he truthfully said, “For them to be willing to put their hands on a child like Lil Ru, it is, without a doubt, a demonic church. I wish to seek an explanation for Lil Ru.”

“What? Seek an explanation? From the Occult Blood Church? With merely you? Your boasting ability is truly too huge, no?” Upon hearing Chu Feng’s words, that Luo Lian’s long, shapely eyebrows were slightly raised. She began to mock and ridicule him.