Chapter 1086 - Straight To The Main Topic

MGA: Chapter 1086 - Straight To The Main Topic

“Chu Feng!!!”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it’s truly a blessing that you’re alright!!!”

When they saw Chu Feng, Elder Gongsun, Wang Wei and the others that were previously filled with grief and indignation, displayed ecstatic smiles.

That moment when they had determined that Chu Feng might be dead, that their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s hope might be extinguished, Chu Feng arrived before them, alive and kicking. This was truly a pleasant surprise to them, causing them to be extremely excited and overjoyed.

“This guy is actually alive. Could it be that Qin Guang…” Compared to the joy of the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Yuan Qing’s expression turned ugly.

“Elder Gongsun, senior martial brothers and sisters, I lost my direction in the depths of the Immortal Pond. That’s why I came out from a different location. I am truly sorry for worrying you all.” Chu Feng saluted to Elder Gongsun and the others with a smile on his face. Using this opportunity, he also gave an explanation as to why he came out from a different location.

“It’s all good that you’re fine, it’s all good that you’re fine.” As for Elder Gongsun, he simply did not care why Chu Feng did not come from the center region of the Immortal Pond. Just by seeing that Chu Feng was safe and sound, he was so overjoyed that his heart began to leap.

“Lost your direction? There’s that many people that have entered into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond; how come only you lost your direction? It must be because your strength is too weak, right?” Suddenly, Yuan Qing mocked.

“Oh? Based on what you said, it seemed that I’m the only one who got lost in the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond this year?” Chu Feng said in a confused manner. He then took a glance at the crowd and said.

“Hm, that’s weird. Where’s your Orion Monastery’s Qin Guang? He should have entered into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond alongside you. How come you’re standing here right now but that Qin Guang is nowhere to be seen? Can you guarantee that he hasn’t gotten lost like me?”

“You…” Hearing those words, Yuan Qing was unable to retain his composure. He knew very well why Qin Guang had separated from him; it was to chase after and kill Chu Feng.

Yet now, Chu Feng actually appeared safe and sound and Qin Guang still hadn’t shown himself. This meant that Qin Guang had most likely encountered mishap within the depths of the Immortal Pond. Although he did not know what sort of methods Chu Feng displayed to defeat Qin Guang, it was obvious that Chu Feng was planning to use Qin Guang’s disappearance to strike back at the Orion Monastery, giving him a slap in the face. With this, how could he possibly restrain himself?

“My senior brother Qin Guang is not someone that you could insult.” Upon thinking of that, Yuan Qing’s long hair started to dance like violent devils. As his long gown fluttered in the wind, a boundless oppressive might crushed towards Chu Feng like a formless, invisible storm. That was Yuan Qing’s rank two Martial King’s oppressive might.

“Crap.” Once Yuan Qing displayed his oppressive might, Elder Gongsun immediately frowned. His expression took a huge change as he knew that Yuan Qing was planning to use some trick.

This place was the territory of the Ancient Era’s Elves and one of their rules stated that they would not allow humans or monstrous beasts to wantonly fight in this place.

Yuan Qing clearly knew about this. However, he also wanted to teach Chu Feng a lesson. Thus, he displayed his oppressive might in hopes of suppressing Chu Feng.

Yuan Qing’s oppressive might was sent toward Chu Feng head on. Although the Ancient Era’s Elves were unable to detect it, all the people present were able to sense it.

If this happened earlier, perhaps someone might’ve stopped Yuan Qing for using a method against Chu Feng. Someone might’ve even come out to expose him. However now, Yuan Qing was the hero in the eyes of everyone. The people wished to kiss his ass, so how could there possibly be anyone who would care about what he does?

Not to mention that no one would care about what he did, if Elder Gongsun was to act at this time, it might even cause the others to make a false accusation against him, saying that he, as an elder, was bullying a junior and used his oppressive might to attack Yuan Qing. At that time, it would not only be him who would be in trouble. The entire Southern Cyanwood Forest might not be able to escape the Orion Monastery’s retaliation.

Thus, in an instant, Elder Gongsun was stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand was Chu Feng’s safety and on the other, was the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s safety.


Right at the moment when Elder Gongsun was hesitating, a devastating oppressive might was shot out from Chu Feng’s body. When Chu Feng’s oppressive might appeared, it actually directly canceled out Yuan Qing’s oppressive might.

“This Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple is actually a rank one Martial King?” Seeing the scene that had suddenly unfolded before them, all the people present were surprised. Especially after they felt Chu Feng’s cultivation from his oppressive might, the crowd was even more shocked.

He was a rank one Martial King. Although, before a rank two Martial King like Yuan Qing, a rank one Martial King could not be considered to be that much of a genius, but a rank one Martial King could still be considered somewhat of a genius. Especially when this genius came from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This caused everyone to have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you’ve reached a breakthrough?” When even the bystanders were surprised by Chu Feng’s cultivation, there was no need to mention how excited Elder Gongsun and the others from the Southern Cyanwood Forest were.

Although they knew that Chu Feng possessed a method to raise his cultivation, it was clear that Chu Feng was not using that method right now. Yet, his rank one Martial King’s aura was as real as it could be. This meant that Chu Feng must’ve had a breakthrough.

“I got pretty lucky and managed to break through in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.” Faced with the gazes of surprises from his fellows, Chu Feng replied with a smile of assurance.

“Hahaha. Great, this is truly great.” When Chu Feng confirmed that he had broken through, the smiles on Elder Gongsun and the others blossomed.

Although the matter of Yuan Qing triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was bad news to them, Chu Feng’s breakthrough to the Martial King level was definitely a good news.

Right at the moment when everyone was surprised by Chu Feng’s cultivation, Yuan Qing had a very ugly expression on his face. No matter what, he was a rank two Martial King. Moreover, he was not an ordinary rank two Martial King. Instead, he was a rank two Martial King that even rank three Martial Kings were inferior to.

However, his oppressive might was canceled out by Chu Feng’s rank one Martial King’s oppressive might. This was naturally a very humiliating matter.

However, after the exchange with Chu Feng earlier and recalling what had happened within the Immortal Pond, Yuan Qing began to have restraining fear of Chu Feng. Thus, although he was very unwilling, he did not attack Chu Feng again. Instead, he symbolically gathered people and arranged them to search for the whereabouts of Qin Guang in and around the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

As for the result, it was very obvious. Qin Guang had already been killed by the Ancient Era’s Elves, so how could he possibly be found? Thus, regardless of whether the Orion Monastery was willing to or not, the fact that Qin Guang might’ve lost his life within the Immortal Pond was something that they must accept.

Just like this, the cultivation journey in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond came to an end. Under the supervision of the Ancient Era’s Elves, Chu Feng and the others left the Southern Domain.

When Chu Feng and the others left the Southern Domain, the news of Yuan Qing triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle rapidly spread about.

This caused Yuan Qing to once again become the hero in everyone’s eyes and receive rounds upon rounds of cheers and applause. Merely, this time around, it was several hundred million people cheering and applauding.

Right at the time when Yuan Qing became the focus of everyone, at the time when the Orion Monastery’s elders and disciples all had complacent smiles on their faces, Sikong Zhaixing held a dejected expression.

For some unknown reason, when it was determined that it was Yuan Qing who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he felt abnormally disappointed. Even the news of Chu Feng’s breakthrough was unable to cheer up his spirit.

On their way back, Chu Feng managed to see that Sikong Zhaixing had something in his mind. Thus, he walked toward him, gave a respectful greeting and then said, “Senior Sikong.”

“So it’s you, Chu Feng. You have truly surpassed my expectations. You actually managed to break through to a rank one Martial King here. According to the agreement that we had before, I would send you alongside Wang Wei and the others to the Cyanwood Mountain this year.” When he saw Chu Feng, a gratified smile appeared on Sikong Zhaixing’s face.

Chu Feng was now his sole hope. He was also the sole comfort to his endless depression.

“Senior Sikong, you seemed to have something on your mind. Could it be because of Yuan Qing triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?” Faced with Sikong Zhaixing who was about to shift the subject, Chu Feng suddenly directed straight to the main topic.