Chapter 1085 - Chu Feng’s Return

MGA: Chapter 1085 - Chu Feng’s Return

“Xian Kun, prepare yourself to set off. It is about time for us to proceed to the next Elf Domain.” Seeing that everyone no longer bothered to question anything, the Elf Princess spoke.

“Lady Princess, did you not manage to sense the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower from this domain either?” Seeing this, Xian Kun asked.

“If the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower is that easily found, it would not be classified as an Extinct Treasure.” Said the Elf Princess coldly.

“Lady Princess, are you to leave now? This subordinate has prepared a sumptuous feast for you.” Asked the Southern Elf Lord.

“Oh? There’s a feast? In that case, I’ll leave after eating.” Hearing the word ‘feast,’ the Elf Princess’s eyes immediately shined. The coldness she displayed earlier was gone, in its place was the innocence of a little girl.

Upon seeing the Elf Princess removing her cold expressions from before and turning into an innocent and adorable girl, the Southern Elf Lord and the others heaved sighs of relief. They truly feared this Lady Princess of theirs; especially when she turned to her mature appearance.

After this, the Southern Elf Lord and the others knew very well that they would have to drop this matter and not try to use any methods to hide what had happened. After taking a glance at Yuan Qing and the others below the ocean of mist, although they felt unwilling in their hearts, they had no choice but to leave one by one. They decided to not care about this matter, not care about how much the humans and the monstrous beasts would spread what had happened here.

At this moment, Chu Feng was still within the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. After a long time, he gradually regained consciousness. By the time he fully regained consciousness, the water ripple that bundled him had already disappeared. Seeing his undamaged body, he felt confused.

“My body actually fully recovered? Eggy, did you did this?” Chu Feng asked.

“I didn’t do it. It seemed like someone else was secretly helping you.” Eggy shook her head.

“Someone else?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed. He entered into deep thought. However, he was unable to figure out who it might be that secretly helped him.

“Forget about these things for now. How do you feel? Earlier, you nearly scared me to death.”

“Is the power of those Divine Lightnings that difficult to control? If you do not have the assurance, then don’t randomly use such a thing. Do you not know how dangerous that is?”

“Did you not know that a lot of people died from the recoil of trying to use powers that they had no control over? This sort of death is called ‘catching fire, besieged by demons’; it is a death caused by cultivators overestimating their abilities.” Eggy reprimanded Chu Feng sternly.

Eggy’s tone was a bit emotional. However, Chu Feng was able to tell that she was worried about his safety, feared that something might’ve happened to him. Thus, Chu Feng forced a smile and said, “I merely felt that I was able to emit the five Divine Lightnings in my blood out of my body. Never did I imagine that they would be that powerful. Not only was I unable to control them, I was nearly devoured by them.”

“It appears that while the power of the Divine Lightnings are extremely powerful, they are not something that the current me could touch. At the very least, my current body is incapable of withstanding the power of the Divine Energies rushing out of my body.”

“There’s no need for you to try to show off. That is your bloodline’s power. When the time is right, you would naturally be able to control it. It’s just like the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings that you currently grasped. Aren’t you able to use them skillfully and easily?”

“I believe that once your cultivation becomes stronger, you would be able to comprehend even more new powers. To be honest, even your Lady Queen here is beginning to envy your special bloodline, because the more frightening your bloodline is,the more powerful your potential is.”

“Think about it, such a frightening power would be easily wielded by you in the future. The you then, can you imagine how frightening of an existence you would be?” Seeing that Chu Feng was feeling a bit depressed, Eggy consoled him.

The unspoken meaning behind Eggy’s words was very clear; she did not want Chu Feng to touch upon the power of the Divine Lightnings again. At the very least, before he had a certain level of assurance, he should not touch it.

No matter how strong the Divine Lightnings were, they were still Chu Feng’s bloodline. As long as Chu Feng was able to increase his cultivation to a certain level, the power of the Divine Lightnings would, sooner or later, be his.

“Mn. It appears that I cannot use the power of the Divine Lightnings for the time being. However, sooner or later, I would completely master it.” Chu Feng nodded. His body then moved. He began to quickly leave this place.

At this moment, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was soon to close. No one was allowed to enter the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond anymore. As for Yuan Qing, he already came to know that Qin Guang had never reappeared ever since he entered into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s depths alongside him.

However, Yuan Qing did not care about Qin Guang’s life or death at all. All he knew was that he had become the hero in the hearts of everyone present. He had become the sole human since history that had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

With merely this achievement of his, he would definitely receive special treatment upon entering the Cyanwood Mountain and be especially cultivated by them. His future was simply as bright as it could be.

However, although he could ignore Qin Guang’s life and death, he cared deeply about Chu Feng’s life and death. Unable to help himself, he cast his glance to Elder Gongsun and them. With a very mocking tone, he said, “This Elder, I remember that your Southern Cyanwood Forest also has a disciple that entered into the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. How come I don’t see him?”

Upon hearing what Yuan Qing said, the unsightly expression Elder Gongsun currently had grew even uglier.

During the time when everyone was celebrating, they from the Southern Cyanwood Forest did not join the celebration crowd. That was because the time limit of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond’s opening was soon to end and Chu Feng still had yet to appear. This caused them extreme worry. After all, the dangers within the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond were not limited to merely its terrifying pressure, there were also dangers from other people.

Especially upon recalling how this Yuan Qing held grudges toward Chu Feng to begin with and how powerful he was, where even the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was triggered by him; if he was to do something to Chu Feng in the Immortal Pond, then it would likely not be a light matter for Chu Feng.

Thus, when Yuan Qing turned to them and spoke those words, the suspended hearts of Elder Gongsun and the others instantly fell to the floor. They all felt that Chu Feng might have encountered an accident.

“That’s right, how come that Chu Feng hasn’t appeared yet?”

“Could it possibly be that he was unable to withstand the pressure within the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond and stubbornly persisted in doing so, only to fail and die in the Immortal Pond?”

“There’s truly such a possibility. Every year, there are people who die in the depths of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. It would appear that this year, the person who died there would be the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Chu Feng.”

Hearing what Yuan Qing said, the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest became even more worried. Actually, when Yuan Qing said those words, everyone present was reminded of Chu Feng. However, when they recalled Chu Feng this time around, there was not the slightest bit of sympathy. Furthermore, no one stood on Chu Feng’s side.

That was because, at this moment, Yuan Qing was their hero. And what about Chu Feng? At the very most, he would be a youngster with pretty decent talent. Thus, if the two of them were to have a quarrel, they would naturally stand behind Yuan Qing without the slightest hesitation.

Earlier, the words spoken by Yuan Qing at the Southern Cyanwood Forest contained some hint of ridicule. It was something that many people picked up. Thus, at this moment, many of the surrounding people who originally did not have any grudges with Chu Feng also began to mock and ridicule Chu Feng for not appearing now.

Faced with the mockery and ridicule from the crowd, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Elder Gongsun and the disciples were gnashing their teeth in anger. However, because their opponent was numerous and they were no match for the Orion Monastery, they did not dare to openly voice their anger and could only swallow it.

Seeing the depressed expressions on Elder Gongsun, Wang Wei and the other disciples, Yuan Qing became even more complacent. He coldly snorted and then loudly said, “Did you all see this? This is what it means to overestimate one’s capabilities. Everyone, you must learn from this and not repeat the failures of that brat called Chu Feng.”

“That’s right. Although cultivation is precious, one’s life is even more precious. We must all love our lives and not do things that overestimate one’s capabilities like giving away one’s life.” The crowd also shouted in agreement.

“It would appear that a lot of people wished for my death.”

“Regretfully, I might have to disappoint you all.” Right at the moment when everyone felt that Chu Feng had died, Chu Feng’s voice was suddenly heard.

Turning to the sound, the crowd saw that a figure was rapidly flying toward them. In the end, he landed among the crowd. This person was none other than Chu Feng.