Chapter 1084 - Someone Else

MGA: Chapter 1084 - Someone Else

“C’mon, say something. Why have you all become silent? Could it be what I said was incorrect?”

“Very well. Then, tell me, if we wish to remove the stain upon us Ancient Era’s Elves, do we not require to kill all the people besides us Ancient Era’s Elves in the entire Holy Land of Martialism?” Seeing that everyone was silent, the Elf Princess asked once again. However, her tone this time had changed from one that was cheerful to one that was cold and detached, containing a faint trace of imposingness.

“We…” The Southern Elf Lord and the others continued to lower their heads in silence. That was because they truly had nothing to say. After all, what the Elf Princess said was the truth. Qing Xuantian defeating the Ancient Era’s Elves was something that had truly happened, it was something that everyone knew about, something that had already entered into the annals and was impossible to be altered.

If they truly wanted to talk about humiliation, then this matter would definitely be the greatest disgrace to the Ancient Era’s Elves. Yet, it was a disgrace that they couldn’t change. Not to mention that they could not return to ten thousand years ago to change it, even if they could, with their strength, what could they possibly do?

Even the ancestors of the Ancient Era’s Elves were no match for Qing Xuantian; so how could they possibly eliminate Qing Xuantian? It was likely that a casual fart from Qing Xuantian would be enough to eliminate all of them.

“Lady Princess, Qing Xuantian is the strongest human during that time. He is an existence that had surpassed all others before him and never been surpassed ever since. How could that Yuan Qing possibly compare with Qing Xuantian?” Suddenly, Xian Kun spoke out. He was willing to not kill Yuan Qing. However, he would not acknowledge Yuan Qing to be an individual stronger than him.

That was because he was able to ascertain that regardless of Yuan Qing’s current cultivation or his future potential, they were both incomparable to his own. With merely a single finger from him, he would be able to smash Yuan Qing to death. Thus, he truly was unable to accept the fact that Yuan Qing would be able to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle that even he failed to trigger.

“Did I ever say that that guy by the name of Yuan Qing is comparable to Qing Xuantian?” The Elf Princess asked instead.

“I…” Xian Kun was speechless. Indeed, the Elf Princess never said that Yuan Qing was comparable to Qing Xuantian.

“Although Yuan Qing is incomparable to Qing Xuantian, this does not mean that there is no second Qing Xuantian among the humans. It is best for you all to restrain your despise towards other races because you might not necessarily be stronger than other races. To look down upon others would only cost you dearly.”

“I have already said all that I should say. All these people that have come to the Southern Domain today, I wish for all of them to leave unscathed. In the future, I hope that their lives and deaths would be unrelated to us Ancient Era’s Elves.”

“Especially you, Xian Kun. It’s best for you to not do something that I do not wish to happen. Otherwise, I will make you regret it.” Said the Elf Princess to Xian Kun.

As he saw the Elf Princess’s beautiful gaze that appeared to contain a special implied meaning, Xian Kun’s body shivered. He gulped a mouthful of saliva and even began to sweat cold sweat.

In actuality, it was not only him. Even the Southern Domain’s Elf Lord and the management elders, ancient monsters that had cultivated for hundreds of years, had heavy expressions and unstable eyes right now.

Although outsiders might not know how powerful this Elf Princess was, they knew very well.

The Elf Princess was only twelve years old. Regardless of whether it was her age or appearance, they were both only that of a twelve year old child. Judging by her appearance, she truly appeared like an extremely beautiful little girl.

However, the Elf Princess was also different from ordinary children. Although she still possessed the mischievous and trouble-making nature of a child, her thought process was extremely mature. Most importantly, contained within the body of this Elf Princess was a frightening power, a power that they did not have. Thus, this led to the Elf Princess holding a very high status within the kingdom even though her age was so young. Very rarely would there be people able to compare to her.

“Lady Princess, please be assured. This subordinate understands your intentions very well. He will definitely not allow anything to happen to those people.” After being silent for a moment, the Southern Elf Lord guaranteed.

“Southern Elf Lord, you can also be assured. I will explain to my royal father about this matter. I believe he will not make things difficult for you.” Said the Elf Princess with a smile.

“This subordinate thanks princess for her great kindness.”

Upon hearing what the Elf Princess said, the Southern Elf Lord was immediately overjoyed. Although the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle being triggered by the humans was a great disaster, he might still be able to narrowly escape calamity if the Elf Princess was willing to plead for him. After all, the princess was the most beloved child of the Elf King. She was even said to be the hope of the Ancient Era’s Elves. Thus, her words possessed a lot of weight.

“These subordinates pay their respect to Lady Princess, Lord Xian Kun, Master Elf Lord and Lord Elders.” Suddenly, at this time, several Ancient Era’s Elves arrived before the crowd and saluted while kneeling.

“Impudent! Is this such a place that you all are qualified to enter? Is Lady Princess someone that you all could casually approach?” However, when those Ancient Era’s Elves arrived, the management elders actually grew a bit angry.

The Ancient Era’s Elves attached very high importance to rules. For elves with low status, they were not allowed to casually approach the elves with higher status. And this place was a place that not only contained the upper echelons of the Southern Domain, even the Elf Princess was present. It was truly not a place that these younger generation elves could casually come to.

“Lord Elders, please forgive our rudeness. It’s merely that we truly have an important matter to report to Master Elf Lord.” Said those Ancient Era’s Elves while trembling with fear.

“What is it? Speak.” Asked the Southern Elf Lord.

“Of the Ancient Era’s Elves that have entered into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond this time around, eighty-three of them have yet to appear. Currently, there is no news from them. We fear that something has happened to them. Thus, we have come to ask Master Elf Lord to determine what we should do.” Those Ancient Era’s Elves said together.

“Such a matter actually happened? Has anyone entered into the Immortal Pond search for them?” The Southern Elf Lord asked.

“There’s no need to search; those eighty-three Ancient Era’s Elves are already dead.” Said the Elf Princess.

“What? Dead? Lady Princess, exactly what happened?” Upon hearing those words, not to mention the Southern Elf Lord, the expression of all the Ancient Era’s Elves present took a huge change.

Never would they have thought that those eighty-three Ancient Era’s Elves would be dead. One must know that with the special identity the Ancient Era’s Elves possessed, there were barely any people in the entire Holy Land of Martialism that dared to do anything to them. Yet now, there were actually Ancient Era’s Elves that had been killed in their own territory. This was simply something that they could not accept and tolerate.

“They are indeed dead. However, they have brought their deaths upon themselves. They wanted to kill another with inferior abilities and were instead killed.”

“With how weak their natures were, even if they lived, they would only smear upon the name of us Ancient Era’s Elves. Dying, on the other hand, was actually a good thing. Thus, Southern Elf Lord, there is no need for you to look further into this matter.” Said the Elf Princess.

“Lady Princess, since you’ve declared it like this, this subordinate will definitely not look further into this matter. However, this subordinate wishes to know who exactly killed our Ancient Era’s Elves. Might it be that boy called Yuan Qing?” Asked the Southern Elf Lord.

“Hah, he does not have that sort of ability.” Said the Elf Princess with a light laughter.

“It’s not that Yuan Qing?” Upon hearing those words, the Southern Elf Lord and the others were stunned once again. That was because they were able to determine the hidden intention behind the Elf Princess’s words. It was evident that someone else had killed their Ancient Era’s Elves. As for this person, his cultivation should be above Yuan Qing’s. However, with how mysterious that person was, it might be that the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was not triggered by Yuan Qing but instead was triggered by that mysterious individual.

At this moment, they truly wanted to know who that mysterious person was. Not only did that person trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he even dared to kill their Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, seeing the appearance of the princess, it was clear that she did not plan to tell them anything. Thus, they also did not dare to ask any further. After all, the actions of the Elf Princess today were unusual. They were all able to tell that the Elf Princess knew that person and was intentionally protecting that person.

Someone that the princess was protecting, how could they dare to do anything to that person? Thus, they could only drop the subject and leave behind an unsolved question in their hearts without daring to venture to find the answer.