Chapter 1087 - To Do A Thing

MGA: Chapter 1087 - To Do A Thing

“Chu Feng, you actually…” Hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing was instantly stunned. However, after being silent for a moment, he said.

“Although the Orion Monastery does not make things difficult for our Southern Cyanwood Forest on the surface, I always felt that they wanted to eradicate us. It is merely that they do not have any suitable justification and the proper timing for doing so at this time.”

“After all, no matter how weak our Southern Cyanwood Forest has become, we are still a genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Even if they wanted to do something to us, they would still need a proper excuse.”

“And now, the Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing actually triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Not to mention that Yuan Qing would obtain special treatment after entering the Cyanwood Mountain, even the Orion Monastery would obtain quite a reward. I’m afraid that the Orion Monastery would become even more arrogant in the future. If this continues, I truly do not know when the Orion Monastery might come and attack our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“However, what I fear the most is still the grudge between you and Yuan Qing. That Yuan Qing is a person with outstanding talent to begin with. Adding on the people the Orion Monastery has in the Cyanwood Mountain; if he wanted to do something to you after entering the Cyanwood Mountain, I’m afraid that you would suffer losses.”

“And now he has actually triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle; he will obtain an even better treatment upon entering the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, what I fear the most is Yuan Qing doing something to you.” Saying till this part, Sikong Zhaixing sighed. Without concealing anything, he had expressed all of his depression and worries to Chu Feng.

“If this is the case, then Senior Zhaixing, I believe you could set your mind at ease.” Chu Feng said.

“Mind at ease? Chu Feng, you…?” Sikong Zhaixing was confused by Chu Feng’s words.

“That Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was not triggered by Yuan Qing. Instead, it was triggered by me.” Said Chu Feng with a soft voice. His expression was very natural; his mindset was very calm.

“What? Chu Feng, what did you say? Say it again?” Upon hearing those words, Sikong Zhaixing’s expression immediately took a huge change. He was so emotional that he grabbed onto Chu Feng’s shoulders with his hands. His current actions were truly deviant from his normal character.

As for Chu Feng, he seemed to have already anticipated Sikong Zhaixing’s emotional reaction. Thus, he continued to remain calm and say, neither fast nor slow, “It is actually I who triggered that Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

“Heavens! Is this for real? Hahaha, this is truly too great, truly too great. I knew it, how could that Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing possibly compare to our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Chu Feng.” At this moment, Sikong Zhaixing was overjoyed. He was so excited that his old body started to shiver.

He had no doubt at all about what Chu Feng had said.Simply because he had great trust in him. Since Chu Feng had declared that it was him who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, even if the entire world refused to believe him, he would still believe him. After all, to him, Chu Feng was the sole hope of his Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Chu Feng, since that Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was triggered by you, why didn’t you expose Yuan Qing but instead allowed him to obtain that accomplishment?” After his joyous state passed, Sikong Zhaixing asked.

One must know how magnificent a feat it was to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and how boundless the benefits one would gain from it. For example, there was reverence from the humans, moreover, the Cyanwood Mountain would focus on cultivating that individual. All of these benefits were supposed to be Chu Feng’s. Yet, they were all obtained by Yuan Qing. This brought about great displeasure to Sikong Zhaixing.

“Senior Sikong, this junior has his difficulties.” Seeing this, Chu Feng did not try to hide it anymore. Instead, he narrated to Sikong Zhaixing all that had happened in the depths of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

Especially the matter about the Ancient Era’s Elves killing Qin Guang and then coming to kill him only to be killed by him instead.

The reason why he didn’t acknowledge that it was him that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was precisely because he feared that the Ancient Era’s Elves would come after him. After all, the Ancient Era’s Elves were extremely powerful. If the Ancient Era’s Elves truly wanted to kill him, not to mention Sikong Zhaixing, even the Cyanwood Mountain would likely not be able to protect him.

“Based on what you said, doesn’t it mean that Yuan Qing has a calamity approaching him and would not live for long?”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Sikong Zhaixing rejoiced in his heart. Although he was the headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and possessed a very noble status, he still wished for that Yuan Qing who took advantage of Chu Feng’s accomplishment to be killed by the Ancient Era’s Elves. In other words, he felt what Yuan Qing did to be truly shameless.

“To be honest, I cannot be certain whether the Ancient Era’s Elves would kill Yuan Qing or not. The reason why I did not acknowledge that it was me who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was because I feared that a mishap might happen.”

“However, never did I expect that a freak combination of factors would turn Yuan QIng into the person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in everyone’s eyes.”

“Truth be told, I am also very furious in Yuan Qing’s impersonation. However, when I think about it from another viewpoint, this could also be considered an opportunity for me to use Yuan Qing to examine what exactly the Ancient Era’s Elves would do to the human that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.”

“It would be one thing if they killed Yuan Qing. However, if they let him live and ignore this matter, I will not let Yuan Qing obtain the gains so easily. One day, I will definitely make him vomit out all the advantages that he had picked up from me.” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you mean?” Sikong Zhaixing seemed to have thought of something.

“If the Ancient Era’s Elves doesn’t do anything to Yuan Qing, I will personally take care of him.”

“I am the one who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. I have the ability to trigger it and this ability is not something that Yuan Qing could impersonate.”

“Moreover, isn’t there also another Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle in the Cyanwood Mountain? As long as I trigger that Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle while Yuan Qing cannot, the truth would be revealed to everyone.”

“I believe, at that time, not only would Yuan Qing be thoroughly discredited, even the Orion Monastery would be implicated by him. I fear that even without me doing anything, Yuan Qing would find it very difficult to continue to stay in the Cyanwood Mountain. If he were to die afterwards, I am certain that no one would look into it.” Said Chu Feng.

“Amazing, truly amazing. Yuan Qing thought that he had picked up a gargantuan advantage but never did he know that he has become your shield. So, everything was within the grasp of your palm. It would appear that I have truly underestimated you, boy.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Sikong Zhaixing was grinning from ear to ear in extreme happiness. As the headmaster of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he was a very astute and circumspect person. However, never did he expect that Chu Feng, with his young age, would be a person who thought sofar ahead to exploit the person who took advantage of him.

Sikong Zhaixing began to feel more grateful for how lucky he was, how lucky the Southern Cyanwood Forest was to actually obtain a disciple like Chu Feng. This was most definitely a grace given to the Southern Cyanwood Forest by the heavens.

“Nevertheless, there is most definitely a need for time to observe. At the very least, I would need to observe within the Cyanwood Mountain for a while.”

“I know that I would likely be unable to escape humiliation from Yuan Qing in this period of time. However, it’s alright. I have already prepared myself. If he was to bully me, then, in the situation where I am unable to strike back, I would endure. However, one day, I will return the humiliation that he has given me tenfold, a hundredfold.” When he said till this point, a very cold fierceness flashed past Chu Feng’s eyes.

“No. Even during the time when you’re observing the reactions of the Ancient Era’s Elves, there won’t be anyone who will bully you as long as you are able to do this thing.” Sikong Zhaixing said.

“Senior Sikong, what is the thing that you’re speaking of?” Chu Feng asked in a puzzled manner.

“Wait for me here.” Sikong Zhaixing did not answer Chu Feng. Instead, he smiled profoundly, turned around and said something to Elder Gongsun.

After hearing what Sikong Zhaixing said, Elder Gongsun, Wang Wei and the others all bid their farewells to Sikong Zhaixing before leaving the warship to ride another warship to return to the Southern Cyanwood Forest in the leadership of Elder Gongsun.

At this moment, only Chu Feng and Sikong Zhaixing remained in this warship driven by Sikong Zhaixing. Moreover, Sikong Zhaixing had changed the direction of this warship. It began to rapidly fly toward the north, a direction completely different from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Senior Sikong, where are we going?” Chu Feng was very puzzled by Sikong Zhaixing’s actions. Unable to contain himself, he asked.

“Where we’re going doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that I want you to go and do a thing.” Said Sikong Zhaixing.

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“A thing that others cannot accomplish but you might be able to.” Replied Sikong Zhaixing.