Chapter 1074 - The Reason To Kill You

MGA: Chapter 1074 - The Reason To Kill You

“Woosh.” Right at the moment when the blood and flesh spread through everywhere, a faint blue light explosively shot out like an arrow leaving a bow. It rapidly flew deeper into the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

“Not good.” Chu Feng was caught off guard. Without daring to hesitate, he moved his body and rapidly chased after that blue light.

That was because that blue light was Qin Guang’s consciousness. Chu Feng did not know what sort of method Qin Guang used; not only did his consciousness manage to escape Chu Feng’s attack, it even caught him off guard and escaped.

At this moment, Qin Guang’s consciousness was dashing downward following the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. It was clear that he was trying to cry for help to the Ancient Era’s Elves. If the Ancient Era’s Elves were to believe what he would tell them, then, according to the rules established by them, Chu Feng would definitely be killed.

In this sort of situation, how could Chu Feng possibly dare to hesitate. That was because this not only concerned his own life and death, it might even implicate everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

In panic, Chu Feng activated his Thunder Armor, increasing his strength to rank one Martial King. Moreover, he also used the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. He was going all out on chasing after Qin Guang’s consciousness.

However, Chu Feng still underestimated Qin Guang. While Qin Guang’s strength was merely that of a rank two Martial King and his speed was inferior to Chu Feng’s when his physical body was still present, after he lost his body and turned into a consciousness, not only did his speed not decrease, it actually increased. At the very least, his current speed was pretty incredible. Even the current Chu Feng could only keep up with him and slowly close in on him. It was very difficult for Chu Feng to overtake him rapidly.

This caused Chu Feng to become worried. That was because they had been diving deeper into the water for a very long time now. Even if it was still some distance before they reached the far depths of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, it would likely not be far. If this continued, it would be very likely for them to encounter the Ancient Era’s Elves, and if that happened, then the situation would be extremely bad for Chu Feng.

As the saying goes, the more one worried, the sooner the worry arrives. At the moment when Chu Feng hoped that they would not run into the Ancient Era’s Elves, before he managed to capture Qin Guang’s consciousness, several tens of figures suddenly appeared before him.

Those several tens of figures were all wearing green cloaks. Without thinking much about it, they were definitely the Ancient Era’s Elves.

Seeing those figures, Chu Feng hurriedly stopped his movement. He did not dare to chase further anymore. As for Qin Guang, he appeared as if he had seen his savior and loudly shouted, “Help! Save me! Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple Chu Feng is trying to kill me!”

Qin Guang was extremely sharp. He did not blindly shout. Instead, he directly declared Chu Feng’s name, allowing the Ancient Era’s Elves to instantly know who it was that was planning to harm him.

At this moment, those several tens of Ancient Era’s Elves were originally training with their eyes closed. After they heard the shout from Qin Guang, they opened their eyes and turned up to look. Their eyes were shining; it was evident that they had a special method to see in this pitch darkness.

Everything happened too suddenly. However, because their distance was limited, the Ancient Era’s Elves were able to see Chu Feng much like how he was able to see them.

At this moment, Chu Feng stopped. He did not rush to escape. That was because his appearance was already seen. It was already useless for him to try to escape at this time.

“Save me! Save me! That guy is trying to kill me! He’s a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest! His name is Chu Feng!” Qin Guang had arrived before the Ancient Era’s Elves.

The current him did not have the appearance of a human. Instead, he had the form of a monstrous beast. However, his current appearance was different from his monstrous beast form before; his monstrous beast form was only human-sized.

Thus, although he appeared to be ugly, he also appeared to be weak and ridiculous looking. The domineering and imposing appearance that he displayed before had completely disappeared. Especially when he was crying for help at the Ancient Era’s Elves, he appeared somewhat pathetic.

After the Ancient Era’s Elves saw Qin Guang, they did not have a great reaction. Instead, they calmly said, “Exactly what happened? We cannot listen to merely your words. That person standing up there, come on down. Both of you, tell us exactly what has happened. We shall determine who is in the right and who is wrong.”

Upon hearing what the Ancient Era’s Elves said, Chu Feng frowned. An alerted shine flashed through his eyes. That was because he felt that the reaction of the Ancient Era’s Elves was a bit too calm, so calm that it appeared strange.

However, regardless, Chu Feng still complied with them. With a movement of his body, he dived deeper.

The reason why Chu Feng did not escape was because he did not wish to implicate others. As for why he dared to not escape, that was because he had a degree of certainty in being able to defend himself.

Thus, even though there were several tens of Ancient Era’s Elves, Chu Feng guessed that they ought to be from the younger generation. Since they stopped to train at such a level, it meant that they did not have the strength to dive deeper.

These two points displayed a single issue. That is, even if these Ancient Era’s Elves were very powerful, they would not be too powerful. At the very least, they would not be overly powerful that Chu Feng could not handle them. Thus, Chu Feng wanted to see exactly how these Ancient Era’s Elves planned to handle this matter.

“Lords, what I said is absolutely true. There is not a single lie to my word. This brat is a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. He is envious that our Orion Monastery’s strength is greater than their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s. Thus, he loathed us and decided to sneak attack me while I was training.”

“Look at me, I currently do not even have my physical body anymore. It is all because of him. Please, Lords, uphold justice for me.” Explained Qin Guang.

“Oh, your physical body is completely gone. Why are you even bothering to live then? It’s better off that you die, no?” However, to his surprise, an Ancient Era’s Elf before him suddenly extended his hand and directly grabbed onto his head. A powerful martial energy, like a net, completely bounded Qin Guang’s consciousness.

At this moment, the aura of that Ancient Era’s Elf was displayed. Rank three Martial King. This Ancient Era’s Elf was a rank three Martial King. Moreover, his battle power was extraordinary.

“What...what are you planning to do?” Seeing this scene, Qin Guang was immediately stupefied. Even a fool could tell that this situation was bad.

“Remember this, the Ancient Era’s Elves would not permit other life forms to dive to this depth of water. That is because the energy from this place is not something that you all are worthy of enjoying.” After finishing saying those words, that Ancient Era’s Elf’s hand vibrated. A loud ‘bang’ was heard. Qin Guang’s consciousness had been shattered. He had been killed by that Ancient Era’s Elf.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng’s expression changed. At this moment, he realized why so many geniuses disappeared in the depths of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. It turned out that it was not simply because they couldn’t withstand the pressure, there was also a man-made cause. No, it’s not man-made, it was instead the doings of the Ancient Era’s Elves.

“It’s your turn next.” After killing Qin Guang, that Ancient Era’s Elf cast his gaze toward Chu Feng. At the same time, the other Ancient Era’s Elves had already surrounded Chu Feng. They were afraid that Chu Feng would flee.

However, to those Ancient Era’s Elves’ surprise, even though he saw Qin Guang being killed and knew that he would not be able to escape, Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of panic on his face. Instead, the corners of his mouth even curved into a faint smile.

Chu Feng’s smile became wider and wider. In the end, Chu Feng actually burst into a loud laughter. Moreover, his laughter became louder and louder.

“What are you laughing at?” The Ancient Era’s Elves were puzzled by Chu Feng’s reaction.

“Originally, I was hesitant as to whether to silence you all. After all, there is neither grievances or hatred between us. However, it seems now that I could set my mind at ease and do it.” Chu Feng stopped laughing. However, a trace of chilliness appeared in his still squinted eyes.

“What do you mean?” The Ancient Era’s Elves were even more shocked upon hearing Chu Feng’s words. Most importantly, at the time when Chu Feng said those words, they, for some unknown reason, actually felt a chill. This caused them to subconsciously feel that the situation was not good.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng turned his wrist around. A flicker of light appeared in his palm. The King of Royal Armaments, Demon Sealing Sword, appeared in his hand.

Once the Demon Sealing Sword appeared, the ocean turning change instantly appeared. The peaceful water began to revolve around Chu Feng like violent dragons. The powerful might dispersed the Ancient Era’s Elves that surrounded Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally spoke. With a smile on his face and an ice-cold gaze, he looked to the Ancient Era’s Elves and said, “You all have given me a reason to kill you.”