Chapter 1073 - Who’s The Trash?

MGA: Chapter 1073 - Who’s The Trash?

In the pitch-black deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Two figures were rapidly diving through the water.

Qin Guang, with his enormous body and ugly appearance displayed a extreme speed in the water. Like an enormous sharp sword, his movement gave birth to waves upon waves as he dived into the depths of the water.

As for Chu Feng’s diving method, it was completely different from Qin Guang’s. If Qin Guang was said to be an Ancient Era’s fish, an animal of the sea, and was diving downward like the standard form of the movement of a fish, then Chu Feng’s method of diving downward was more like that of an actual cultivator.

Chu Feng’s footsteps were extremely fast. With every footstep he took, he would give forth a burst of ripples. After that, his body would rapidly shift forward. Step after step, acceleration after acceleration, he simply does not appear to be diving deeper into the water. Instead, he appeared more like running through the dark horizon. Carefree and natural, graceful and domineering.

However, regardless of what sort of methods the two of them had used to proceed forward, both their speeds were extremely fast. Moreover, there was not much difference between their speeds. This caused Qin Gang to continue maintaining his original distance from Chu Feng. Furthermore, this distance was being slowly increased.

Seeing Chu Feng whose hands were waving back and forth like a madman trying to catch something and completely ignoring him, this caused Qin Quang to become extremely furious. Unable to help himself, he opened his mouth and cursed.

“Southern Cyanwood Forest’s trash, if you have the guts, then stop running. Come and fight your daddy!”

“F*cking hell! What the f*ck are you trying to catch?! Where the f*ck are you planning to run off to?!”

“I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?!”

“F*cking dog spawn! You f*cking coward! Spineless coward! Wimp! Good for nothing! Do you not even have the courage to answer your daddy?!”

Seeing that Chu Feng was ignoring him and did not even bother to turn his head around, this caused Qin Guang to become more and more furious. The more he cursed, the more intense his curses became.

As one of the very best geniuses of the Orion Monastery, when had he ever been despised by others in such a manner? Moreover, he was currently chasing after Chu Feng to kill him. Yet, not only did this Chu Feng not display the slightest trace of cowardice, he even completely ignored him. All he was doing was continuing those strange movements of his. It truly caused Qin Guang to feel as if he had lost all his face and became unable to tolerate Chu Feng.

Thus, he unwittingly started to increase his speed. He had increased his speed to his limit. However, to his surprise, even though his speed had been increased to the limit, he was still unable to catch up to Chu Feng. The distance between them continued to remain the same.

“Roar! I know now! Trash, you’re running with your life to find those Ancient Era’s Elves to save you, right?! Trash, look at how useless you are! What happened to the imposingness you displayed when you faced our Orion Monastery’s disciples earlier?! What happened to the courage you had shown when you meddle into our business?! When true danger arrives, you become terrified, right?!”

“As expected from a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. You are indeed a trash among trash. Without that Punishment Elder standing up for you, you are nothing but a coward that only knows about running away.”

In extreme helplessness, Qin Guang could only continue to curse out at Chu Feng. Although this appeared like bait, it was actually the only method that he could think of in this situation. That was because he was truly worried, truly worried that Chu Feng would go and find the Ancient Era’s Elves for help. In that sort of situation, him being unable to kill Chu Feng would only be a secondary matter. The greater matter would be that he might bring about troubles to himself.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped his movement. He stopped diving downward and instead stood there.

Seeing this, Qin Guang also hurriedly stopped his movement. This was because he was caught off guard by Chu Feng’s abrupt stop.

He was even a bit bewildered because he had already announced his intentions of killing Chu Feng. He also believed that Chu Feng’s purpose in continuing to dive downward was to seek the Ancient Era’s Elves for help. Never did he imagine that Chu Feng would suddenly stop.

To his greatest surprise, not only did Chu Feng suddenly stop, he even slowly turned around and spoke with a interrogating tone, “What did you say earlier? If you have the balls, say it again.”


Faced with Chu Feng’s sudden questioning, his non-frightened expression and his slightly angered gaze, Qin Guang’s heart shivered. He was unable to help himself from feeling a bit nervous.

He was unable to make heads or tails of this sort of sensation. That was because there was no reason for him to fear Chu Feng. Thus, he clenched his teeth and, with a mocking expression, said.

“F*ck… are you trying to scare me?”

“Let me tell you, your daddy here does not fear you. Not to mention saying it again, your daddy would even dare to say it a hundred more times for you. You are f*cking trash, you got that?”

“Woosh.” Right after Qin Guang’s words left his mouth, Chu Feng’s expression took a huge change. At the same time, he suddenly moved. Light flickered under his foot. Like a flash of light, Chu Feng was shot forth. In merely an instant, he arrived before Qin Guang with his palm stretched forward. Like an eagle’s claw, he grabbed toward Qin Guang’s neck.

“This guy…”

Qin Guang did not expect Chu Feng’s sudden attack at all. Especially the strength behind Chu Feng’s attack, it contained the aura of fatality.

In an instant, Qin Guang started to panic. His expression changed greatly. That was because he never imagined that Chu Feng, a mere rank nine Martial Lord, would actually attack him, a rank two Martial King. Moreover, his attack contained such frightening killing power.

Although he was shocked, Qin Guang was no ordinary fellow. Thus, upon seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the scales that covered Qin Guang’s body suddenly extended forth. A frantic force of impulse released from the pores of his body.

This impulse force was extremely powerful. Not only did it push his body backwards in a dash, it also shot toward Chu Feng. That was a special escaping technique belonging to the race that Qin Guang belonged to.

However, even with this, Chu Feng’s speed did not slow down in the slightest. Even as that impulse force wreaked havoc on his body, causing his long hair to violently dance in the water and his clothes to echo as they’re blown back and forth, he continued to charge toward Qin Guang like an unstoppable God of War.

In the end, the two came into contact. Like a sharp blade, Chu Feng’s palm was pierced into Qin Guang’s neck with a ‘puchi’ sound.


Having his neck penetrated caused Qin Guang to howl in pain. At this moment, shock, disbelief, panic and regret filled his eyes. Even his enormous body began to shiver.

That was because, at this moment, he finally realized why Chu Feng did not fear him. It turned out that Chu Feng actually possessed strength above his own. However, before this, never would he ever imagine that a trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest would possess such powerful strength; so powerful that he did not even have the strength to fight back.

Sensing the energy emitted from Chu Feng’s palm entering into the various regions of his body like snakes, sealing off all of his power, and was about to kill him, Qin Guang gave in to despair.

He was unable to contend against Chu Feng. If this continues, he would only die. Without even having the chance to fight back, he would die in Chu Feng’s hands.

“Now, you ought to know who’s the trash, right?” Seeing the enormous sized Qin Guang who had loudly cursed out at him earlier appearing like a chicken within his palm with eyes filled with fear, the corners of Chu Feng’s lips raised into a mocking smile.

“Paa.” Suddenly, Chu Feng clenched his palm. A loud ‘bang’ was heard. Qin Guang’s enormous body exploded on the spot. Blood and broken limbs fluttered everywhere like a storm of pear flowers.