Chapter 1072 - Underwater Encounter

MGA: Chapter 1072 - Underwater Encounter

“Interesting. But, I will not be letting you all get away.”

Although Chu Feng had originally planned to conserve his strength and not waste too much of it in this place as he planned to dive into the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond, when faced with this large flock of mysterious life form, how could he possibly let them get away?

Suddenly, a burst of gale appeared underneath Chu Feng’s feet. A mysterious set of footsteps appeared in succession. Not only did Chu Feng’s speed increase in an instant, his posture was also extremely graceful. It was as if he was a dragon bravely advancing forward with incomparable dominance.

With this sort of speed, Chu Feng gradually grew closer on those mysterious life forms. Suddenly, Chu Feng’s speed accelerated once more. He extended his palm and, like lightning, grabbed towards those life forms.


But, to Chu Feng’s surprise, when he grabbed for them, those life forms actually dispersed in an instant. Moreover, at the instant when they dispersed, their speed also accelerated greatly. In a flash, they had distanced themselves from Chu Feng.

This led to Chu Feng only managing to catch thirty-five mysterious life forms with his grab. These thirty-five mysterious life forms all turned into natural energies and assimilated into Chu Feng’s body.

“Buzz.” Although he had underestimated those mysterious life forms, Chu Feng had also prepared a backup plan. In such a close distance, a single thought was all it required for Chu Feng to spread out his spirit power. The spirit power turned into a dazzling gold colored wall, completely sealing off the escape of all of those mysterious life forms.

“Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. Woosh. Woosh.”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, those mysterious life forms had actually disregarded Chu Feng’s spirit formation and directly penetrated through them. They were not stopped in the slightest.

“These things are actually able to disregard spirit formations?” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng was greatly surprised. After his surprise, he hurried to chase after them again. Moreover, he even utilized a martial skill.

That martial skill was not an extremely fierce one but its attack power was not weak either. Chu Feng took aim at a single mysterious life form and released his attack toward it. However, when the martial skill hit that mysterious life form, it actually passed through that mysterious life form.

“Amazing. It seems that these things could only be captured with bare hands.” At this moment, Chu Feng was not vexed by how thorny these mysterious life forms were. Instead, he had actually displayed an intrigued expression. He felt that the more bizarre these mysterious life forms were, the more extraordinary they were.

Every single time Chu Feng tried to catch these mysterious life forms, they would instantly increase their speed to distance themselves from Chu Feng. In this sort of situation, Chu Feng began a vigorous pursuit with these mysterious life forms. Fortunately, because Chu Feng was not weak, it merely took him a short while to capture all several hundreds of these mysterious life forms. If it was someone else of the same cultivation as Chu Feng, they would’ve likely already been shaken off by these mysterious life forms.

After this, Chu Feng continued to dive deeper. As he dove deeper, he encountered more and more mysterious life forms. In the end, he even discovered a regular behavior. These mysterious life forms, when they’re by themselves, they don’t show any intelligence at all. With merely a reach of his hand, he would be able to capture them. They simply did not fear at all.

However, when they were in flocks, not only did they possess intelligence, they also possessed tricks up their sleeves. In short, their escape speed was lightning fast. However, for these mysterious life forms in flocks, not only did they possess natural energies, they even possessed some insight to martial cultivation.

To certain people, this sort of insight was much more precious than natural energies. That was because many people had reached their state of cultivation for a very long time but failed to make a breakthrough every time they tried and that was because they lacked that bit of insight.

The path of cultivation was not a simple task. This was especially true when it comes to the time of breakthrough. It is the most crucial among crucial moments. With a single thought, it would determine success or failure. One couldn’t take even half a wrong step when making a breakthrough.

Thus, speaking as a whole, these flocks of mysterious life forms were even more useful. Even though Chu Feng possessed a very high comprehension for cultivation, he did not mind obtaining more insights to cultivation.

At this moment, in a certain place within the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond were the silhouettes of two youngsters. The two of them were forming hand seals with their hands. Their eyes were closed. The two of them were currently training. As for these two individuals, they were none other than the Orion Monastery’s two geniuses, Yuan Qing and Qin Guang.

“Bubble, bubble…”

The two of them were originally fully concentrated in training. However, they suddenly heard movement in the region of water above them. Thus, the two of them opened their closed eyes together.

At the moment when the two of them opened their eyes, two dazzling lights shined forth from their eyes. It was a special technique that allowed for the two of them to see a bit in this pitch-black darkness.

“That is.”

At this moment, expressions of surprise emerged in the eyes of the two. Even though their vision was limited, they were still able to faintly see that someone was rapidly diving downward. The speed of this person was so fast that it had shocked even them.

“It’s actually him?” However, when the two of them managed to see clearly who the person was, their expressions took a huge change. That was because they never imagined that the person diving down so rapidly was actually Chu Feng.

Moreover, Chu Feng’s movement was extremely strange. He was actually extending his hands and waving them around as if he was catching something. But, there was clearly nothing in the water. Thus, Chu Feng’s action appeared like a madman’s, it was truly a ridiculous scene.

“Humph, I’ve originally planned to take care of you after leaving this place. Who would’ve thought that you would actually come knocking on the door.” After being shocked for a moment, intense killing intent suddenly emerged in Yuan Qing’s eyes.

The pressure at this region was enormous. The number of people who had died here was not merely a few. Even if they killed Chu Feng, no one would know that it was them who killed Chu Feng. Thus, Yuan Qing who already had ill intent towards Chu Feng immediately decided to make this place the place where Chu Feng would die.

At the moment when he saw Chu Feng, Qin Guang also intuitively realized Yuan Qing’s intentions. Secretly, he began to release his aura to stop Chu Feng’s movement.


Who would’ve thought that Chu Feng did not fear the obstruction of these two individuals at all. Instead, he angrily shouted at them.

The most shocking thing was that Chu Feng suddenly accelerated. Like a flash, he passed right beside the two of them.

“How, how come this brat’s speed is this fast?” Both Yuan Qing and Qin Guang were stupefied by the scene before them.

“What are you dazing off for, quickly, chase after him.”

Yuan Qing suddenly shouted. Qin Guang was not slow to react either. With an intention, his body began to change. Scales began to appear on his body. Horns of different sizes even appeared on his hands and head. Even his body size became many times larger.

While Qin Guang’s size increased, his speed did not decrease. Instead, it increased. His body’s movement speed was actually not inferior to Chu Feng’s. He was truly chasing after Chu Feng and began to dive deeper.

Seeing Qin Guang and Chu Feng’s figures disappearing before his line of sight, Yuan Qing displayed an expression of unease.

He had already declared his intentions to kill Chu Feng earlier. If he failed to kill Chu Feng and Chu Feng were to spread what he did after returning to the surface, it would inevitably affect their reputation.

Unfortunately for him, his endurance was limited. This region of water was already his limit. If he continued to dive deeper, it would bring about dangers to his life.

Thus, he could only place all of his hopes on Qin Guang. That was because Qin Guang was a monstrous beast and one with a special bloodline on top of that. It was said that Qin Guang’s monstrous beast clan was one that lived in polluted water. Thus, their monstrous beast clan’s appearance was a bit disgusting and frightening. It could be said that they’re extremely monstrous; however, their endurance was extremely powerful. Not only were their bodies superb, they would also display their greatest might in the water.

“Strange, the pressure below is something that not even I am able to endure. How did that brat managed to endure it?” Suddenly, Yuan Qing’s eyes flashed. An extremely astonished expression appeared on his face.